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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 14-Mar-17 06:45:10

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a grey but bright start here in Brackley this morning , off out later.

Nana3 Tue 14-Mar-17 07:06:27

Good morning Mick and everyone. Grey this morning in Lancashire.
Visiting Mum this morning and WI meeting this afternoon, looking forward to it. Bought 2 new pots for front of house as old ones are crumbling ( a bit like me, hope I don't get replaced) will see to them early evening.
Hope you all enjoy your day.

kittylester Tue 14-Mar-17 07:41:50

Morning Mick, morning Nana3, morning all.

It's grey in North Leicestershire and, as I didn't yesterday, I really must iron today. blush I'm also panicking about what to wear for Mum's funeral as I bought a coat and the weather forecast is 12 degrees.shock

Have a great day everyone!sunshine

cornergran Tue 14-Mar-17 07:48:03

Morning All. Grey here, too. Missing yesterday's sunshine already. Understand the worry, kitty, but unless it's a thick coat I would stick with your plans, you will be fine. Hope Monday is kind to everyone.

harrigran Tue 14-Mar-17 07:49:36

Good morning, overcast but mild here at 11 degrees already. Hairdresser coming at 10am and I have blood test at health centre this afternoon, us oldies know how to have fun grin

thatbags Tue 14-Mar-17 07:52:56

Morning, folks! Have some chihuahua muffins:

Rinouchka Tue 14-Mar-17 07:53:24

Good morning Mick, Nana3, Kitty and all others. Lovely, sunny day here in southern France. Found these gorgeous wild baby narcissi between the vines on this morning's pre-breakfast walk. They are about 2 inches high.

Is the funeral today, Kitty? Am sure the coat will be fine. You can always add a scarf for extra warmth, or take it off if the weather gets chilly.

Hope today goes well for everyone!

Rinouchka Tue 14-Mar-17 07:55:36

Rather "if the weather gets warmer!!"

ninathenana Tue 14-Mar-17 07:58:55

Morning all
Back to the grey in N Kent after a glorious day yesterday. I managed to get a load line dried for the first time this year.

Is it today kitty ? as corner says, stick with the coat. You won't be wearing it for long. Hope it goes as well as these things can

Pittcity Tue 14-Mar-17 08:02:04

Good morning from a brightening Colchester. Washing is on the line and we are awaiting arrival of DD and DGSs for day. A trip to the park to make the most of the nice weather I think.

You'll still need a coat kitty as it's not that warm if you are standing around and there's a lot of that at funerals.
I did see a lot of tshirts and shorts yesterday but I kept my coat on!

cornergran Tue 14-Mar-17 08:09:55

Excuse me missing a day. Of course it's Tuesday blush.

PRINTMISS Tue 14-Mar-17 08:10:53

Good morning to you all. It is my birthday today, nothing special planned (that's not unusual), but we shall go out as the weather is
fine and we both like the open air, it is about time we paid a visit to the beach, just to make sure the sea is still there. Enjoy your days.

whitewave Tue 14-Mar-17 08:33:55

Good morning all

Dull here on South Downs but is beginning to brighten.

Garden today to finish what I didn't do yesterday. Potting up two Pom Pom dahlias for pots by garden seat.

Plant two clematis. Dr Rubbel a two toned pink, and another pink whose name escapes me at the moment but they are both group 3.

Hoe a bed and top dress the Paul's Himalayan Musk which I mullered in the autum, but it is looking quite cheerful.

Enjoy your day folks

Greyduster Tue 14-Mar-17 08:35:33

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Happy Birthday, Printmiss ๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿท! Kitty I hope things go to plan today. Coat. Better safe than sorry. It is bright and sunny but cold here in South Yorkshire. I am supposed to be helping some children at GS's school to start a potato growing project this afternoon. That will be interesting. I told DD about it and she said "Don't show any fear! If they sense fear they are like velociraptors - they'll eat you alive!" I hope she was joking! Have a good day, folks.

Marydoll Tue 14-Mar-17 08:37:32

Good morning all from Renfrewshire. Sun IS shining, but blustery and cold. It's great to get washing on the line. Just back from weekend in Spain, so feeling the cold!
Kitty , I hope all goes well today.
Happy birthday, MISSPRINTMISS
Have a good day everyone.

kittylester Tue 14-Mar-17 08:40:58

Many happy returns, PRINTMISS have a super day whatever you do. Please let us know of the sea has disappeared - well send a search party out! flowerswine

Thank you all for the sartorial advice - the funeral is on Thursday so I have plenty of time to worry about clothes. grin

rosesarered Tue 14-Mar-17 09:27:17

Happy Birthday PRINTMISS ๐Ÿ’๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ

Morning to all, grey here but very mild weather.Friends coming over for coffee in an hour, and this afternoon, walking in the massive grounds of Blenheim Palace, to see the Spring flowers.

hildajenniJ Tue 14-Mar-17 09:27:36

Good morning everyone.
Happy Birthday PRINTMISS. ๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿจ๐Ÿทโ˜•
It's windy here in Tynedale, but the sun's shining. Washing and housework for me today. A woman's work is never done!
Have a good day all.

cornergran Tue 14-Mar-17 09:27:50

Happy birthday printmiss. Enjoy your walk. Don't worry, kitty, just go with the planned outfit. I know, easier said than done. Sometimes worrying about clothes distracts us from worrying about other things so it has its uses, but no need, you will look fine.

ffinnochio Tue 14-Mar-17 09:37:55

Good morning to all from France. Happy Birthday, Print, and hope today goes well for you kitty.

Took the old jeep to the garage very early this morning, and stopped off on the way home for some Pain au Chocolat. A second breakfast. The sun is beginning to warm up a chilly and misty start to the day .

Swanny Tue 14-Mar-17 10:37:00

Good morning all from N London and Happy Birthday flowers to PRINTMISS

Glorious day yesterday, certainly warmed the cockles of one's heart smile Back to overcast today and very little sunshine forecast for the rest of the week either. Hope the Met Office has got that wrong!

Good luck with the potato project Greyduster, take no prisoners grin

Shirleyw Tue 14-Mar-17 11:44:49

Morning all, sun is trying to come out behind the clouds here in Leighton buzzard...nice temperature and dry so that's the main thing

Karanlouise Tue 14-Mar-17 11:48:19

Good morning everyone. Happy birthday printmiss, hope you enjoy the beach. Hope today goes well Kitty. Hope everyone has a good day.