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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 21-Feb-18 06:39:37

Good Morning Everyone,
Its starting to lighter each morning , its dry here in Brackley at the moment looks cloudy though.

ninathenana Wed 21-Feb-18 06:46:16

Morning Mick and everyone
I've been waiting for you smile

Dry in Kent, and agreed Mick each morning it gets lighter earlier.
No plans for today, enjoy whatever your doing.

kittylester Wed 21-Feb-18 06:57:56

Morning *Mick, morning nina, morning all.

It is lighter now isn't it? It's damp in North Leicestershire. I have nothing much to do today except a couple of phone calls and emails.

Enjoy your Wednesdays every one!

Gagagran Wed 21-Feb-18 06:59:09

Good Morning Mick, Nina and everyone. It looks clear and dry here on the south coast and hopefully we may see another pleasant day. It is set to be colder though. Brrrr.

Bit of shopping on the agenda and I ned to call at the Surgery to try and sort out why I can't order my repeat prescription online now. I think they have updated the system and it doesn't recognise my user name and password despite using it for the past 5 years.

Hope the day is a good one for all GNs sunshine

NanKate Wed 21-Feb-18 07:11:50

Morning Mick Kitty and All.

There is a bit of mist on the horizon and looks rather chilly outside in South Bucks today.

Making a double batch of spag Bol to take our two GSs, plus some garlic bread loved by one and refused by the other.

Off to play Rummykub today with some U3A chums.

Have a good day folks.

Marydoll Wed 21-Feb-18 07:12:43

Good morning all.
Still dark here, but looks dry outside. I hope it stays so.
Off to Glasgow on the train with DGD. She will love it.
She is in the middle of toilet training, so that should be an experience!
We are off to a wedding next week and Mr Mdoll needs a handkerchief to match his tie. He thought any old one would do. smile
Off to make her pancakes for breakfast, as she will be expecting them.
Have a good day all.

NfkDumpling Wed 21-Feb-18 07:39:23

Morning All

Grey in Norfolk, but at least it’s not raining. Off for an early appointment at the hairdresser and then the excitement of doing the washing and cleaning the house.

cornergran Wed 21-Feb-18 07:49:50

Morning All. Bright start in our corner of Somerset. Paperwork, cleaning and the laundry today. Be good to get it all done. Hope Wednesday is kind to everyone.

Greyduster Wed 21-Feb-18 07:58:58

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Dull but dry in South Yorkshire this morning. I have a sore throat and sneezes this morning. Not good. Hairdressers this afternoon.

ginny Wed 21-Feb-18 07:59:11

Good morning.
Yes, it is lovely to see the days getting longer. Overcast but dry here in N. Bucks.
We are off to London to see ‘Wicked’. We’ll have a mooch around and eat a packed lunch first. Dinner out this evening.
Happy Wednesday all.

mollie Wed 21-Feb-18 08:11:44

Morning Mick and all

Dull and dry covers it for my bit of Norfolk. I think I prefer the rain, at least it’s DOING something. This dullnes is so, er, dull!

I’m having a baking day but first I need to pick up a few essential ingredients.

Have a fun day everyone...

Pittcity Wed 21-Feb-18 08:19:02

Good morning from a grey and frosty Colchester.
Coffee meetup in town this morning.

Nelliemoser Wed 21-Feb-18 08:32:29

Good Morning All.
I still have a dreadful cough and feel rough. No appetite at all. I feel I need another duvet day. I have that fuzzy head feeling. From what I have heard this is a difficult bug to shake off.

harrigran Wed 21-Feb-18 08:37:17

Good morning, 0 but dry.
DH goes to meet old work colleagues on a Wednesday and I usually catch up with TV that he doesn't watch.
Went to an interesting historical talk with my friend last night, it was about the area she was born and brought up in.

NannyJan53 Wed 21-Feb-18 09:35:23

Good Morning all

Not long back from gym so feeling virtuous wink

Supposed to be having two DGS's today, but daughter just Whatsapped to say 6 year old is not well, so waiting to hear how she feels in an hour or so, but she is sleeping at the moment. So plans on hold for now!

Have a good day everyone.

Mapleleaf Wed 21-Feb-18 09:58:16

Good morning,
As Greyduster says, it’s dull, grey and cold here in South Yorkshire.
Some baking to do today ready for SiL’s coming for a natter this evening. They’ve given up biscuits for Lent, but not scones!
Got a meeting this pm, but otherwise a fairly quiet day.
Enjoy your day. 🙂