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Pubs that serve coffee and other today

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12Michael Mon 06-Mar-17 07:40:15

I visit a pub in Buckingham , which seems to be setting a trend as to alternative options by being a coffee bar during the day ,and a Gin House at night.
It has a good £5 lunch drink, soup and Panini.
I also use another café in the town in its Meadow Walk ,and seems to do well.
Elsewhere even in Wetherspoons the coffee trend is there with more drunk than beer.

gillybob Mon 06-Mar-17 07:55:09

We have a couple of good pubs/hotels that are very similar Michael and cater well for those who do not want to drink alcohol during the day. One particularly lovely place overlooking the mouth of the river is bustling during the day, having reasonably priced soup and a sandwich menu and as much tea and coffee you can drink with waiters going around constantly topping up. My dad and his friend have recently discovered this and meet there at least once a week to digest the papers and have a good chat, not everyone wants to be swilling pints of beer during the day do they?

travelsafar Mon 06-Mar-17 08:03:16

We have a Wetherspoon's pub here in Letchworth and it is usually filled with people meeting for coffees and breakfasts. It is lovely to have this pub as the prices are so reasonable compared to the other types of coffee shops available They are so expensive and if you have limited income you can not afford to meet friends and pay your way, but with Wetherspoons you can. My sister,niece and I meet regularly on a Saturday morning and we have two Lattes and one tea with change from a fiver, cant be bad!!

tanith Mon 06-Mar-17 08:53:07

I can't think of any pubs around us (not that I frequent them all grin that doesn't serve coffee and food anytime of the day. They have a mix of normal pub areas but also an area with sofas and armchairs, and some have a restaurant area but it all runs one into the other with no defined barriers.

Alima Mon 06-Mar-17 09:12:30

We use Weatherspoons for breakfasts when we stay at a Travelodge and very good it is too. I rarely drink anything alcoholic these days so normally opt for a coffee in a pub, very civilised. Tell you what though, I have no qualms about going into say a Costa on my own for a coffee. Doubt if I would ever go into a pub/cafe on my own. Old habits die hard!

Teetime Mon 06-Mar-17 09:30:46

Several pubs here serve coffee and cake, scones etc and we use our Wetherspoons regularly although I have to say their coffee is not the best and the food is basic but cheap and the place is always full.

glammanana Mon 06-Mar-17 09:39:32

We are fortunate to have Weatherspoons in two different areas in our Town,we go every other week for breakfast and a read of the Sunday Papers served with as many top ups of coffee as we want,their food is always hot and well cooked the dining area is away from the typical bar area and very pleasent.
They open at 7am to cater for early morning workers to grab a hot drink and food prior to starting work and do have a large amount of customers for such an early opening all their staff are very good and service is spot on.