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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 23-Sep-17 06:43:48

Good Morning Everyone,
Its grey but its dry outside here in Brackley this morning.

Imperfect27 Sat 23-Sep-17 07:18:06

Woke up to beautiful pink-tinged skies in N. Kent. Here's to a GOOD day everyone xx

cornergran Sat 23-Sep-17 07:21:23

Morning All. Bit grey and gloomy in our corner of Somerset. Not a lot of sleep so I'm gloomy too. hmm. Off out today, that will cheer me up. Hope Saturday is kind to everyone.

Greyduster Sat 23-Sep-17 07:24:20

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. The sun has broken through in South Yorkshire this morning. We are off to see GS run the first of the junior schools cross country races this morning. We had rain yesterday so there will be mud! Hope Armageddon Day is kind to us all (at least until we've eaten the curry I've made!).

Nelliemoser Sat 23-Sep-17 07:26:26

Good Morning all. it looks like being a good day.

I have just taken a quick walk outside in my dressing gown and picked a few more tomatoes. They are late this year. I am not sure how I am going to get them all to ripen on the vine. Not enough room in my garden shed. (I already have a lot of chutney!)

NfkDumpling Sat 23-Sep-17 07:38:23

Morning All

We had a lovely worryingly pink sunrise in the north of Norfolk but it's greyed over now. As it's quite warm I suspect a sea mist has managed to drift this far inland.

Despite a 350 mile drive home from Devon yesterday towing a caravan, I still woke at silly o'clock - but I've got a lot of unpacking quietly done. Somehow we managed to bring a selection of plants home with us from a garden show we happened on, so apart from the washing, I shall be gardening today.

NanKate Sat 23-Sep-17 07:39:07

Morning Mick and All.

Grey in the Thames Valley. I think it should lighten up later.

If there is any of your curry left over Greyduster can I have a bowl with some mango chutney and fluffy rice ?

Hope the Cross Country goes well for your GS today. Our think our 6 year old will be playing football and generally messing about.

Where are you Kitty ?

Gagagran Sat 23-Sep-17 07:58:51

Morning all!

It's a bit grey but mild here on the south coast. The winter duvet was tossed aside in the night as I was slowly baking.

Our eldest DGD is 16 today and she is a really lovely girl. We are having a family gathering tomorrow to celebrate. It's crazy to think she could now legally get married!

Wishing a happy day for all GNs sunshine

Marydoll Sat 23-Sep-17 08:04:19

Morning Mick and all.
A true Autumn morning here in Renfrewshire.
I've had such a busy week, I'm trying to do "catch" with housework etc.
Have a good day all.

Pittcity Sat 23-Sep-17 08:07:28

Good morning from cloudy Colchester. Not going to be as warm as yesterday here but will stay dry, so washing is going out.
Looking forward to Strictly and the Jools Holland 25th anniversary concert on TV tonight.

kittylester Sat 23-Sep-17 08:25:58

Morning all.

Very late this morning as we have been watching CBeebies in bed with 2 cats, 1 daughter and 2dgd. The weather is just grey on North Leicestershire.

We have to walk to the village this morning but have had a request to go via the railway bridge. The girls love (or hate) it if a train goes under while we are there. I hate it!'!

I'm also looking forward to Strictly and am now going to investigate Jools Holland Pitt!

Any one seen Nina is she away or just missing?

Nana3 Sat 23-Sep-17 08:49:52

Good morning Mick and everyone. Grey but dry in Lancashire. Two DGC stayed over as usual, although they are 13 and 11 we had some fun with some old play dough, simple pleasures.
Happy birthday to your DGD Gg.
Hope everyone has a good day.