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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 07-Jul-17 06:37:03

Good Morning Everyone,
Its looks like another hot and balmy day here in Brackley , anyway last posting until Tuesday as I am off to cooler north of Yorkshire for a few days at Warner's just outside Harrogate.

kittylester Fri 07-Jul-17 06:52:47

Morning Mick, morning all.

Hot and sticky again in North Leicestershire. Sainsbury's for me this morning then baking for the library birthday party tomorrow. Hope it's cooler by this afternoon.

Enjoy your trip Mick, who is your deputy while you are away? We will miss you.

Shirleyw Fri 07-Jul-17 07:06:07

Hot here again in sunny Beds. Fan was on all night again as too hot to sleep.....the thunderstorm that was promised yesterday seemed to of bypassed Luton. Off to MK clothes shopping , not for me but for DS birthday and meeting up with DD and DGD's...he will have plenty of advice on what suits credit card will be worn out at the end of it 😂😂😂. Have a good weekend....Shirley

Marydoll Fri 07-Jul-17 07:19:29

Good morning all. Mick I hope you have a lovely holiday.
It's raining here, yet again sad. Oh how I envy all of you who post everyday about the hot weather.
We are childminding today, getting a stair carpet fitted and it's raining. Fun filled day ahead. grin

cornergran Fri 07-Jul-17 07:38:05

Morning All. Cloudy start in our corner of Somerset. Enjoy your break, mick, a change of scenery is always good. Could do with some of your rain, mary, or the garden could but not really complaining about the lack, can cope a bit longer smile. Hope Friday is kind to everyone.

Nana3 Fri 07-Jul-17 07:48:43

Good morning. Have a good time Mick. Fine weather in Lancashire at the moment. We had a very enjoyable NW meet up yesterday, we had lunch in a pub garden.
More clearing of Mum's house today then a visit to her in the care home this afternoon. Have a good day everyone.

Greyduster Fri 07-Jul-17 08:11:55

Good morning, Michael, and all GN's. I hope you have an enjoyable stay in God's Own county, Mick. It's not that much cooler up here at the moment though. We had a few rumbles of thunder last evening, but no rain. Will we get it today? A stay at home day for me anyway. Have a good one whatever you are doing.

Gagagran Fri 07-Jul-17 08:42:35

Morning Mick and Kitty and all Gns. Hope Warners lives up to expectations Mick - I'm sure it will.

I want to turn the thermostat down, here on the south coast - it's too damned hot (as the song says). Makes everything a sweat-fest. Not nice. We are not acclimatised to it with our temperate climate. And.... I have a very itchy mozzie bite to add to my heat woes!

Happy days everyone and here's hoping for a bit of coolth soon.

NfkDumpling Fri 07-Jul-17 08:46:41

Morning All

Overcast and a pleasantly warm mid teens here in Kendal. Rain is forecast for mid morning so DH is studying the map as he's not keen on another stately home visit. We also went to the last bobbin mill yesterday which was far more interesting than I'd envisaged. I suspect we'll be walking somewhere scenic. It'll be a good test for the knees!

Pittcity Fri 07-Jul-17 08:50:00

Good morning from a sunny, hot and dry Colchester. Very windy yesterday to keep the heat away but it is already hot here today. The garden needs rain, but none of the forecast thunderstorms have appeared.
Stuff to do around the house today and watching Wimbledon on my laptop in the garden later.

Anniebach Fri 07-Jul-17 08:55:21

Good morning all

Mapleleaf Fri 07-Jul-17 09:07:50

Good morning, everyone.
It's cloudy this morning, but the sun is trying to show every so often.
Funny how storms work, greyduster isn't it. I'm not too far from you but got some heavy rain (though not as torrential as forecast) and the odd rumble of thunder. I think places a bit further away got it worse than us, judging by how black the sky became.
Enjoy your break in our wonderful Yorkshire, Mick. I hope the weather stays kind for you.
We might be shed hunting today. DH has been wanting a new one for some time now, but we want to find someone who will put down a new base, take away old shed and put up the new one. Some places don't put down new bases or take away the old shed. Oh well, we'll keep trying!

Tippy22 Fri 07-Jul-17 09:22:06

Already 20 degrees here in East Sussex no sign of the thunderstorms yet. Enjoy your day everyone.

Smithy Fri 07-Jul-17 09:33:42

Good morning all, like Marydoll I envy your hot weather. We've had rain 7 days out of the last 12 though it was positively tropical yesterday at 20 degrees. Hope you all have a good and happy weekend.