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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 25-Feb-17 06:48:21

Good Morning Everyone,
Its daylight but its wet and windy here in Brackley this morning, looks like a miserable day.

NfkDumpling Sat 25-Feb-17 07:10:24

Morning All

It's wet, windy and 'orrible here in Norfolk too, Mick. We're supposed to be going to help mark out the beds for the new community allotment this morning. I do hope it'll be called off as DH has developed a rather nasty head cold and he'll still go if it's not postponed. Stubborn what'sit.

whitewave Sat 25-Feb-17 07:22:20

Good Morning everyone.

Windy and dull here on the South Downs.

Today for me is a day of reflection and deep deep sadness.

My best friend of 30 years is dying and isn't expected to last the day. I visited her yesterday to say our goodbyes. Her 3 daughters and husband are keeping vigil in shifts throughout the day and night so she will never be alone.

Friends are like precious jewels. We have turned to each other and uplifted each other in all our times of trouble.and joy. We have always been there for each other, supporting each other through breast cancer and my friend in her final illness. I shall miss her desperately.

kittylester Sat 25-Feb-17 07:37:33

Good morning all from North Leicestershire where it is a bit 'nothingy'.

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend ww. You are right about them being precious jewels. Take care of yourself. flowers

We are clearing Mum's room at the nursing home today. It shouldn't take long. It's sad that, after 93 years, mum's belongings will fit in a couple of Supermarket bread trays. sad

thatbags Sat 25-Feb-17 08:19:47

Good morning from Argyll. Local ferry is off due to "sting" wind. "Sting" rain is the order of the day too.

kitty, I hope I have reduced my possessions to what will fit on a couple of supermarket bread trays (or even less space than that) by the time I'm 93, if I get there. Things are not what makes a person who they are. I hope you are coping well flowers

Rinouchka Sat 25-Feb-17 08:23:23

Good morning Mick and ladies,
So sorry about your friend, whitewave. I hope she has a peaceful end surrounded by love. Almost five years ago, on Leap Year Day, a very dear friend died, 5 days before her 54th birthday in similar circumstances. On 5 March, she would have been 59. flowers

Kitty a busy but sad day for you but what a full life your mum has lived! "The Bustle in a House" ( poem 1108) by Emily Dickinson is evocative and rings true:

The Bustle in a House
The Morning after Death
Is solemnest of Industries
Enacted upon Earth-

The Sweeping of the Heart
And putting Love away
We shall not want to use again
Until Eternity

Greyduster Sat 25-Feb-17 08:31:56

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. It is going to be a wet one in South Yorkshire. DS is coming for his lunch so I am making meat and potato pie, and then he and DH are going football. Not sure what I will do with my free afternoon. WW I am so very sorry to hear about your friend. kitty maybe not much in the way of material things, maybe, but a lorryload of happy memories, I'm sure. flowers to you both. Have a good day, folks.

ninathenana Sat 25-Feb-17 08:57:16

Morning all.
A "nothing" day here too kitty. It will seem strangely quiet today without our lodgers.
ww flowers
A very sad part of the process kitty we found saying our goodbyes and thank yous to the staff emotional too. flowers

NanKate Sat 25-Feb-17 09:00:18

Morning Mick and all the GN Pals.

Will be thinking of you today Whitewave as your friend departs, how very sad. We too lost my counterpart Gran on NY Day and I am so pleased I went to say my goodbyes. My last words to her were 'Good to see you Sue' and she managed to reply 'And you' .

Kitty I do not mean this disrespectfully but you gave me a smile when you mentioned the two supermarket trays, as I could imagine my dear late mum,who had delusions of grandeur, she would have instructed me to make sure they were Waitrose Trays.

I have been off the radar for a number of days with a horrid bug, so it is good to be back on GN smile

Nana3 Sat 25-Feb-17 09:07:50

Good morning everyone.
ww I am sorry to hear about your dear friend, so very sad.
kitty another ordeal for you today, my best wishes.
We have a normal Saturday, pancakes for breakfast, football and a visit to Mum. I'm grateful for that.

Anniebach Sat 25-Feb-17 09:07:53

Good morning from Mid Wales, wish I could say the sun was shining , it isn't

Whitewave , my thoughts and prayers X

Pittcity Sat 25-Feb-17 09:15:31

Good morning from a grey damp Colchester.
Love to all especially whitewave and kitty
Had a lie in and having a lazy day. Going to a 30th birthday party this evening so will need to preserve my stamina.

MawBroon Sat 25-Feb-17 09:19:06

Good morning everyone, a bit grey and blustery in N Bucks , but yesterday gave us a taste of Spring so it won't be long now. A trying day for kittyl I hope you have help and maybe a nice lunch or dinner to restore your equanimity. I would have to start serious shedding now to reduce my "stuff" but I console myself with the (selfish ) thought that after I'm gone, I'll be past caring hmm
Thinking of you ww too, life is not easy is it. sad
So with those caveats, wishing you all as pleasant a day as possible.

Nelliemoser Sat 25-Feb-17 09:19:19

*Good Morning all! Very grey in Cheshire but no rain yet. I am quite sure it will not be long though.

grannysyb Sat 25-Feb-17 09:44:25

Grey and damp in Teddington, got up v early to drive to North London to do pattern cutting course, grey but dry here.Sorry about your friend whitewave and hope today is not too difficult kitty.