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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 17-Sep-17 06:20:52

Its looking dark grey and miserable also wet here in Brackley this morning.

Imperfect27 Sun 17-Sep-17 06:38:10

Curatins still shut here in N.Kent. Coffee brewing, gearing myself up for an admin day when I have got the sleep out of my eyes.

Hope today is a kind day for everyone.

kittylester Sun 17-Sep-17 06:45:36

Morning Mick, morning Imperfect, morning all.

It's grey in North Leicestershire but not too cold!

We are off to the seaside for a few days!! Whoop whoop!

Enjoy your Sundays everyone! sunshine

NotAGran55 Sun 17-Sep-17 07:01:25

Grey here in West Berkshire . Off to Liverpool and back today taking DS2 back to uni . Happy Sunday everyone.

NanKate Sun 17-Sep-17 07:05:44

Morning Mick Kitty Imperfect and All.

Have a lovely few days away. There is nothing like a good walk along the prom taking in the sea air. Have fun Mr and Mrs Kitty

Half way through our hols and off to Wightwick Manor today. Hope the NT Staff don't give us a badge to wear or a questionnaire to fill in. grin

mumofmadboys Sun 17-Sep-17 07:12:31

Cold here in Cumbria. Put the central heating on this morning for the first time!

Greyduster Sun 17-Sep-17 07:27:23

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. The weather hasn't really got going in South Yorkshire yet. It's cold though! We are off to junior footie this morning and then DD is cooking a birthday lunch for DH. Enjoy your little holiday, kitty. Hope the sun shines! Have a good day, folks.

Nana3 Sun 17-Sep-17 07:35:19

Good morning from Lancashire. I'm enjoying this autumn sunshine, I played tennis with DGD yesterday, well we hit a ball around. I had a day without visiting Mum, going this morning though.
Enjoy your time at the seaside kitty
Have a good day everyone.

Marydoll Sun 17-Sep-17 07:46:29

Good morning Mick and all,
An Autumn morning here in Renfrewshire. The sun is trying to break through the clouds.
I can't sleep, so off to put heating on and do some baking.
We are off to feed the ducks with DGD this morning. We will leave the car at the station and go a few stops on the train, as she loves trains.
We haven't seen her for over a week, as we are just back from Rome. I've missed her so much, even although she can be "hard work". smile

cornergran Sun 17-Sep-17 07:54:05

Morning All. Bright start in our corner of Somerset. Garden tidying today. Hope Sunday is kind to everyone.

NfkDumpling Sun 17-Sep-17 08:03:19

Morning All

Peering through the condensation on the outside if the caravan window it looks grey here in Devon. Heating is on. Love modern caravans. I just wish the internet on site worked as I'm using my phone's limited quota. I wonder if I can get my money back!

Off to Forde Abbey today.

Gagagran Sun 17-Sep-17 08:11:55

Morning everyone! It's cool, dry and a light covering of greyness here on the south coast.

We have taxi duties for DGD this morning then I am going to make some apple turnovers. Woke up dreaming about making some so I am going to!

Wishing happy days to all GNs sunshine

Tippy22 Sun 17-Sep-17 08:15:14

Cold, grey and misty here in East Sussex. Will have to succumb and put the heating on. I spent all day yesterday huddled in a blanket. Enjoy your day everyone.

Nelliemoser Sun 17-Sep-17 08:44:27

Good morning all. Rather grey skies but not actually raining. I have to gird up my loins and go and carry on replanting the clumps of perenials standing on my patio for the last week.
A bit of sun would be appreciated .

Pittcity Sun 17-Sep-17 09:15:10

Good morning from a grey skied Colchester. Temperature in single figures so heating on first and last thing. Socks and layers too.
Amazing on how much we rely on decent Wifi nfk.
Pantomime horse race in High Street this morning for our local Age I am not a back end!

Mapleleaf Sun 17-Sep-17 09:22:23

Good morning, everyone.
The sun is out at the moment in my corner of South Yorks, but there's a definite chill in the air - the windows at the front are all misted over on the outside. (Not between the seals, so they haven't gone, the installer said they would do this when it's a lot cooler outdoors than in).
Enjoy your Sunday.

TerriBull Sun 17-Sep-17 09:47:39

Good morning from the south east, it looks to be somewhat dull at the moment but I think it's predicted to brighten up later. Grandchildren are coming for a Sunday roast later and we will gather some conkers with them this afternoon always an Autumnal favourite at their age. We haven't succombed to central heating yet, hopefully a few weeks away but that remains to be seen, the overall prediction for Autumn weather isn't good.

TerriBull Sun 17-Sep-17 09:49:50