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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 26-Feb-18 06:40:08

Good Morning Everyone,
Its light but its cold and dry outside I can see the town Hall weather Vane and its pointing from the South East direction as to wind.
I hope I can get out and about this week .

Gagagran Mon 26-Feb-18 06:49:09

Morning Mick and everyone! It's somewhat parky here on the south coast but dry and clear. We have fed the huskies and waxed the sled ready for the Beast from the East. (Hmm!)

Hope the day is a good one for all GNs especially those who are unwell or unhappy. sunshine

Marydoll Mon 26-Feb-18 07:01:01

Good morning Mick and Gaga.
There is a hard frost here. Brrrrrrrrr!
We have DGD day and have have caught her chesty cough, I just want to crawl back into bed, but she will be here in 30 mins issuing her orders. smile
Have a good day and those in the East, batten down the hatches.grin Keep safe.

kittylester Mon 26-Feb-18 07:15:30

Good morning all.

It's snowing in North Leicestershire! That's a bit of a blow as I was meeting friends for lunch at the pub at the end of our road. Fine for me but one or two frirnds have a 10 mile cross-country drive.

Enjoy your days and keep warm and safe everyone.

farview Mon 26-Feb-18 07:19:29

Morning all from Lancashire, lightly snowing and we are minding a sick baby grandson today bless him.All take care,keep warm, keep safe..

Oopsadaisy12 Mon 26-Feb-18 07:20:41

Morning all, dry and sunny again in Oxfordshire, seems a bit warmer this morning, just checked and it’s 1 degree, although just listening to Carol and she’s is giving out some bad news for some of us.
It’s still slippy outdoors, so be careful out there.

Greyduster Mon 26-Feb-18 07:38:43

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. A fine start in South Yorkshire but we had a snow flurry at seven o’clock. We have a school run today so are playing things by ear. I have a sore throat and my cold has come back. B#*@%r! Take care today one and all.

ninathenana Mon 26-Feb-18 07:57:53

Morning all

Opened the curtains to see what I thought was frost then realised it is snowing, though not proper big flakes. Our corner of Kent often escapes the worst.
A day of pottering for me.

cornergran Mon 26-Feb-18 08:01:46

Morning All. Clear, cold and frosty in our corner of Somerset. Mr C has a physio appointment this morning so need to be chauffeur. Oh dear greyd, my sympathies, keep warm when you can. Take care out there everyone, there will be slippy bits.

whitewave Mon 26-Feb-18 08:08:01

Morning all

farview hope babe gets well soon

Freezing cold outside but bright sun although cloud in the distance.

The weather forecast for my neck of the woods is at the most some light snow at odd times during the week.

Keep warm folks, sod the heating bills they can look after themselves!!

GrannyGravy13 Mon 26-Feb-18 08:10:07

Good morning from Essex, it is snowing, but only lightly here, though it is trying to settle. Decided bed, tea and a digestive is the way to go ☕️🍪

NannyJan53 Mon 26-Feb-18 08:26:31

Good Morning all

It must have been cold in the night as the central heating came on! Few snow flurries here in the Black Country, but nothing settling yet.

I am off to the gym this morning, then this afternoon the garage is coming to collect my car for repair, after I was hit from behind over a week ago!

I hope you baby is well soon farview, and greyd hope your cold doesn't get any worse.

Have a good day everyone.

Anniebach Mon 26-Feb-18 08:34:59

Good morning all, no idea what weather is like here in Mid Wales , still in bed

ginny Mon 26-Feb-18 08:35:15

Good morning all.
Another beautiful bright sunny morning so far in N. Bucks although very cold.
Lots of bits and bobs to be done today. First job is to make soup for lunch.

ninathenana Mon 26-Feb-18 08:42:18

Snowing and settling in Kent now

Mapleleaf Mon 26-Feb-18 08:57:59

Good morning.
There was a very light dusting of snow but it has cleared away now. Sky looks as though it's got more to give though.
Went to Cleethorpes yesterday, and though it was bitterly cold and breezy, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, it was glorious. Needed to be wrapped up warm though. Driving back home, the gantries were warning of severe weather for tomorrow. We will see.
Keep warm and safe, everyone.

Sar53 Mon 26-Feb-18 09:00:59

Good morning all from Essex by the sea. A few snow flakes expecting more according to the forecast. I'm coughing again and all bungled up, it's been about 4 weeks now, wish it would disappear. Add that to the vertigo that's flared up again and I'm feeling pretty miserable.
Not going out today as I have a delivery coming.
Keep safe everyone.

HAZBEEN Mon 26-Feb-18 09:01:43

Good morning everybody! Its snowing here in Surrey. Daughter living up in the hills of Co. Durham is expecting a LOT of snow though as usual!
Keep warm all, the cold weather is coming in fast.

farview Mon 26-Feb-18 09:08:48

Thank you whitewave and Nannyjan53

nonnasusie Mon 26-Feb-18 09:30:54

Good morning from "sunny" Italy ! This morning we woke up to this!!

Pittcity Mon 26-Feb-18 09:52:24

Good morning from the road from Kent to Essex. On our way home through light snow flurries.