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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 03-Jul-17 06:32:42

Good Morning Everyone,
its a bright and sunny start here in Brackley and looks like we had some rain in the night.

kittylester Mon 03-Jul-17 06:48:53

Morning Mick, morning all.

It's a lovely bright start again in North Leicestershire so I hope today is as lovely as yesterday.

I have a mountain of ironing ning and a little dead heading to do today.

Enjoy your days everyone.sunshine

Gagagran Mon 03-Jul-17 07:00:32

Morning Mick and kitty and everyone!

We had a glorious day yesterday but it looks more cloudy this morning. Large pile of laundry awaiting the attention of the machine so hopefully will be hanging it out before long! Need to go to the library too and the last thing on my agenda is the Tour de France on ITV4. It's the highlight of my sporting year!

Happy days all. sunshine

kittylester Mon 03-Jul-17 07:13:28

Morning gaga, I hope your bil is recovering. I found with mum that the effects lasted much longer than rhe actual uti.

Nelliemoser Mon 03-Jul-17 07:16:45

Good Morning All. Looks like another good day. I have just creaked my way around the garden to try and get my back unlocked . No wonder I feel rough in the mornings. It will hopefully get going, does anyone have an oil can?

ninathenana Mon 03-Jul-17 07:18:45

Morning all.
Beautiful day in Kent yesterday after a grey start. I'm hoping today is a repeat, at the moment we've just got the grey.

Pittcity Mon 03-Jul-17 07:33:53

Good morning from a grey skied Colchester. Warm and dry still. Walking Netball this morning and Wimbledon on TV later.

Greyduster Mon 03-Jul-17 07:41:12

Good morning Michael and all GNs. Dull but dry in South Yorkshire. A walk and a pub lunch in the Peak District today. Have a happy day, folks.

12Michael Mon 03-Jul-17 07:52:18

To Gagagran I to will be watching the Tour De France but prefer the Eurosport coverage same pictures and different presentation, since Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen have ceased on ITV4 commentary not the same.
Mind you will be away from Friday after posting off to Warner's at Nidd Hall come back on Monday sometime so will watch ITV 4 coverage then at Hotel.

cornergran Mon 03-Jul-17 07:56:23

Morning All. Overnight rain in our corner of Somerset, still grey and heavy looking. Friends coming to stay later, so a busy week ahead. Hope Monday is kind to everyone.

Nana3 Mon 03-Jul-17 08:03:28

Good morning Mick and everyone, grey this morning in Lancashire but it turned out to be glorious yesterday so hoping for a repeat like nina.
Long list of things to do but no enthusiasm.
Hope you all have a good day

Marydoll Mon 03-Jul-17 08:07:18

Morning all,
Overnight rain here, but sun is peeking through. Hope to finishing painting the stairs and hall, at last, today. Well not me, I'll just be holding the ladder and pointing out the bits he has
Have a good day all.

whitewave Mon 03-Jul-17 08:08:40

Morning all

Housework today then hygenist; so not a day im looking at with any great enthusiasm.

Cloud burning off not a breath of wind.

Duck with apple for supper

harrigran Mon 03-Jul-17 09:12:15

Good morning, quite bright and hopefully it will stay dry.
Bad night with painful joints and then the reflux started. Have to get going though as Financial adviser coming later this morning.

Anniebach Mon 03-Jul-17 09:14:29

Good morning all

Mapleleaf Mon 03-Jul-17 09:18:25

Morning everyone,
Grey at the moment but not cold. Got a bit warm in the night.
Enjoy your day.