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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 16-May-17 06:43:22

Good Morning Everyone,
Its another grey cloudy start here in Brackley but its dry after rain yesterday.

kittylester Tue 16-May-17 06:49:55

Morning Mick, morning all.

It's grey in North Leicestershire and the forecast is for rain later.

Today I'm spreading the word about the Alzheimer's Society standing in a shopping centre. it's really funny to watch people avoid us - do they think they will catch it - we aren't tin rattling. confused

NfkDumpling Tue 16-May-17 07:03:27

Morning Mick, Kitty and All

High cloud in Norfolk and a brisk wind.

Good luck with your collecting Kitty, I'm off this morning to stuff leaflets through more doors advertising our town Open Gardens next month. A very popular event, being nosy about people's back gardens, it makes quite a bit of dosh for local charities.

kittylester Tue 16-May-17 07:16:25

We are not collecting nfk, we are raising awareness. grin

We are opening our garden in June - it's a great thing to do for nosy people.

Greyduster Tue 16-May-17 07:18:38

Good morning, Michael, and all GNs. We are expecting more rain in South Yorkshire today. Doctors appointment this morning to (hopefully) get some test results. School run this afternoon. No football in the park today; it will be too wet (I hope!!). Have a good day, folks.

ninathenana Tue 16-May-17 07:23:19

Morning all.
Grey in Kent with showers forecast.
Today GS1 is 8 but sadly we're not allowed to see him.

farview Tue 16-May-17 07:31:48

Morning All.....! ninathenana ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’

Nana3 Tue 16-May-17 07:38:00

Good morning. Pouring down in Lancashire but afternoon forecast is better, good as we have a garden visit with WI, I must be a nosy person kitty.
Best wishes for your test results Greyduster.
Very sorry you can't see your DGS nina flowers
Have a good day everyone.

cornergran Tue 16-May-17 07:41:06

Morning All from a greyish and windy corner of Somerset. That's sad, nina, flowers for you. I've been awake most of the night coughing, I predict a grumpy day ahead for me. Hope Tuesday is kind to everyone.

kittylester Tue 16-May-17 07:48:45

(((Hugs))), nina.

Pittcity Tue 16-May-17 07:52:45

Good morning from a sunny Colchester. Muggy day ahead here.
Hairdresser at lunchtime with a bit of shopping.
Virtual hugs and love to all.

whitewave Tue 16-May-17 08:06:00

Good morning all

Sunny and warm at the memont on South Downs.

I am not best pleased as terrier Duncan smelt a mouse under a patio stone and has caused absolute chaos, with pots dug out and plants sat on. I chased him everywhere and in the end had to resort to the water spray to get him in.
Then I came in sat down and picked up my cup of tea which stuck to a tile coaster I'd got from Saville and extremely pretty and fell and smashed!! SO EVERYONE BEWARE!!!!!


Irritating isn't the word

Hope veryone else has a good day

whitewave Tue 16-May-17 08:06:56

nina I apologise for sounding off on such a minor subject. flowers

harrigran Tue 16-May-17 08:21:56

Good morning from a mild north east, already 16 degrees. DH has hospital appointment and we have a monthly antiquarian meeting tonight. It is raining but it doesn't look heavy at present.

Grannybug Tue 16-May-17 09:00:34

Good morning everyone from a cloudy Northamptonshire. It's windy so hoping the clouds will move away and sunshine break through. Enjoy Tuesday.

Nelliemoser Tue 16-May-17 09:17:28

Good morning All overcast with showers in Cheshire.

I felt I had won the lottery this morning. My preferred GP After 15mins of phoning and he still had an appointment.

Not essentially urgent but painfull creaking joints. I have had enough and not waiting any longer.

rosesarered Tue 16-May-17 09:30:49

Sunshine and showers here, but from this afternoon rain for about 24 hours straight! It's the famine or the feast with rain.
Going into the nearby town for bits and pieces ( putting off the ironing.) grin

hildajenniJ Tue 16-May-17 09:32:40

Good morning everyone.
It's very grey in the Tyne Valley, but it isn't raining at present. Overnight, the wind was howling round the house but it has calmed down to a light breeze now. Once I've been round with the hoover, I must get back to going through my cupboards and sorting out unworn clothing for the charity shop. Nina ๐Ÿ’
Have a good day everyone.

Mapleleaf Tue 16-May-17 09:33:08

Morning all,
Grey but mild here, with heavy showers.
Best wishes for your test results today, Greyduster.
Sorry you can't see your DGS nina flowers.
Hope your day gets better whitewave
Good luck today kitty - hope you don't get ignored by too many people.
Enjoy you day, everyone ๐Ÿ˜Š

Tippy22 Tue 16-May-17 09:36:08

Lovely bright blue sky at the moment. Hope it continues, the forecast is good. Enjoy your day everyone.

TerriBull Tue 16-May-17 09:49:41

Good morning from Dorset, here for a week, but sadly it's grey and cloudy, rained a lot yesterday. Hope to go to the Isle of Purbeck today, but don't think the sun will come out sad

whitewave Tue 16-May-17 09:57:53

Just to add to my marvellous day, I hung out all the white sheets, pillow cases, tea towels etc and the line collapsed! I think I had better go back to bed it will be safer.