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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 26-Jun-17 06:40:05

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a grey cloudy start here in Brackley this morning, going to be a long day for me today off to see Beautiful in the West End later by coah.

whitewave Mon 26-Jun-17 07:14:58

Good morning everyone

Bright start as far as i can tell.

Enjoy your day Mick in London.

Im finally catching up with some housework after my break.
Hoping also to visit DSs sometime this week and see the finished house. It has taken them a good 2 years to restore their rather lovely Edwardian Arts and Crafts house. He just has the final chimney to render - there are 7 - and a new terrace to lay and everything is done. He can concentrate on the garden now.

Good to watch your offspring isnt it??

Stirfried chicken withe courgettes and red peppers for supper

Enjoy your day all

kittylester Mon 26-Jun-17 07:26:55

Goon morning all!

It's a lovely bright start in North Leicestershire but the rest of the week looks decidedly iffy.

I intend to do as little as possible today apart from putting up some Alzheimer's posters.

Enjoy the show, Mick. The house sounds super nfk.

Enjoy your days all!

Mapleleaf Mon 26-Jun-17 07:38:57

Good morning, all.
Bright here in south Yorks at the moment. Cooler through the night which made it easier for sleeping.
Enjoy your show today, Mick.
You deserve to put your feet up today, kitty, enjoy 😊
Your sons house sounds lovely nfk, worth all the hard work, I'm sure. 😊
Enjoy your Monday, whatever you are doing.

ninathenana Mon 26-Jun-17 07:41:52

Morning all.
Sunny but cool in Kent.
I'm not fireing on all cylinders today. I didn't get to sleep until about 4am.

harrigran Mon 26-Jun-17 08:39:47

Good morning, dry and a bit cooler this morning.
I had a poor night, painful shoulder woke me up every time I
Wine delivery today so household tasks as we can't go out until after the delivery.

Tippy22 Mon 26-Jun-17 08:42:22

Cool, grey and cloudy here in East Sussex. Housework day today before all the DGC visit later in the week. Enjoy your day everyone.

Anniebach Mon 26-Jun-17 08:54:58

Good morning all

aggie Mon 26-Jun-17 08:59:57

Morning all , sunny but cool here , rain forecast so wash on a and hope it dries on the line before it starts

Pittcity Mon 26-Jun-17 09:08:47

Good morning from a brightening Colchester. Dry and sunny forecast here today. Walking Netball this morning. Shopping and ironing this afternoon.

Gagagran Mon 26-Jun-17 09:20:30

Morning all! A sense of anti-climax after a hectic weekend with all the family here for the village festival. Did lots of cooking and chatting and they've all gone now leaving it all very quiet!

The sun is shining and the washing is on the line and some old friends from the north are calling in this afternoon en route to a conference. It will be good to catch up. DH and friend were at school together and played rugby together for many years and he was an usher at our wedding. Lots to reminisce about!

Happy days everyone. sunshine