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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 02-Sep-17 06:46:02

Good Morning Everyone,
Its bright and sunny this morning in Brackley , quick trip into Banbury later then Veulta on TV

kittylester Sat 02-Sep-17 06:54:26

Morning Mick, morning all.

It's a bright but autumnal start to the day in North Leicestershire. Early start as I have my usual village things to do before two DGC arrive for the day. Seb and Pa are going to watch the T20 finals day on TV and Hattie and I are going shopping for her birthday present - but only after she has cleaned the silver! grin

Enjoy your Saturdays everyone.

Gagagran Sat 02-Sep-17 07:01:42

Morning Mick and kitty and everyone.

Lovely sunny start here on the south coast. Hope it continues as DH is leading his cycling club ride to Hamble on the Solent. He plans the route with great care checking it all out on google maps etc. I am going to have coffee and a chat with a recently bereaved friend who needs a bit of company.

The carbon monoxide alarm in the kitchen started bleeping loudly from time to time and woke me up at 3.15am. The blinking batteries needed changing but why oh why do they always decide that in the middle of the night? I shall definitely need a siesta today!

Hope there are happy days for all GNs sunshine

NfkDumpling Sat 02-Sep-17 07:14:38

Morning All

A lovely sunny autumnal morning in Norfolk, with a distinct chill in the air. Very artistic cloud banks are billowing up on the horizon towards the sea. Hopefully they'll burn away.

DD1 and SiL are taking part in a Wolf run today. One of those diving into mud and scaling silly obstacle races. They just enter to finish! Silly billies.

harrigran Sat 02-Sep-17 07:28:49

Good morning, a bright but cool start and only 6 degrees.
Youngest GC has a birthday today, will visit this afternoon and take the family out for tea. Yesterday she said to me " 8 already Grandma, where have the years gone" ?

whitewave Sat 02-Sep-17 07:30:04

Morning all

Glorious sun but definitely autumnal, will need a sweater if I take the dog out early.

Presents to be taken to eldest DGS today 17 - my goodness where has the time gone.

DH back dodgy so I'll be in charge today smile

Roast chicken and stuffing a la Delia for supper

ninathenana Sat 02-Sep-17 07:30:53

Morning all
Spectacular thunder storm last night at midnight in Kent. Today is supposed to be sunny and it's trying to at the moment.
H and I are going to a large antiques fair. A lot of walking but I love it.

Pittcity Sat 02-Sep-17 08:11:18

Good morning from sunny Colchester. 20 degrees is just right for me.
Quiet weekend here as DH is away fishing.
Laundry to tackle and books to read in the sun.

Greyduster Sat 02-Sep-17 08:20:46

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. The sun is shining in South Yorkshire this morning, and I had a good night's sleep so hopefully won't be walking around like a zombie today. I need to give the house a good clean, although to be fair the plasterer was very tidy yesterday and did a good job.
Ages since we have been to an antiques fair, Nina - wish I was coming with you! Have a good day, folks.

hildajenniJ Sat 02-Sep-17 09:31:02

Good morning all.
Today is bright, sunny and beautiful. Grandson 2 had a sleepover last night and has just come in for breakfast. Lots to do as we are going to Torquay on holiday on Monday. Tonight we are going to Kynren at Auckland Castle, we've been looking forward to it all year. Hope the weather stays fair.

Grannybug Sat 02-Sep-17 10:16:03

Bright sunny morning here in Northamptonshire and looks set to be a lovely day. Enjoy Saturday everyone

henetha Sat 02-Sep-17 11:25:13

Hazy sun here in south Devon today. Not as bright as yesterday but still lovely.
Managed to cut my finger very badly this morning so am feeling sorry for myself. Blood all over the place, lots of throbbing. Feeling weird.

annsixty Sat 02-Sep-17 11:43:12

Please get someone to look at it Henetha it may need stitching or glueing.

Juliette Sat 02-Sep-17 13:13:18

Good afternoon from a sunny and very pleasant corner of N.Staffs.
Often read this thread, usually later in the day and have noticed that Printmiss hasn't posted for a while. Hope she and her family are ok, has anyone seen her around?

Happy days to all.