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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 28-Jun-17 06:41:59

Good Morning Everyone,
its grey and its been raining overnight here in Brackley but its dry at the moment.

kittylester Wed 28-Jun-17 06:48:51

Morning Mick, morning all.

It is currently raining in North Leicestershire and rained so hard in the night that it woke us up.

Today, I am venturing into the Vale of Belvoir to be part of an awareness raising day for the Alzheimer's Society. My phone is convinced that I'm going to the Cake of Belvoir - sounds nice!

Enjoy your days everyone - whether or not they involve cake! sunshine

Tippy22 Wed 28-Jun-17 07:25:48

Raining quite heavily here in East Sussex as it has done all night. Early start for me as a very busy day starting with an early doctors appointment.

Marydoll Wed 28-Jun-17 07:27:07

Good morning Mick and Kitty.
Can't sleep. despite being exhausted after a day with toddler GD. We were stuck at home with all day with her due to the torrential rain yesterday.
Not looking forward to today. Hubby is going to paint stairs and landing, but first we have to lift the carpets. Not looking forward to it at all. He is insisting on doing it himself, but I don't think he is fit enough.sad
Have a good day, both of you.

Marydoll Wed 28-Jun-17 07:27:33

..and Tippy!

Pittcity Wed 28-Jun-17 07:50:36

Good morning from a rainy Colchester. It's just stopped but the sky is still grey.
I have the choice of coffee group or tennis group this morning. The weather might have made the decision for me.

NfkDumpling Wed 28-Jun-17 07:57:49

Morning All

Still raining hard in Norfolk - and blowy too. There's a river flowing down the gutter outside (drains are blocked) and in the garden the pond is overflowing, there are frogs all over the lawn and our two Perpendicular Irish Yews aren't perpendicular anymore and are wafting around with their fronds in a mess. Whoever did the rain dance was too enthusiastic.

travelsafar Wed 28-Jun-17 07:58:50

its wet and cold here in Letchworth, nothing like last Weds when i was going swimming in the local outdoor pool.

The sky looks grey and is full of cloud so i suspect it will remain this way for most of the day.

Hope this is not the end of summer!!!

harrigran Wed 28-Jun-17 08:07:48

Good morning, grey and damp this morning but missed the heavy stuff.
DH going to meet chaps from where he used to work and I am going to have a quiet day because painful shoulder gave me a disturbed night.

Gagagran Wed 28-Jun-17 08:11:57

Morning all! Feels humid and "heavy" - the clouds are low and uniformly grey. We did have rain yesterday afternoon and evening and the garden was grateful for it. Not sure what it will do today.

It's choir tonight and our last rehearsal before our next public performance. It's always a fun evening and I enjoy it but find it hard to switch my brain off for sleeping afterwards.confused

Go safely and enjoy your days everyone. sunshine

aggie Wed 28-Jun-17 08:14:02

A soggy good morning to all , weather a p says it is foggy ! Solid rain more like !

ninathenana Wed 28-Jun-17 08:36:03

Morning all.
Rain over night in Kent but now just dull and humid.

Anniebach Wed 28-Jun-17 08:36:34

Good morning all

Juggernaut Wed 28-Jun-17 08:47:45

Morning all, it's grey and drizzly here in west Cheshire.
I was going to do all sorts of garden/house tasks today, but have been up all night coughing due to this damned chest infection DGS so generously gave me!
So, it's a day sitting about, reading, snoozing and sipping hot drinks!
Hope you all have a good daysmile

Smithy Wed 28-Jun-17 08:55:38

Good morning from the North East, its clear blue skies and 25C already, going to be a scorcher!
I wish! Grey and wet and chilly - normal summer day then for us. Exercise class in the afternoon will warm me up.

Mapleleaf Wed 28-Jun-17 10:09:57

Morning all,
Very wet here in South Yorks. It's been raining through the night, too. Doesn't feel too cold, though.
Enjoy your day, whatever the weather 😊.

hulahoop Wed 28-Jun-17 11:13:35

Pouring down here in Yorkshire . Have a good day .