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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 04-May-17 06:46:03

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a dull grey start here in Brackley this morning, off to vote later , hope we get a different county council set up that stops cutting back on things like bus services like next door in Oxfordshire.

MawBroon Thu 04-May-17 06:50:48

Good morning to you Mick and all still to come.
Too early for me really, but Grace wants out (!) so wishing you all a pleasant day smile

kittylester Thu 04-May-17 06:58:40

Morning Mick, morning Maw, morning all!

It is greyish in North Leicestershire but I'm going to be in Sainsbury's so I don't mind. Yet more gardening this afternoon.

Enjoy your days everyone. sunshine

ninathenana Thu 04-May-17 07:23:20

Morning all.
It's raining again in Kent. Don't think H will be working this morning.
We're going to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 this afternoon. Not everyones cup of tea but S likes fantasy and so do we.

Greyduster Thu 04-May-17 07:25:01

Good morning, MIchael, and all GNs. The sun is struggling today in South Yorkshire, and it is still cold. A trip into town for me today and then some food shopping. We are eating out tonight so no cooking - no complaints from me! Have a good day, folks.

ninathenana Thu 04-May-17 07:25:21

Oops I forgot we have local elections too Mick We haven't seen or heard from any of the candidates.

kittylester Thu 04-May-17 07:33:18

I forgot too nina! We've heard from Ukip! grin

NfkDumpling Thu 04-May-17 07:42:47

Morning All

We postally voted last week, but it's all pretty much a forgone conclusion here. Liberals locally and Conservatives centrally. It's been thus for a lifetime.

It was a lovely morning an hour ago but is now clouding over very fast in that nasty NE wind. I'm off to see the consultant this afternoon re The Knee and to hopefully be signed off and allowed to drive again. It's been clicking a bit since I went swimming on Tuesday. Hopefully no connection.

Tippy22 Thu 04-May-17 07:55:01

Very drizzly here in Sussex. Hope it brightens as I need to get out walking again. Enjoy your day everyone.

harrigran Thu 04-May-17 08:13:47

Good morning, quite bright here but still cool. We will be lucky if we get a repeat of yesterday where we had full sun all day.
Had a lovely evening with family but was awake most of the night with reflux, serves me right for enjoying my pasta.

Mapleleaf Thu 04-May-17 08:13:51

Morning everyone.
As Greyduster says, the sun is struggling to get out this morning, and there's a pesky breeze. We could do with some rain, really (night time would be ideal), as the ground is really dry.
Hope you get signed off today nfk.
Have a good day, folks. 😊

PRINTMISS Thu 04-May-17 08:15:32

Well, good morning to you all, weather-wise it is not going to be bright I think, but we are off with friends for the day, so it will be a good day for us. Looked at the garden and it is very green, must buy some colour whenever I can get to the nursery. Enjoy your days.

Gymstagran Thu 04-May-17 08:16:54

Morning all - bit grey in Midlands too. Training session done, looking forward to indulgent soak in bath then coffee and cake with friend. Have a happy day.

Pittcity Thu 04-May-17 08:35:00

Happy Star Wars Day from a grey skied Colchester.
We sent off postal vote for County Council last week. We had only had regular info from Cons & Libs through the door so won't be surprised if turnout is low due to lack of interest.
Walking Netball today so wrapping up and praying it doesn't rain.

Nana3 Thu 04-May-17 08:37:24

Good morning from Lancashire, bright and breezy here we seem to be having the best of the weather.
Have a good day everyone , I'm having lunch with a friend then we're going up Blackpool Tower grin

Marydoll Thu 04-May-17 08:42:23

Good morning everyone. The sun is just breaking through, so hopefully it will be a fine day like yesterday.
Up early, washing out, Chelsea buns in oven. We have DGD today, so off to vote and meet DD, whose birthday it is today, then cafe and a snack. In the afternoon BIL on who is having a day off from dialysis and SIL are coming round to see DGD, then... all my children have invited themselves to dinner! I will need to lie in a darkened room after all that. Have a lovely day all.

Grannybug Thu 04-May-17 08:45:55

Good morning all from a sunny Northamptonshire. Enjoy Thursday .

Anniebach Thu 04-May-17 08:59:42

Good morning all

thatbags Thu 04-May-17 09:16:16

Morning, folks! Bit hectic so far. I took Minibags to vote for the first time in local elections. I also topped up her phone with £20 to find she only got £10 credit. Phoned Vodafone and eventually, after asking the person on the other end to stop talking and listen to what I had to say, got an explanation. Yeesh! Dropped off Minib in time for the school bus. mrB and I are going to Mount Stuart on Bute for the day.

TerriBull Thu 04-May-17 10:00:46

Good morning after a dull start, the sun has come out, although the rain clouds are still there, I care not I'm going for a swim in an outdoor pool this morning so i'll get wet anyway smile It would be nice if the weather got better this afternoon though.