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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 27-Jul-17 06:51:22

Good Morning Everyone,
Its another grey but dry start here in Brackley this morning.

Greyduster Thu 27-Jul-17 06:55:45

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. There was a lovely sunrise and blue sky in South Yorkshire this morning but it now seems to have got the sulks! Shopping this morning and then what I hope will be the final visit to the bathroom suppliers.
DD and her menfolk are off on their hols today - always a tense time for me when either of my children are travelling. Have a good day, folks.

ninathenana Thu 27-Jul-17 06:56:00

Morning Mick and everyone.

Grey again in Kent we've been lucky with the rain but so gloomy and windy lately.
Going out for breakfast when H surfaces. He does love his Morrison's full English.

Gagagran Thu 27-Jul-17 06:56:25

Morning Mick and everyone.

The cloud is broken here on the south coast so we may get a nice day. Fresher feels than yesterday which was very humid.

Just off to the supermarket before the hordes descend there.

Happy days to all GNs sunshine

ninathenana Thu 27-Jul-17 06:56:29

Morning Greyduster

Tea and cake Thu 27-Jul-17 07:06:32

Good morning everyone. Very still here and cooler. Dry and quite a bit of cloud over Birmingham. Too early to say what is going to happen. I'm going away for a few days so will need to do some serious watering just in case. Although I enjoy the unpredictable British weather sometimes it would be nice to have a rough idea of what is coming!

whitewave Thu 27-Jul-17 07:14:57

Morning all

Dry but still dull, haven't seen the weather forecast so don't know what to expect today.

Must sort out a pudding for the diary free people. It is Mum's 99th so big family party. So 16 to cater for. Mums sister can't make it - she lives in Welwyn Garden and is too decrepit - but she must make it next year on Mums 100th!!! My Sister is doing main and I'm doing the pudding course and starter. So it's a selection of tapas to start, Nigel Slater strawberry and raspberry trifle which has vanilla mascarpone instead of custard. Hope it's ok and not sure about diary free lot. Probably a compote with diary free ice cream, but still thinking about it must get out the cookery books.

Well that's my entry for the day smile I hope you all have a splendid hassle free day.

kittylester Thu 27-Jul-17 07:17:36

Morning all!

There are some odd looking clouds about but it is quite bright in North Leicestershire. It's a Sainsbury's morning for me and this afternoon is going to be mostly admin.

Enjoy your days everyone.sunshine

whitewave Thu 27-Jul-17 07:36:19

Party is on Saturday not today blush

harrigran Thu 27-Jul-17 08:06:41

Good morning, dry at present but forecast is for rain for the rest of the day.
Child-free and quiet day today so will put on the washer and check that there is actually some food left in the fridge.
DIL got insurance report for her car, they have written it off so needs to buy a new one. They are supposed to be going on holiday this weekend but many loose ends to tie up before they can go.

NfkDumpling Thu 27-Jul-17 08:14:31

Phew! Good thing you found out WW!

Morning All!

A bright start here in Norfolk with a nice steady westerly wind for our sailing clubs open regatta. We don't race, so help in the box. Should be a lovely day.

Pittcity Thu 27-Jul-17 08:34:33

Good morning from Colchester. Sun out atm. Cloud and rain due too. Cool here for July.
Laundry, packing and shopping for holiday which starts Saturday.

cornergran Thu 27-Jul-17 08:38:33

Morning All. Grey and very damp in our corner of Somerset. Cleaning today, or will be when I stir, disturbed night so taking it easy just now. Hope Thursday is kind to everyone.

Tippy22 Thu 27-Jul-17 08:54:50

Very grey and dull at the moment here in East Sussex. Another large pile of ironing awaits followed by cake baking which I haven't done for years but I said i would provide an afternoon tea for all the family tomorrow. Wish me luck. Enjoy your day everyone.