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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 17-Jul-17 06:39:59

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a clear blue sky start here in Brackley this morning, looks like a warm day or changeable.

NanKate Mon 17-Jul-17 06:44:47

Morning Mick and all the Earlybirds.

On hols and off on the ferry to the Isle of Wight today. The weather is set fine. [sun]

NanKate Mon 17-Jul-17 06:45:33


Kavinwood Mon 17-Jul-17 06:56:24

Good Morning.Have a nice day.

NfkDumpling Mon 17-Jul-17 06:59:31

Morning All

Bright and sunny here in Norfolk this morning with promise of a lovely day ahead. Have a wonderful holiday Nankate, I hope the weather holds for you.

The wood pigeons are scrapping over their womenfolk again. How they don't break each others wings I don't know. I suppose it means there'll be random eggs laid around the place again.

I'm hoping DH will be up to a chug up the river in our little boat today. He slept most of yesterday.

kittylester Mon 17-Jul-17 07:08:36

Morning all!

It's a lovely bright start in North Leicestershire and I have yet more ironing to do, then a pub lunch with friends and a visit to the vets with Maisie.

Suggestions for dinner welcome!

Enjoy your hols Kate, hope you are ok.

ninathenana Mon 17-Jul-17 07:11:48

Morning all.

Sunny start in Kent I hope it's not like yesterday. An hour after I posted it turned grey and stayed for the rest of the day.
Lazy catch up with D this morning, then she's driving me to hospital p.m.
Hope you get your run out Nfk envy

kittylester Mon 17-Jul-17 07:12:11

Forgot to say 'good luck' to nina!flowers

whitewave Mon 17-Jul-17 07:21:36

Enjoy the Isle of Wight nan there's a brisk wind this morning but sun so crossing should blow the cobwebs away.

Morning all

kitty we are having pan fried mackeral which we should have had on Saturday but had jacket potatoes instead.
We eat a lot of fish. I think it's a BBC recipe online must look it up.
I'm not one of those creative cooks who can just throw stuff together. Well, all except the usual everyday recipes.

Forecast warm today. I opened the little pond yesterday in the hope the dog had grown out of paddling in it. No luck though he immediately spent all day jumping in and out "fishing" so the cover will have to go back on which is a bum as I like water in the garden. We do have a little waterfall that trickles its way into the pond but that's all.
My starling with the long beak is beginning to look like a curlew!! I'm sure the beak is still growing - it is bright yellow

I must stop talking!!

Greyduster Mon 17-Jul-17 07:52:35

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Going to be a hot sunny day today in South Yorkshire. After an uncertain start, it was so hot yesterday we couldn't stand to be in the garden. Hope you get your boat trip, NfK. All the best for your hospital visit, Nina. Enjoy your holiday, Nan. Have a happy day, all.

Pittcity Mon 17-Jul-17 08:11:48

Good morning from Colchester where the sun is beginning to peep out from the grey. It rained here most of yesterday and was very warm and humid. Feels a available bit fresher today.
Last walking netball before a Summer Break today. We are celebrating with a picnic afterwards.
DH is supervising the replacement of our patio, so I'm best off out of the way.
All the best to all today.

Anniebach Mon 17-Jul-17 08:13:19

Good morning all

Gagagran Mon 17-Jul-17 08:56:10

Morning everyone! Just getting ready to go to the library and pick up a repeat prescription from the chemist. On the way back I want to check out the new Co-op which opened last Thursday and replaced the Spar shop which closed two years ago. They have taken all this time to refurb it. It is the nearest shop we have so it has been missed.

The sun is shining and there is a good breeze so the washing should dry quickly once my laundry wallah gets it on the line whilst I am out.

Hope happy days are in store for all GNs sunshine

Mapleleaf Mon 17-Jul-17 09:40:00

Morning all,
As Greyduster says, it's a lovely sunny day here in South Yorks and set to be another hot one.
Off to my coffee group this am. Not sure about this pm, but there's a pile of ironing beckoning 😏
Enjoy your day.