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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 26-Jul-17 06:45:28

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a grey start but dry here in Brackley this morning, quick trip out later.

MawBroon Wed 26-Jul-17 06:52:14

Good morning mick and those to come.
A bright start here in N Bucks but beginning to cloud over now.

Gagagran Wed 26-Jul-17 06:58:50

Morning Mick and Maw. We have rain forecast for this morning and the sky looks full of it here on the south coast.

Hope there are happy days in store for GNs. sunshine

kittylester Wed 26-Jul-17 07:00:10

Morning Mick, morning Maw, morning all.

It is quite cloudy in North Leicestershire and we have heavy rain in the forecast. Par for the course as I'm going to the hairdresser's this morning.grin

I think you should still be asleep Maw. Look after yourself won't you. flowers

kittylester Wed 26-Jul-17 07:01:08

Morning gaga, hope you are ok this morning. flowers

Tea and cake Wed 26-Jul-17 07:21:40

Good morning everyone. Raining here in Birmingham but not heavily from a uniformly white sky. Lunching out in town later. Seems to be a south wind...

cornergran Wed 26-Jul-17 07:23:10

Morning All. Pouring in our corner of Somerset. Hope Wednesday is kind to everyone.

harrigran Wed 26-Jul-17 07:47:09

Good morning from an overcast north east. Another interesting day with GD ahead but need to take her home this evening for her violin lesson.

Humbertbear Wed 26-Jul-17 07:48:54

The sun is out in N-W London, hopefully for the day

whitewave Wed 26-Jul-17 07:53:11

Morning everyone

Dull here on South Downs. Rain forecast pm.

Yesterday evening we took the dog walking by our river, which is tidal. He loves to paddle and run along the sand/mud when the tide it out. He stumbled across a crab, the crab won the battle despite Duncan's efforts to pick it up. The crab looked just like you see a cartoon one sort of stood up snapping his claws like mad!! Eventually rescued the crab and threw it into the river to keep it safe from birds.

Sausage baked with summer vegetables for supper. One of DHs favourites.

Enjoy your day one and all

Nana3 Wed 26-Jul-17 08:08:37

Good morning. Raining in Lancashire this morning which is a nuisance as I have 3 DGD's to entertain.
Not crab for supper then whitewave grin
Have a good day everyone.

Pittcity Wed 26-Jul-17 08:35:03

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Rain not forecast until lunchtime.
Ladies fun tennis hour this morning and home to get the ironing done.

farview Wed 26-Jul-17 08:40:42

Morning all 🌂🌂RAIN RAIN RAIN🌂. ah well.keep well all of happy✨

Anniebach Wed 26-Jul-17 08:47:23

Good morning all

NannyJan53 Wed 26-Jul-17 10:02:03

Good morning from a very rainy Stourbridge. It was glorious sunshine yesterday, so took Mum to Wightwick Manor for the afternoon (National Trust Property). Going to gym later! Have a good day everyone.

Mapleleaf Wed 26-Jul-17 14:30:34

Good afternoon, everyone.
It was a very wet morning, but has brightened up nicely this afternoon. A bit breezy and still some grey clouds about but at the moment the sun is out here in South Yorks.
Enjoy the rest of your day.