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Good Morning Sunday

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Luckylegs9 Sun 16-Jul-17 06:25:44

Grey start to the day here in the centre of uk, last night the lights went on earlier. Going to get my garden a bit sorted today.

12Michael Sun 16-Jul-17 06:43:59

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a grey start here in Brackley this morning, tense day watching Tour De France on TV, had no joy when I asked Warner's as regards person I met in Harrogate Nidd Hall last weekend strictly unable to pass on details as DPA.

ninathenana Sun 16-Jul-17 06:49:38

Morning Mick and Lucky

Blue sky and sunshine in Kent. D arriving to stay over night later as she is driving me to hospital tomorrow for laser treatment on my eye.
Cooking the full Sunday roast for her.

kittylester Sun 16-Jul-17 07:15:05

Morning Mick you were beaten to it this morning. You could ask Warners if they would forward a letter from you if you sent one to Nidd Hall.

Morning Luckylegs, Nina, all.

It is a slightly overcast start in North Leicestershire. I'm going to do a bit of gardening then watch Wimbledon to see if I can spot DD2.

Have a good day with dd nina and good luck tomorrow. flowers

Gagagran Sun 16-Jul-17 07:16:28

Morning Mick and everyone. It's cloudy again here on the south coast but the sun is trying to peep through.

Nothing much on the agenda today but I'll join you watching the Tour Mick! Sorry you haven't had any luck re your friend at Nidd Hall. Next time - swap contact details!

Hope there are happy days in store for all GNs sunshine

NfkDumpling Sun 16-Jul-17 07:18:18

Morning All

In Norfolk the sun keeps trying to stay with us but I fear the clouds are winning.

I need to get into the garden today - things are getting a bit rampant and overgrown - there's a rose in the front garden heading over the pavement with designs on scarring passers-by!

Good luck with your laser treatment tomorrow Nina. You're very brave!

NfkDumpling Sun 16-Jul-17 07:29:53

Mick - Warners could forward on a letter for you. It's worth a call to ask them and it wouldn't be against the DPA. Offer them chocolates!

Good Luck.

Greyduster Sun 16-Jul-17 07:38:16

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Don't give up yet, Mick. I think asking if they could forward a letter is a letter is a good idea! "Faint heart never won fair lady!"
The sun is shining in South Yorkshire today. I have laundry to do and DH has to clean the car, which is looking very scruffy. I feel peculiarly unsettled since GS went home to his parents yesterday. I miss him. Have a good day folks.

ninathenana Sun 16-Jul-17 07:45:30

Who stoll the sunshine 1hr later and it's grey

kittylester Sun 16-Jul-17 07:48:15

It definitely wasn't us Nina!!

Greyduster Sun 16-Jul-17 08:28:56

Well whoever it was appears to have ours too, so BRING IT BACK, PLEASE!!!!

cornergran Sun 16-Jul-17 08:42:30

Morning All. We seem to have a little sunshine, weather forecaster said wall to wall grey, the sky says something else although I can see the clouds circling and waiting to block out the blue. Hope all goes well tomorrow, nina, I know that feeling grey it's the change of pace I think as well as missing the young one. Jobs for us too today, seem to have a list a mile long. Hope Sunday is kind to everyone.

Pittcity Sun 16-Jul-17 08:45:16

Good morning from a grey skied Colchester. No on sign of the sun here.
Moving stuff around in the garden today as we are having the patio replaced next week.
A trip to Aldi for meat and potatoes for a Sunday Roast and tennis on the TV!

Newquay Sun 16-Jul-17 08:45:45

Off to church again this morning with DH who has had a really rough trot since April with his health-two more ops planned beg Augsad
He says, mush as we love going to church, whenever we go to their lovely community cafe, he has an "incident" with his health!!
Had to cancel going on annual family jolly end of Aug too-very pleased for DD, her hubby and our lovely GC to still go though.
Overcast here but will be ok for some gardening. . . .