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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 10-Oct-17 06:42:41

Good Morning Everyone,
Its still dark here in Brackley but looks dry with a bit of a chill outside at the moment.
Windsor was excellent stayed in the De Vere Beaumont Estate Hotel , it was a birthday for the travel firm I use for trips and shows locally 11th year , although the owner has been involved with a former local travel firm before it finished after 20 plus years.

ninathenana Tue 10-Oct-17 06:48:50

Morning Mick and everyone

Glad you enjoyed your trip Mick. Still pretty dark in Kent but it's dry and still.
Food shop later.
Have a good day everyone.

kittylester Tue 10-Oct-17 07:10:10

Morning Mick, morning nina, morning all.

Dawn hasn't broken enough for me to be able to tell what the weather is like yet but I'm only pootling and faffing today so it doesn't matter really.

Glad you enjoyed Windsor Mick.

It's our wedding anniversary today but DH has already left to do his volunteer driving so I guess breakfast in bed is out! grin

Enjoy your Tuesdays everyone. sunshine

whitewave Tue 10-Oct-17 07:21:45

Morning all

I fancy a trip to Windsor Mick. Looked for a decent cottage nearby but haven’t yet found anything suitable that takes dogs.

Today is a day of nothing- brilliant! So will potter in the garden cutting back and planting bulbs.

Red mullet for supper. Apparently they are moving up to our shores from the Mediterranean because the sea is warming, so fishermen off Brixton are catching them.

Tea and cake Tue 10-Oct-17 07:27:13

Good morning everyone.

Mild and windy here, lots of cloud so don't know what is going to happen.

Lots of nasty viruses around, have to sort out flu jab, will have to pay for it this year as no longer at work. Certainly don't want flu though. Have had it a couple of times in my life and it knocked me for six.

Have a lovely day everybody.

NfkDumpling Tue 10-Oct-17 07:34:28

Morning All

High cloud with a hint of apricot sun here in Norfolk.

We're off with the 'van to Sandringham for a few days gentle birding. I like going this time of year as it gets light later and the birds don't seem to want to wake up early either.

Himself has been a bit under the weather the last couple of days and I've felt as if I have a cold coming so no flu jab for us just yet. You must be a spring chicken still Tea and cake if you have to pay for it!

Tea and cake Tue 10-Oct-17 07:38:11

Spring chicken - just about!! Enjoy your birding Nfk . I actually saw a bat in the park this morning, mind you it was barely light and it's still mild.

JaneD3 Tue 10-Oct-17 07:39:16

Morning all and congratulations on your wedding anniversary Kitty and Mr L.
Up and about early to dress DH's leg ulcer but back in bed now with coffee. I almost finished the garden yesterday and that is the first time in the 26 years we have been here that it has been ready for Winter. There is a lot to be said for retirement!
Hope all GNs have a good day

Nana3 Tue 10-Oct-17 07:42:58

Good morning from Lancashire, it's fine at the moment.
Happy anniversary kitty flowers, it's ours tomorrow.
WI agm this afternoon followed by brew, scones, jam and cream.
Have a good day everyone.

NannyJan53 Tue 10-Oct-17 07:43:15

Good Morning all

Dentist appointment this morning. Then onto Mums to take her out for Lunch.

I have a flu jab booked for tomorrow morning, then it's off to Birmingham!

Yes JaneD3 I retired end of May, and agree with you entirely smile

Have a good Tuesday everyone.

cornergran Tue 10-Oct-17 07:49:21

Morning All. Grey and damp in our corner of Somerset although it's brighter to the horizon so there is hope. Happy anniversary kitty, shame no breakfast in bed, hope there's a celebration later. Pleased you enjoyed your trip mick. I had a disturbed night but enough sleep with a two hour gap in the middle. Visiting a poorly friend today. Hope Tuesday is kind to everyone.

Nelliemoser Tue 10-Oct-17 07:54:30

Good morning all. Now I have to creak my way to the window to look at the Cheshire weather.
Ah t'is another grey day. Please can we have our sun back

NanKate Tue 10-Oct-17 08:02:07

Morning Mick Kitty and All.

A very happy anniversary Kitty I am sure your DH will have planned a nice meal out for you both. flowers

Looks good here in Thames Valley with a tinge of Autumn in the trees, lovely.

Greyduster Tue 10-Oct-17 08:04:19

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Mick, really glad you had a good day in Windsor!
It is a dull start in South Yorkshire, but not cold. We have new specs to pick up this morning and then a grandson to pick up this afternoon! NfK you have just reminded me I have a new bird to add to my life list, as we saw crossbills on holiday in Wales recently. Enjoy your bird watching!
Have a good day, folks!

Mapleleaf Tue 10-Oct-17 08:10:32

Morning everyone,
It's a dull, overcast morning here in South Yorkshire, but doesn't feel too cold. Looks as if it could rain.
Went to Leeds yesterday, but didn't buy anything with my birthday vouchers - just couldn't see anything that looked nice, so many impractical fashions about at the moment. Oh well, there are other days to try.
A fairly quiet day today, with nothing in particular planned except a bit of ironing. Such excitement! 😄
Hope your Tuesday is a good one.

Tippy22 Tue 10-Oct-17 08:19:48

Morning everyone. Dull and damp here in East Sussex. I also have to collect collect my new varifocals today. I've also to try and buy birthday presents for 5 people ranging from 67 to 2 and with another baby due in December its a really expensive time of the year. Enjoy your day everyone.

harrigran Tue 10-Oct-17 08:21:33

Good morning, overcast but dry this morning. Workmen are here laying block paving and wall building, DH is teaboy.
Happy anniversary kitty, it is our 50th on Saturday but I am having a major panic as I have nothing to wear.

Marydoll Tue 10-Oct-17 08:23:19

Good morning Mick and all GNs.
Heavy rain overnight, grey skies and heating going full blast.
Off to hairdressers and a little shopping.
I have asked DH ito go up the loft to look for my winter clothes. That should be interesting.grin
Happy wedding anniversary, Kitty.

Pittcity Tue 10-Oct-17 08:33:39

Good morning from a brightening Inverness. Very windy overnight but now the only clouds are over the Firth in the distance. Heading home after breakfast, another long day on trains.
October is a great month for weddings kitty and nana3, it was our anniversary yesterday.

aggie Tue 10-Oct-17 08:35:03

Morning all , brightening up here after a very dark start . Happy Anniversary Kitty , was ours this weekend , 53 yrs I think , might be only 52 ! Just phoned the Mouse Man , scrabbling noises last night ! We should be moved out a week ago but the delays drag on hey ho....