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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 23-Oct-17 06:43:36

Good Morning Everyone,
Its still dark but twilight but its dry outside here in Brackley this morning.

Gagagran Mon 23-Oct-17 06:48:04

Morning Mick and all!

Been waiting for you to open up Mick!

Not sure if it is raining here on the south coast but it is supposed to be this morning according to the forecast. Feels mild though.

Chores today and planning menus for the visit of DdiL and DGD later this week. The former is on a no sugar at all and no carbs after 6pm regime.

Hope there are good days in store for all GNs sunshine

Nana3 Mon 23-Oct-17 06:59:24

Good morning. Still dark in Lancashire but no wind or rain.
I'm really dreading today, why did I think I could manage a eulogy for mum, too late to back out now.
Sorry everyone, hope you have a good and peaceful day.

NanKate Mon 23-Oct-17 07:03:23

Morning Mick and Gaga

Dark and damp in Thames Valley.

Got married 46 years ago today. We are being decadent and going out to Breakfast 😀☕️ I am grateful to still have my DH.

Have a good day folks.

Where are you Kitty?

kittylester Mon 23-Oct-17 07:13:48


It's still dark in North Leicestershire but I think it's raining as we had a soggy cat on the bed a while ago.

We have flu jabs at 8.45, which isn't that early but the traffic around the school opposite the practice is a nightmare so we have to set off ridiculously early.

I hope today goes well Nana3, I'm sure you will be fine but don't worry - you will do your mum proud.

Enjoy your breakfast Kate and congratulations to you both.

Tea and cake Mon 23-Oct-17 07:25:50

Good morning everyone!

Mild and spitting with rain here.

Nana3 It will be difficult but fitting to speak. Tears will be expected. Don't worry, once it's all over the sense of relief will be good. [Roses].

Hope today is good to all.

NfkDumpling Mon 23-Oct-17 07:42:54

Morning All

Deep breaths Nana3, you're very brave.

Here in Norfolk we've just had the most fantastic sunrise. Blue sky streaked with magenta red and grey ribbons of cloud. Bodes ill for this afternoon but I hope it stays calm and dry this morning as we're planting out the last of the winter flower display around town.

ginny Mon 23-Oct-17 07:53:50

Good morning.
Must get the last few bulbs in the garden today.
Dd1 coming to collect dogs this afternoon so will get a visit from DGS too.
Nana3 sad day but how all goes well.

Marydoll Mon 23-Oct-17 08:02:51

Good morning all.
Nana, I hope your day goes well. Your mum will be proud of you and she is at peace now.
Nan Kate, enjoy your anniversary. It was our Ruby a few weeks ago. Where do the years go?
Up early to cancel gas engineer, who is supposed to be coming first thing. Heating broke down last night (I think HD bleeding radiators had something do with it!) It is new boiler, so couldn't work out to repressurise. Thank goodness for You tube!
Have a good day all.

ninathenana Mon 23-Oct-17 08:06:30

Morning all

Came down stairs at 5.30 sat down and dozed off, just woke again.
Patches of blue amongst some very grey clouds in Kent but it's dry and calm at the moment.
Nana3 flowers take it slow don't worry prople will expect you to falter

JaneD3 Mon 23-Oct-17 08:12:07

Morning everyone! Yesterday I watched a beautiful sunrise over the sea on the Algarve, with a hoopoe and a pair of Sardinian warblers for company. This morning I look through rain streaked windows at a Leicester housing estate!
Good luck Nana3 - you are brave. Congratulations to Kate and Mr Kate.
Off to the care home this morning after getting the estate agents on the go again. Sale of FiL's flat fell through on Friday because of freeholders solicitor taking about 5 months to issue a new lease. So annoying.

cornergran Mon 23-Oct-17 08:17:35

Morning All. Pouring, supposed to clear later, off to a garden centre so will stay dry. Will think about you nana3, deep breath, everyone there will be willing you on. Congratulations nankate, breakfast out is my favourite thing to do. Hope you make the flu jab kitty, worth having. Hope Monday is kind to everyone.

Pittcity Mon 23-Oct-17 08:19:51

Good morning from Colchester. Bright sunshine beneath a steely grey sky here. A mixed bag of weather here today.
No plans as Walking Netball is cancelled due to half term holidays.
Congratulations Nan and Mr Kate and lots of love to nana3 flowers

Greyduster Mon 23-Oct-17 08:24:01

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Very cold in South Yorkshire this morning but should be dry. DH has dentist but apart from that, no plans today.
Never easy, Nana3. Good courage. Hope it goes well.
Happy anniversary, Kate!
Have a good day, folks.

Tippy22 Mon 23-Oct-17 09:03:19

Grey and chilly here in East Sussex. Catching up with housework day today. Thinking of you Nana3.

Mapleleaf Mon 23-Oct-17 09:07:03

Good morning,
Bright and calm this morning. Not sure what it's meant to do later.
flowers Nana3.

Newquay Mon 23-Oct-17 09:19:24

Good morning from Staffordshire.
A grey start here, rain forecast later. Have DGS and DGD from about 11am-will take them to local play barn then home to bake a chocolate cake and some jam tarts.
Hope all goes well Nana.
Happy anniversary Kate.

Nelliemoser Mon 23-Oct-17 09:45:22

Good Morning All its grey and damp here. I think it is Christmas cake time. I have the ingriedients more or less ready.
I hope all goes well. When my parents died within two months of each other in 2002 I wrote a eulogy for each of them in turn giving a brief resume of their lives and the little funny anecdotes that showed what they were really like.

I did have to get the minister to read them for me though.

NannyJan53 Mon 23-Oct-17 10:20:13

Good Morning all.

Dull, grey and drizzly here.

Just back from gym, then meeting friends for lunch later.

Hope you had a lovely holiday jane.

Lots of love to nana on this sad day.

NanKate Mon 23-Oct-17 11:21:59

Just seen your post Nana3 I am sure you will cope today but some tears are inevitable. Look after yourself flowers