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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 07-Dec-17 06:36:38

Good Morning Everyone,
Its still dark but its wet and windy here in Brackley this morning , a start of an interesting few days wise with weather.

Bellasnana Thu 07-Dec-17 06:39:32

Good morning Mick and everyone.
The sun is out here in Malta but it is still chilly. Off to the gym, then meeting a friend.

Hope you all have a good day and keep safe in the stormy weather. sunshine

kittylester Thu 07-Dec-17 07:05:43

Morning Mick, Bella, everyone.

It's wet and windy in North Leicestershire. I'm kicking over the traces today and not going to Sainsbury's! I'll be discombobulated all day! tchgrin

Keep warm and dry everyone!

NanKate Thu 07-Dec-17 07:16:43

Morning Mick Kitty and Bella rain and cold weather creeping in today in the Thames Valley. Need to find my waterproof trousers which are excellent to wear in the rain and to avoid cars driving past me on the way back from the shops and splashing me from puddles on the side of the road. (Sorry rather a badly constructed sentence ).

MUST finish writing Xmas cards, sort my desk covered in lots of paperwork, reply to some important emails.

I hope you are not too discombobulated Kitty

Marydoll Thu 07-Dec-17 07:24:02

Morning all, we are on a yellow storm warning here. The wind has been howling all night.
We have our DGD today and this is her mum's late night, so I will be worrying all day until she arrives safely to pick her up tonight and will be a day in the house. DH wants to introduce DGD to "The Muppets' Christmas Carol " film. It's film I don't like sad, so it will be a long day! smile
Have a good day and all those in the North of Scotland, keep safe.

ninathenana Thu 07-Dec-17 08:00:49

Morning all.

We have had the winds all night but so far the rain is just mizzle but it's forecast to hit mid day.
Battening down the hatches and staying in.
I hope nobody suffers any damage to property.

Gagagran Thu 07-Dec-17 08:14:07

Morning all! Mild, wet and breezy here on the south coast so far. Hope sweet Caroline doesn't decide to visit!

Just back from the supermarket and have posted the cards! Hurrah! The aisles were full of Christmas produce - surely they'll never sell all that?

Feeling tired this morning after our choir concert last night. Unfortunately I got an attack of gastritis just before we started so it was a struggle to get through until the meds kicked in. I thought I was better too, so disappointing. The concert went well and we had a good audience.

Hope the weather is not too bad for all our far north GNs. Keep safe. sunshine

cornergran Thu 07-Dec-17 08:32:37

Morning All. Throwing it down in our corner of Somerset. So pleased I did the food shop yesterday. Bit of cleaning and some catching up today. Think the soup maker will be out for lunch. Hope Thursday is kind to everyone, keep warm and well. .

Pittcity Thu 07-Dec-17 08:35:44

Good morning from a mild wet and windy Colchester. Shopping and ironing today.

NannyJan53 Thu 07-Dec-17 09:06:13

Good Morning everyone, mild, wet and windy here too!

Have a friend here today, as we went out last night and she stayed over. She is going back to Lincs later today.

Then I may brave the weather and walk to my U3A monthly meeting this afternoon.

Hope everyone has a good day.

Mapleleaf Thu 07-Dec-17 09:14:15

Good morning,
It's grey, damp and slightly breezy here at the moment, but it's due to get colder and windier as the day moves on.
Got all my cards written yesterday - yippee - and some were posted. (Not all, as I ran out of stamps).
A fairly lazy day today.
Keep safe from the storm, everyone.

Greyduster Thu 07-Dec-17 09:16:00

A belated good morning, Michael and all GNs. I have been awake all night and then dropped off at six. It looks a bit damp in South Yorkshire. We are going over to have tea at DDs today. If I can keep my eyes open......

rascal Thu 07-Dec-17 10:09:39

Good morning all. Here in the west of Scotland the wind has died down and the rain is off. It brightened up a bit and there was a hint of a smidgen of blue sky and the sun tried to peak through the clouds. It's 6c at the moment. I think this is the calm before the storm. Have a good day everyone sunshinewink

ginny Thu 07-Dec-17 10:26:53

Good Morning from a wet and windy N. Bucks.
DGS here so we have been drawing, playing farms and reading stories. Hope to get out later and have a splash in the puddles.
Sewing group party this evening , should be fun.