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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 20-Aug-17 06:25:59

Good Morning Everyone,
Its bright but its dry but also looks grey in the sky over Brackley this morning.

ffinnochio Sun 20-Aug-17 06:53:41

Good morning. Sun's up! Fresh and calm.

kittylester Sun 20-Aug-17 07:24:52

Morning all. Where are you, ffin?

North Leicestershire is bright but a bit drippy this morning. Very autumnal.

A slow start for us as we are girding our loins in readiness for the arrival of DD2 and her 2 daughters for 10 days. shock

Enjoy your days everyone!

Gagagran Sun 20-Aug-17 07:36:17

Morning everyone!

Hope your loins are well and truly girded kitty - 10 days is a long time to keep them so!

The sun is shining here on the south coast so it should warm up a bit - my feet were cold in bed .

We have taxi duties for DGC this morning - DGS has a football match and DGD needs taking somwhere - location to be advised. There is no public transport in their village and they live 2 miles from any so it is difficult for them and we help where we can.

Happy days to all GNs sunshine

ffinnochio Sun 20-Aug-17 07:36:22

SW France, kitty. Tiny village in the middle of nowhere.

kittylester Sun 20-Aug-17 07:39:21

Thanks. ffin, it's good to know where the reports relate to - especially if yours is particularly nice!envy

Greyduster Sun 20-Aug-17 07:48:38

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. The sun is shining in South Yorkshire and we are in for a nice day. Nothing planned, though. DH's eye infection has come back and is not responding to the drops, so it will have to be back to the eye clinic tommorrow. This is the third time it has flared up. Have a happy day, folks.

NfkDumpling Sun 20-Aug-17 08:00:56

Morning All

A lovely clear blue sky in Rutland. And the wind has dropped. And we're heading home this morning!

Happy Sunday! sunshine

Nana3 Sun 20-Aug-17 08:11:15

Good morning all. I am home from a wonderful holiday in the Lake District, memories have been made for DGC.
It's sunny in Lancashire this morning.
Have a good day everyone.

harrigran Sun 20-Aug-17 08:14:07

Good morning , quite bright and it sounds as though the wind has dropped.
Need to get ready for GD1 who will be coming for a few days from tomorrow.

Nelliemoser Sun 20-Aug-17 08:30:02

Good Morning all. Sunny here in Cheshire today. I think tropical storm Gert may be upon us tonight and tomorrow.

MawBroon Sun 20-Aug-17 08:34:13

Bright but fresh here in N Bucks.
Good morning all.
Sometimes I wake up ready to tackle the world head on, other times my get-up-and-go well just gets-up-and-goes!
Got to collect a wheelchair we are being loaned but would really rather snuggle back under the duvet with a brew
Wishing you all a pleasant Sunday smile

Pittcity Sun 20-Aug-17 08:37:10

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Warm enough for me to be sitting with a cuppa on my new patio furniture at 8am.
Family here the afternoon. DGSs staying overnight and tomorrow as usual childminder is on holiday.

Marydoll Sun 20-Aug-17 08:40:46

Good morning all.

Breezy and cool, with a little rain here in Renfrewshire.
Easy day, some sewing alterations to be done, as I'm a wee lady.
Maw, I hope things become a little easier for you and Paw.

Kitty, 10 days you have a big heart. Two days in a row and I have to lie in a darkened room. Enjoy!

Anniebach Sun 20-Aug-17 08:43:08

Good morning all

Smithy Sun 20-Aug-17 09:08:16

Good morning to all bright here now in NE but the summer warmth we had (for about 2 days!) now feels autumnal.
Kitty you deserve a medal. I looked after my DVD for 5 hours yesterday including getting her off to bed and was tired out.
Having an easy day- nice breakfast on a Sunday.