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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 07-Mar-17 06:34:33

Good Morning Everyone,
its bright with a red sky this morning , maybe a weather warning in Brackley if the old wives tale is to be believed

MawBroon Tue 07-Mar-17 06:38:32

Good morning, everybody.
Same here Mick! A beautiful pale blue sky with bright pinky apricot clouds! Shepherd's warning ? Looks lovely though.
Wishing you all a pleasant day.
Moi? Dental check-up.

kittylester Tue 07-Mar-17 06:47:35

Good morning, Mick, morning Maw, morning all.

We have similar in North Leicestershire but I hope it stays fine for my trip into town.

Hope you check up goes well, Maw.

Greyduster Tue 07-Mar-17 06:48:15

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Just watching a beautiful sunrise in South Yorkshire. I think we must have had a frost last night though because the fields are white. Our boiler is making a strange keening noise this morning. It is usually so quiet you can't hear it hmm. Something else to worry about! Ironing for me this morning and the the second school run this p.m. Have a good day, folks.

Nana3 Tue 07-Mar-17 07:01:34

Good morning Mick and everyone. Yesterday was lovely, today so far is cloudy, this is the pattern at the moment.
Visiting mum this morning, she's not been well. WI meeting and supermarket this afternoon.
Best of luck with the boiler Greyduster hope it doesn't turn out expensive.
Hope you all have a good day.

Pittcity Tue 07-Mar-17 07:04:57

Good morning from Colchester. Blue sky with wispy clouds. Still chilly.
Looking after DGS3 today, nine months old.

ninathenana Tue 07-Mar-17 07:27:01

Morning all
Very still and dry with partial cloud in N Kent this morning.
Went to cinema yesterday 10 people including me. Pub for dinner 8 people including H, S and I, is someone trying to tell me something grin

cornergran Tue 07-Mar-17 07:36:39

Morning All. No blue sky at the moment but it's quite bright in our corner of Somerset. Catch up day today after a weekend with friends. Hope Tuesday is kind to everyone.

rosesarered Tue 07-Mar-17 07:53:22

Good morning from Oxfordshire, grey sky with blue patches, but I think there is some rain later ( again!) Shopping with DD this morning (DGS clothes at M&S)
Have a good day

Marydoll Tue 07-Mar-17 08:11:56

Good morning everyone, sun shining, blue skies here in Renfrewshire. Taking year old DGD on bus for first time, she loves buses. That will be an adventure!
Hope the boiler is OK, Greyduster,we had to buy a new one last week, although it wasn't very old. It's always stressful when they don't work.

sue1169 Tue 07-Mar-17 08:20:53

Good Morning all..dont post in here much...but love the feel of a true Spring day...lifts the soul...feel more able to cope wirh all that life throws..🌷🌻🌷. good day wished to all ....

PRINTMISS Tue 07-Mar-17 08:27:49

Good morning to you all, a brightish morning here, but the sun has been a little shy these past couple of days. It is feeling warmer, thank goodness, and yesterday I went out and forgot my walking stick, which was good, because I was coming to rely on it too much. Off to a Parkinsons social gathering later on for the o.h. he enjoyed the first one we went to which was good, interested in something at last. Enjoy your days.

Rinouchka Tue 07-Mar-17 08:32:20

Good morning everyone. Beautiful day here, as well, and the fresh smell of Spring in the air. Enjoy the day! daffodil

harrigran Tue 07-Mar-17 08:40:58

Good morning, another sunny morning and 7 degrees already. Really will have to go shopping today, never made it yesterday with one thing and another. I am easily distracted.

Karanlouise Tue 07-Mar-17 11:05:17

Good morning everyone, was bright and sunny here but now clouded over, hope sun comes back. Have a lovely day everyone. smilesunshine