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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 14-Aug-17 06:47:09

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a grey cloudy start here in Brackley this morning, but its dry.

kittylester Mon 14-Aug-17 06:57:53

Good morning Mick, morning all!

I didn't log into good morning yesterday but we had a nice day and got the garden back under some sort of control - for now!

Today looks set fair too but, as I'm ironing, it won't affect me.

Thinking of MawBroon this morning.

Gagagran Mon 14-Aug-17 07:22:11

Good Morning mick and kitty and also maw if she is feeling up to joining us. Thinking of her too kitty.

It looks a nice morning out there with a blue sky and sunshine but there is a coolness in the air too. I am missing the warmth we had earlier this summer.

I am ironing today too and need a visit to our recently opened Co-op for some cash and some bits and bobs.

Wishing all GNs a hapy day. sunshine

Greyduster Mon 14-Aug-17 07:28:55

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Overcast in South Yorkshire today - I have no idea what the weather has in store but it won't be as nice as yesterday I fancy. Not much planned today except to do some laundry and buy another box of tiles for the bathroom floor. Have a good day, folks.

NfkDumpling Mon 14-Aug-17 07:32:37

Morning All

A wonderful bright sunny morning it is too here in Norfolk.

Waiting for DH to rise - he came to bed late last night mumbling about blockages and stench pipes! All seems ok to me this morning so hopefully it was just his imagination and not DGD1's inclination to use half a role of loo paper each visit!

Hope all your days go well, everyone.

harrigran Mon 14-Aug-17 07:36:55

Good morning, it is dull and grey and rain is forecast for the next few hours.
Another disturbed night and I too thought of maw each time I woke.

MawBroon Mon 14-Aug-17 07:37:40

Looks lovely i.e. a bright morning here in N Bucks.
Wishing you all well today.

Pittcity Mon 14-Aug-17 08:03:12

Good morning from sunny Budapest. Waiting in hotel for taxi to airport. Will be home for dinner.

Tippy22 Mon 14-Aug-17 08:05:19

Bright lie s

Tippy22 Mon 14-Aug-17 08:09:45

Sorry fat finger strikes again. Blue sky but chilly here in East Sussex. Enjoy your day everyone

rosesarered Mon 14-Aug-17 08:16:06

Morning to all, a bit grey here in Oxfordshire, but promise of sun and then rain later.Off to look after DGS soon.

Nelliemoser Mon 14-Aug-17 08:25:03

Good morning all. It is raining in Cheshire and this probably spread to a town near you.

ninathenana Mon 14-Aug-17 08:42:45

Morning all.
As long as it's only a town near me Nellie I won't complain. smile
It's bright and sunny in Kent, yesterday was a glorious day, don't think it's going to be as warm today.

Marydoll Mon 14-Aug-17 08:53:26

Morning all,
Pouring down all night and till raining.
A catch up day with chores. Hope everyone has a good day.
Thoughts are with Maw

aggie Mon 14-Aug-17 08:54:29

Good morning , brightening up now but thunder forecastt in Co Armagh hmm

Smithy Mon 14-Aug-17 09:15:29

Morning to all, have given up on the summer. Even for us in NE its rubbish. Hope you have good days all.
Mawbroon been mentioned on Cafe, is she ill?

ffinnochio Mon 14-Aug-17 09:20:31

Good morning. I hope today brings better news Maw.

A bright and sunny morning.

MawBroon Mon 14-Aug-17 10:53:18

Why don't you ask me Smithy?
If you read the thread (and others) you will see that I have been posting hmm

whitewave Mon 14-Aug-17 11:26:12

A glorious and hot day on South Downs.

So a late good morning to you all!!

Housework, then reading as still fighting off this throat and tiredness.

Might potter a bit in the garden.

I think I will get something out of the freezer today like a meal I froze earlier on to take life a bit easy. Must have a look as can't remember what is in there!!

Take life easy folks and enjoy this lovely lovely day

Smithy Mon 14-Aug-17 19:35:50

No offence meant mawb was just concerned.

Anniebach Tue 15-Aug-17 08:25:36

Good morning all

whitewave Tue 15-Aug-17 08:27:37

annie grin when you are retired every day seems the same