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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 11-Mar-17 06:41:35

Good Morning Everyone,
Its grey but dry with a little bit of wind here in Brackley this morning.
Hope to get out later.

whitewave Sat 11-Mar-17 07:17:48

Good morning Mike.

Wondered around the garden this morning with a cup of tea. Surprised at the amount of spiders webs covered in dew, almost like autumn.

Gardening today as weather forecast is good, although cloudy at the moment it is mild - sat here with conservatory door open- and no wind. Will plant the penestemon (sp?) cuttings I took last autumn.

Enjoy your day everyone.

kittylester Sat 11-Mar-17 07:24:36

Good morning Mick, morning ww, morning all.

It's greyish in North Leicestershire. Normal trip into the village to pay the papers and buy flowers.

DH and DS1 are not content with their team being trounced at home but are going to an away match today. So I'm also cooking an early brunch.

Enjoy your days everyone. sunshine

cornergran Sat 11-Mar-17 07:25:55

Morning All. Fairly bright but still have total cloud cover in our corner of Somerset. Volunteering this morning then a dash to wish our granddaughter a happy birthday before she is off for her birthday treat. Looks like a very late lunch! Hope Saturday is kind to everyone.

ninathenana Sat 11-Mar-17 07:27:06

Morning Mick ww and everyone.
Grey and misty here in N Kent, the air is damp. We are forecast sunshine.
Hope it's nice where you are.

ninathenana Sat 11-Mar-17 07:27:47

Morning kitty and corner

NfkDumpling Sat 11-Mar-17 07:42:22

Morning All

I love this thread. My body clock works on BST so I've been up a while, but it's Mick who makes me stir myself and get up to open the curtains to see what the day is in Norfolk. It's grey! A bit chilly still and no wind to speak of, and grey.

However, the rooks are wheeling noisily and the pond is writhing with frogs so so it must be a day for the garden. I''m feeling the effects of cutting down on HRT before me Op and was awake last night with a bad headache again but Annadin Extra seems to have put pay to that so a bit of fresh air is required. I shall annoy some soil and move a few plants (and annoy them too). I'm in the mood for a bit of vicious pruning but I don't think there's any left to do!

thatbags Sat 11-Mar-17 07:42:22

Morning, folks! We are supposed to get a break in the miz driz (miserable sodden drizzle) at about lunch time. On the plus side one of my early-flowering rhododendrons is beginning to open its flowers.

Happy days, dudes.

Nana3 Sat 11-Mar-17 07:45:44

Good morning Mick and everyone. It's grey here in Lancashire but not raining.
Visiting Mum with DGS this afternoon. OH and DGD going to football, a home game. They've only been once to an away match kitty and he won't take her again because of the swearing.
We've been invited by friends for dinner this evening, looking forward to it.
Have a good day everyone.

Mildred Sat 11-Mar-17 07:49:13

Good morning all cloudy here in Liverpool, with rain later, off for a coffee and pastry, Saturday morning treat.

Nana3 Sat 11-Mar-17 07:52:13

I was on the Annadin Extra last night too NfkD, followed by a watery whisky nightcap. Slept better grin

NfkDumpling Sat 11-Mar-17 08:04:51

Sounds like you may need them again tomorrow Nana3 grin

(My MiLs remedy for that tummy ache we used to get was half a cup of gin, half a cup of hot water (one of her Spode willow pattern cups) and two aspirin. Packed off to bed with a hot water bottle, I'd wake an hour later feeling wonderful!)

Greyduster Sat 11-Mar-17 08:07:28

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Grey and cold in South Yorkshire. We had a good walk and a nice lunch washed down with a pint of Guinness yesterday so I slept like a top last night for a change. But I am as stiff as a board this morning. Gardening first thing should loosen me up; we are back in the shrubbery again! If you are in the mood for vicious pruning, NfK you're welcome to come here - I'll provide lunch! have a good day, folks.

Pittcity Sat 11-Mar-17 08:17:26

Good morning from a brightish grey Colchester. Dry and mild again today. Bedding is already on the line for the first time this year, hooray.😊
Cleaning up after decorating and then a walk into town to look for curtains.

TerriBull Sat 11-Mar-17 08:32:10

Good morning from the edge of London Up early for a Saturday, looking out the window it looks ok. I believe it's going to be something like 14 degrees today, without any rain. Hoping for a good weather day we are having the grandchildren 9am till 6.30 pm. Taking them to Bushey Park this morning to wear them out, that's the plan, then maybe a quieter afternoon.

Anniebach Sat 11-Mar-17 08:39:57

Good morning all from Mid Wales, suppose to be cloudy but dry here today

ffinnochio Sat 11-Mar-17 08:53:25

Good morning to all, from France. A bright, sunny and fresh start to the day. ☀️☀️

Go well on this day.