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Good Morning Saturday

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IngeJones Sat 05-Aug-17 10:58:07

Warmer here (west london) than in the past few days. I hope it doesn't get too hot again tho!

Anniebach Sat 05-Aug-17 08:59:20

Good morning all

Nelliemoser Sat 05-Aug-17 08:59:12

Good morning all. Sunny here at present I am not convinced it will last.

I am still P*****d off with this Times New Roman font or whatever it is. change it back please.

Tippy22 Sat 05-Aug-17 08:58:34

Lovely blue sky here in East Sussex. Looks promising for a pub lunch. Enjoy your weekend everyone.

whitewave Sat 05-Aug-17 08:52:42

Good morning.

Terrible night as dog had upset tummy - still in bed whilst DH is down getting breakfast.

Cloud and blue sky by the look of it.

The birds will be looking forlorn as I usually feed them at 7am. I fill a large feeder and smaller one plus wireworms scattered over the ground and everything is gone by midday every day. It costs a small fortune.

Not doing a lot today as feel decidedly jaded but must contact daughter as we are suppposed to be taking eldest grandson to Sussex Uni. On Monday morning whilst daughter etc are away. Some sort of outward bound course.

Cottage pie for supper.

Enjoy your day all.

cornergran Sat 05-Aug-17 08:47:47

Morning All. Mix of sun and threatening clouds in our corner of Somerset. Need to do a food shop, oh dear, not my favourite activity and to think after it's done we just eat it grin. Hope Saturday is kind to everyone.

kittylester Sat 05-Aug-17 08:45:12

Morning all!

Lots of high cloud today in North Leicestershire. I expect that we will get rain at some point!

Looking at cars for Dh again today. I wish he'd at least decide whether he is going to be silly or sensible in his choice so he can leave mine alone!

Enjoy your afternoon GD! I pootled and faffed in peace yesterday - it was bliss!

Enjoy your Saturdays everyone.sunshine

ffinnochio Sat 05-Aug-17 08:43:13

A blueskied, sunshiny morning here in France, accompanied with a gentle, fresh breeze. A lovely start to the day.

Wishing a good weekend to all.

Marydoll Sat 05-Aug-17 08:39:47

Good morning all.
Dry, breezy and cloudy here today.
Pitt" Nuremberg was the first place I ever stayed in Germany. The hostel was in a castle and I absolutely loved it.
Beer garden sounds a great idea. Have a lovely time.

harrigran Sat 05-Aug-17 08:24:57

Good morning from a sunny north east. GD1 sent me a text yesterday to say she was having a lovely holiday, thoughtful child as she is away for three weeks smile

NfkDumpling Sat 05-Aug-17 08:16:43

Morning All

High cloud in Norfolk and not yet windy again. Saw my cousin who lives in Italy yesterday for the first time in fifteen years. We've promised to keep in closer touch!

DS and family are coming here shortly to take DGS for his second proper haircut. I took him for his first while he was staying in May and he's insisting on having the same barber. I expect they'll end up staying for lunch.

Glad you're having a lovely hot holiday on the other side of the jet stream Pitt!

Pittcity Sat 05-Aug-17 08:05:39

Good morning from a hot, sunny Nuremburg. 85 degrees today and we are sightseeing in the city all day. I think a beer garden will be our destination after the guided tour.

JaneD3 Sat 05-Aug-17 08:03:12

Good morning Michael and all gransnetters. I think everyone is in for some rain today! Ho hum - still plenty of indoor jobs hmm

ninathenana Sat 05-Aug-17 07:48:22

Morning all.
Yet another grey start in Kent. Showers forecast later, I hope they are few and light. There is a big charity event a couple of fields away going on all weekend. Lots of loud music sad and fireworks tonight.

Greyduster Sat 05-Aug-17 07:38:09

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Sunny today in South Yorkshire. Early lunch for us today as DH and DS are coming down for the first match of the season. I have a whole afternoon to myself! What to do?🤔 Have a good day, folks!

Imperfect27 Sat 05-Aug-17 07:07:26

Good morning all. The start of DH's 2 weeks of annual leave - bliss! BBQ planned, but showers forecast so might have to develop an indoor plan. Don't care - just lovely to have time on our hands in abundance. Happy weekend all.

12Michael Sat 05-Aug-17 06:54:34

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dry but cloudy here in Brackley this morning looks like a mixed day of weather.