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Good morning Monday

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Greyduster Mon 10-Jul-17 07:39:36

Good morning, Michael on his last day in Yorkshire and all GNs! Is everyone hanging back? Weall have to have a rota next time! Cloudy in .South Yorkshire this morning, but it was a very sticky night. Nothing much to do today. Hurrah! Enjoy your day folks

kittylester Mon 10-Jul-17 07:46:13

Morning gd morning all!

It's another warm start in North Leicestershire and I really should iron! Dentist this pm! I might go back to bed.

Enjoy your days everyone!

ninathenana Mon 10-Jul-17 07:51:23

Good morning all
I thought Mick was back today and having a lie in I've been waiting for him smile.

Dull start in Kent with storms forecast. Typical, as we are taking S for his first day to a special centre. With most of it outdoors !

Greyduster Mon 10-Jul-17 07:52:42

Mick is back tomorrow, I think, Nina. Normal service will be resumed! 😊

MawBroon Mon 10-Jul-17 07:56:42

Good morning, hot and sticky night and woke early at 4.30. However managed to get back to sleep around 5 so not so bad altogether.
Trying times

LadyGracie Mon 10-Jul-17 07:57:11

Good morning, overcast but warm and dry in Caerphilly
. Dentist this morning then the day is mine. Wishing everyone a good day!

Imperfect27 Mon 10-Jul-17 07:59:44

Good morning all - and wanted to use this space to say a heartfelt 'thank you' for all the kind 'welcome back' words I have received after quite an absence. Good to be here and looking out on another sunny day. I hope it is a good one for you. xx

rosesarered Mon 10-Jul-17 08:41:16

Good morning to all.....grey here but warm, wonder if we will have a storm ( pleeeeaaaase rain! )
Some shopping to do today but a leisurely day after a busy weekend.
Imperfect I don't know who you were, but like your

Pittcity Mon 10-Jul-17 08:41:26

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Looks like the forecast thunderstorms are holding off until later.
I am playing tennis this morning followed by an hour of Walking Netball. My day will conclude with a cold shower and collapsing into an armchair!!

aggie Mon 10-Jul-17 08:47:12

Good Morning all , quite chilly here , dull and overcast and we had rain overnight , loads of washing to get dry ....... an overnight ....... filled the wash basket lol

Mapleleaf Mon 10-Jul-17 09:05:33

Good morning, everyone.
A very humid night last night, as greyduster has said. Didn't make for a comfortable nights sleeping. A bit drizzly at the moment, but supposed to dry up later.
Our friends move house today, so I'll be cooking a meal for them later. I'm sure they'll be exhausted by the end of the day!
Enjoy your day. 😊

Smithy Mon 10-Jul-17 09:06:22

Good morning all, its been raining overnight here so grey and cloudy here too. Needn't have watered my plants last night! Waiting for a parcel from Hermes so have an excuse not to go to exercise class!

Marydoll Mon 10-Jul-17 09:48:41

Good morning all,
Sunshine at last, well a little bit of sunshine. Off down the Clyde coast to Largs with DGD. It's been a marathon getting ready, trying to allow for every eventuality. Nappies, changes of clothes etc.
Have a good day all.

MawBroon Mon 10-Jul-17 09:50:50

Doon the watter? What happy memories that conjures up! We used to get the ferry to Rothesay for our summer holidays -loved it!

NfkDumpling Mon 10-Jul-17 10:03:26

Morning All

From a very wet dank Lake District - very noisy in a caravan parked under trees! I've just been learning how to empty the loo as DH is under the weather. My turn next time. The site is lovely, all little glades under trees - but a long way to the loo block in the rain! Why are we doing this when we've left a lovely home with all mod cons? I'm for heading home (the weather is lovely there) but it's too far to drive in one go and Himself isn't up to it. I do hope he's feeling better tomorrow.

12Michael Mon 10-Jul-17 15:15:01

Good Afternoon everyone,
Have just returned from Nidd Hall nr Harrogate, nice weekend, toady started wet coming south on coach clear just north of Nottingham onwards.
Met someone at the Warner's Hotel, she came from Durham had driven down in her car, started talking going in restaurant meal, times.
Nice person , as she left hope to see you soon, nice person.

NfkDumpling Mon 10-Jul-17 15:19:17

Glad you had a lovely time Mick. It makes all the difference with good company.