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Good morning Wednesday

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ninathenana Wed 27-Dec-17 07:15:58

Morning all.

I haven't opened the curtains so no idea of the weather.
We are driving back to Kent this morning So I hope the forecast wind and rain are not too bad.
Have a good day everyone.

kittylester Wed 27-Dec-17 07:19:26

Morning nina, morning all.

We've had snow overnight plus wind and rain and North Leicestershire is very cold.

Taking two dgd to the theatre and for lunch - if the roads are passable. tchgrin

Safe journey home nina.

oldgoat Wed 27-Dec-17 07:23:16

Morning Nina, Morning all. We are driving home today too. It's freezing here in Northumberland so I hope the country roads will have been gritted. Lovely clear skies last night so we could see millions of stars in the almost total darkness around here.
Safe journeys to all who are travelling.

aggie Wed 27-Dec-17 07:32:07

Morning all very dark outside . I can see stars so guessing it is chilly , I hope it doesn't freeze and all the travellers have a safe journey . DS1 is flying back to Devon later today , the Edinburgh lot drive back on Friday DS 2 and DIL are back to work already

travelsafar Wed 27-Dec-17 07:32:18

Good Morning everyone, it is very cold, windy and snowing here in Letchworth.

I thought it was just a light covering from last night, but just been out to put food on birdtable and its coming down quite hard.

Gagagran Wed 27-Dec-17 07:32:48

Morning kitty nina oldgoat and everyone!

We have some sleety rain and it's very dark and very cold here on the south coast. I always think of rough sleepers when it's like this and hope they have found somewhere at least dry. Poor souls.

DH is a bit better this morning and managed some porridge - always a good sign with him. He's seldom off his food so must be on the mend. We are having another quiet day today in the hope of throwing off the colds - mine is more cataarh now but I do feel energyless.

I hope there are is a good day in store of all GNs. sunshine

cornergran Wed 27-Dec-17 08:07:31

Morning All. No snow in our corner of Somerset although local radio says there are a few inches within 5 miles of us Need to travel this afternoon, with luck it’s gone by then, best get there as we have the food. Travel safely everyone, hoping poorly people are better very soon.

harrigran Wed 27-Dec-17 08:27:34

Good morning, 2 degrees here with a sprinkling of icing sugar. Very harsh frost last night.
Spent yesterday at DS 's while DH and DS built GD's bedroom furniture and installed new piano. DH enjoyed it so much we are returning this afternoon to do some more in GD2's bedroom tchgrin

Pittcity Wed 27-Dec-17 08:30:14

Good morning from cold, rainy Colchester. Second Christmas at DD1s today with DC and DGC. Just a short drive if DH and DS get out of bed ......

Marydoll Wed 27-Dec-17 08:39:32

Good morning all,
Very frosty here in Glasgow.
An easy day pottering about. (I hope)
Safe journey to all those travelling.

whitewave Wed 27-Dec-17 08:44:06

Good morning.

A ghastly morning of high wind and sleet and I guess bitterly cold.

Nothing planned today so will read some of my Christmas presents. Starting with Mary Beard.

Onion thyme and goats cheese quiche for supper with salad.

Marydoll Wed 27-Dec-17 08:46:06

I like the idea of the goats cheese quiche, Whitewave. Is it simple to make, I'm always on the lookout for new recipes?

ginny Wed 27-Dec-17 08:54:41

Good morning.
A sprinkle of snow here in N. Bucks. Now raining so hopefully no more snow.
Quiet day today, a bit of sorting out and easy left overs for meals.

loopyloo Wed 27-Dec-17 09:16:51

Started to snow here in East London but not settling . Windy and miserable. Glad I bought 2 sledges at mothercare.
A day for knitting by the fire methinks.

Anniebach Wed 27-Dec-17 09:23:14

Good morning all , no idea what the weather is like but the forecast was snow on the mountains and rain

jura2 Wed 27-Dec-17 09:33:39

Bonjour - sort of neither here nor there today. Clear but no sun - and after waking up to a gale, gone all quiet now. Supposed to get 3 ft of snow today- so we will see.

Mapleleaf Wed 27-Dec-17 10:04:45

Good morning
Sleety rain here, though just eased off again. Was quite windy earlier but that has slowed down now. Won't be venturing far today if this keeps up - a day for reading and TV, I think.
Enjoy your day everyone. 🙂

Greyduster Wed 27-Dec-17 11:47:33

Good morning, Michael and all GNs from a late comer today. We have just arrived back from York, having spent Boxing Day with my son and his family. We had great fun and a superb lunch. It was snowing when we got up this morning so we came back earlier than we might have because DH got the jitters about the weather, but it came to nothing apparently. Nice to be home though - and quiet!

jura2 Wed 27-Dec-17 19:40:45

Been snowing like crazy since 3pm - about 1 ft so far ...

DD2 took 5.5 hrs to get home from in-laws, snow and floods too- but home safely, pheew.