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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 22-Sep-17 06:33:44

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dry but grey here in Brackley at present no wind but feels colder out now.

kittylester Fri 22-Sep-17 06:56:12

Morning Mick, morning all.

North Leicestershire is grey and damp this morning which means that my drive to my volunteering will possibly be foggy. Autumn is here!!

Hope Kate had a good trip home yesterday. We had a fabulous visit with my 87 year old aunt on the way back but the rest of the journey was hard work! But, it's nice to be home.

Hope your mum is ok, Nana3. flowers

NanKate Fri 22-Sep-17 07:01:57

Morning Mick and Kitty

Yes thanks Kitty journey wet and grey to begin with and sat nav tried to divert us from our correct way home, but we switched her voice off and used our common sense smile. All unpacked and most of the washing done. I agree it's good to be home and in our own bed.

Hope you are coping Nana3

silverlining48 Fri 22-Sep-17 07:06:49

Morning mick, morning all. Its brightening up here in kent, weather firecast is good in suffolk where we are bound fir a nice long weekend by the sea.
Slept well last with the aid of half a pill, having a cuppa but and must finish packing for our mini break.
Enjoy the sunshine if you are on the eastern side of this island. So pleased for our break as usually we arent so lucky .

Tea and cake Fri 22-Sep-17 07:14:59

Good morning everybody. Misty over the park here in West Midlands but clear sky. Quite chilly too, need to get new gloves as have managed to lose yet another one at the beginning of the year. I hope you all have a good day.

Gagagran Fri 22-Sep-17 07:25:09

Morning all!

Lovely clear sky and the sun is shining here on the south coast. It was a tad chilly overnight but we are promised a warm spell so fingers crossed.

Going to do a bit of shopping this morning and to an early Macmillan coffee morning in memory of a dear friend who died suddenly after a mole on her foot was found to be malignant melanoma.

Thinking of soop on her travels today. Hope she and all GNs have a happy day. sunshine

Nana3 Fri 22-Sep-17 07:32:32

Good morning from Lancashire, not a cloud in the sky but the forecast is rain.
Mum was restless yesterday, I was upset. I feel she doesn't know me. Thank you for asking. A friend is coming with me today, it helps so much.
I made 2 loaves of bread yesterday, we'll be putting on pounds.
Have a good day everyone.

JaneD3 Fri 22-Sep-17 07:33:16

Morning all! Clear sky here in Leicester although chilly - I hope it has cleared up for your driving Kitty. Men coming to attack my lawn this morning so I had better get up wink

Greyduster Fri 22-Sep-17 07:38:18

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Wall to wall blue in South Yorkshire this morning. We are off for a much needed walk this morning and then we are housebound this afternoon as the plumber may (or may not) come. I had a bathroom once. I wonder where it went.......? Have a good day, folks.

kittylester Fri 22-Sep-17 07:39:21

I'll wave as I sail or crawl down the A46, jane. I'm off to deepest Wigston!

Where in Suffolk, Silverlining? We go to Aldeburgh regularly, we love it!

Pittcity Fri 22-Sep-17 08:06:12

Good morning from a bright but misty Colchester. A warm sunny day forecast. Housework and shopping today. Friends coming for dinner and wine tasting tonight. DH is making curry with all the trimmings and we are drinking Austrian wine that we tasted at the vineyard and brought home from holiday.

cornergran Fri 22-Sep-17 08:13:48

Morning All. My, you are a busy lot. Just a food shop for me. It's bright and sunny in our corner of Somerset, ignoring the forecast saying it will rain later and enjoying this morning. Lived in Suffolk many moons ago, still love the county. Safe travels to the travellers, hope today's visit is easier nana3. Hope Friday is kind to everyone.

harrigran Fri 22-Sep-17 08:26:57

Good morning, bright and sunny here in the north east but still cool.
Waiting for a parcel delivery so it will be indoor jobs today.

Nelliemoser Fri 22-Sep-17 08:28:17

Good morning all. Sunny in Cheshire right now but quite chilly. Some rain expected.

aggie Fri 22-Sep-17 08:49:38

Morning from Co Armagh , tipping down here and chilly , we hope it dries up for Culture Night , we have a lot of street happenings planned . Brass Band , street games , Irish dancing , Busking .......

Tea and cake Fri 22-Sep-17 09:29:04

Sounds good aggie but what are street games?

aggie Fri 22-Sep-17 14:33:14

Street games such as we used to play in the Olden days, hopscotch , skipping ,spinning tops , handball against a handy gable wall ,rhyme games .... The farmer wants a wife .... in and out the dusty blue bells ... then dangerous to windows stuff , footballetc

Tea and cake Fri 22-Sep-17 18:07:26


aggie Fri 22-Sep-17 18:25:23

It is a lovely evening here , the children are out skipping , jumping and generally having fun , the local Drama group are to put on an outdoor , home written play shortly smile As I livd on the square I have a Grandstand view

silverlining48 Wed 27-Sep-17 22:40:40

Kitty, we were in southwold, somewhere we love to visit but also like aldeburgh which had its food festival on so we went there on sunday. It was very good and lovely to be outside in the warm sunshine. We had a lovely break. Got back last night. Got the washing dried today before picking the g/ children from school. Just home, its pouring with rain!!

kittylester Thu 28-Sep-17 06:51:48

We like Southwold too but Aldeburgh is our favourite! Glad you had a good time.

Nelliemoser Thu 28-Sep-17 09:43:37

Why are we still working on a thread from Friday of last week. Is this some kind of time warp?

Have a number of GNrs have been kidnapped by aliens over the last week? I wonder when the aliens will deliver them back to Friday 29th September.

It is rather confusing.

Not quite as confusing as the Gender critical trans woman thread though. wink wink wink

kittylester Thu 28-Sep-17 10:39:09

It's a reply to a reply to a question from last week,*Nellie*! I think!