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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 23-Jul-17 06:26:45

Good Morning Everyone,
its grey and wet here in Brackley this morning, final of the Tour De France glued to the TV late this afternoon, as long as Chris Froome crosses the line 1st and not celebrating team wise before he does and looses more time and the race.

cornergran Sun 23-Jul-17 06:38:11

Morning Mick, Morning All. Lovely start to the day in our corner of Somerset although if the forecast is right we will have rain by 10 to encourage more weeds in the garden that I swear weren't there yesterday grin. Hope Sundaynis kind to everyone.

kittylester Sun 23-Jul-17 06:53:42

Morning Mick, morning corner, morning all.

Lots of rain overnight in my bit of the East Midlands and the sky looks grey and drippy.

Going out to look for a car for DH and then making some sort of chicken chasseur y thing fir dinner.

Enjoy your Sundays everyone!

Tea and cake Sun 23-Jul-17 07:26:12

Good morning everyone. Damp, grey, trying to rain, have a jumper on! Amazing how soon you become 'soft' with a bit of warm weather

Pittcity Sun 23-Jul-17 07:26:33

Good morning from sunny Colchester. It's been raining overnight but is sunny now. Was under the weather yesterday, probably due to Friday night's wine. New patio is finished, so it's plant tidying and rearranging pots and furniture today. I can see a courgette that has grown into a marrow from the kitchen window.

NfkDumpling Sun 23-Jul-17 07:44:02

Morning All

Sunny here in Norfolk too at the moment. I love that I can get an idea of how right the forecast is by everyone's reports from around the country. Looks like we may get a few showers this afternoon! Where are you Tea and Cake? North UK?

I'll be collecting DGS and his dog this morning for a sleep-over. His parents are staying with DD1 in Aylesbury tonight as it's a lot closer to the London hospital DiL has to go to tomorrow for her post op appointment. Hopefully all is well now - two days ago the wound was at last healed enough for the dressing to be left off. Cutting it fine! She hopes she'll be given the all clear to drive.

NfkDumpling Sun 23-Jul-17 07:47:09

(Mick - did you see the photo Chris Frome put on FB last week of his legs? So lean and sinuey with huge veins! He really does suffer for his sport. I do hope he wins.)

Nelliemoser Sun 23-Jul-17 07:53:08

Good morning all. I was woken about 6:30 with stair rod rain hammering down on my roof. It's very grey outside.

ninathenana Sun 23-Jul-17 07:55:46

Morning all.

Fairly bright in Kent, I don't think it rained over night but showers are forecast. No plans for the day, H will be doing his usual Sunday morning stint at the allotment.

I hope your D gets the all clear tomorrow Nfk

Chewbacca Sun 23-Jul-17 08:00:48

Morning everyone. I've got tickets for the RHS Flower Show today at Tatton in Knutsford and it's looking like I'll need a sou'wester and wellies. Heavy rain overnight so the ground will be a quagmire! I've got to try not to buy more plants!

Tea and cake Sun 23-Jul-17 08:00:56

Hi Nfkdumpling (sorry haven't worked out how to embolden name on my tablet). I'm in Birmingham which can be annoying when they do north and south weather forecasts on TV! Which are we?

Greyduster Sun 23-Jul-17 08:09:12

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. We had very heavy rain last night but it is dry at the moment. More forecast for later it seems. I woke up in the night with the distinct impression that something was crawling over my face! I hope I was dreaming! hmm. We will not be going far today. DD et al are coming for lunch later, so strawberry flan to make. Fingers crossed for your DIL, NfK. Have a happy Sunday, folks.

kittylester Sun 23-Jul-17 08:14:42

To highlight names just put an asterisk either side of the name - with no spaces.

It's good to know where everyone is 'reporting' from.

12Michael Sun 23-Jul-17 08:22:52

TV weather forecasts Tea & Cake in a divided area , I get apart from national weather , most of my local weather is based in the South on TV but covers areas like Banbury , and Aylesbury as well.

Gagagran Sun 23-Jul-17 08:39:41

Morning Mick - last day of the Tour for us eh? Glad Froomey has done it again.

Awful weather here on the south coast yesterday - torrential rain and hail storms. The sun is out this morning but I suspect it will be wet again this afternoon. I was cold in the night and had to get up and put my winter fleece dressing gown on to warm up!

Happy days to all GNs sunshine

Nana3 Sun 23-Jul-17 08:40:15

Good morning from Lancashire. Lovely rainbow yesterday evening, rain overnight. Sunny at the moment, I haven't seen the forecast but hope it lasts as all the family are coming for lunch and we would enjoy a trip to the park.
Have a good day everyone.

Tea and cake Sun 23-Jul-17 08:42:43

kittylester thanks. It's a shame we can't have a little map we could input into...there's no wind here at all so don't know if weather is going to improve or deteriorate.

Tea and cake Sun 23-Jul-17 08:43:35

Not that it matters much, won't be watering garden as rained suddenly and unexpectedly yesterday.

harrigran Sun 23-Jul-17 08:44:03

Good morning, dry and bright here in the north east but rain expected later this afternoon. Some of the air displays were cancelled yesterday because of the low cloud but we had a beautiful sunny evening, typical.

whitewave Sun 23-Jul-17 09:06:44

Morning all

Lovely start to the day just like yesterday but forecast heavy rain this afternoon just like yesterday!!

Going to pot up the strawberry runners this morning. Weeding and usual cutting back as well.

Chicken and mushroom pie for supper. Chicken left over from the roast. We've already had chicken salad so I'll also make soup from the carcus (sp). So the organic free range chicken has worked out at about under £4 per meal. I think I shall perhaps also have chicken left to freeze which will be sufficient for a sandwich.

Free day today so will do a bit more painting if it starts to rain.

Have an excellent day all

Mapleleaf Sun 23-Jul-17 10:20:54

Good morning,
It's still dry in South Yorks but there are some dark clouds forming so it looks like we might have more rain. As Greyduster says, it rained in the night again.
Enjoy your day whatever you are doing. 😊