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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 26-Mar-18 06:45:09

Good Morning Everyone,
Its light but looks like another fine day here in Brackley this morning, away again later this week .
I have got 6 clues to a Mystery location where I will have 2 days over Easter , depart Good Friday and come back Easter Sunday late.

kittylester Mon 26-Mar-18 06:56:05

Morning Mick, morning all.

It is quite bright in North Leicestershire but there are some scudding clouds which look ominous.

I have an appointment for a blood test this morning and then I have a few bits and bobs to do in town.

Exciting trip ahead Mick - you've done a mystery trip like this before I think so I assume you enjoyed it!

NanKate Mon 26-Mar-18 07:21:34

Morning Mick and Kitty.

Lovely bright morning in South Bucks.

Do let us know Mick where your mystery trip takes you.

Hope all is well with you Kitty.

Off to Rummykub this afternoon and a bit of shopping this morning.

Gagagran Mon 26-Mar-18 07:28:24

Morning Mick, Kitty and NanKate and all who follow.

It's a nice morning here on the south coast with blue sky and fluffy little clouds. Fingers crossed for a nice day as I have the laundry to do.

Mystery trip sounds exciting Mick - hope it's somewhere you haven't been before.

Have a good day everyone! sunshine

Situpstraight Mon 26-Mar-18 07:33:45

Beautiful morning here in South Oxon.

Car is being repaired today, so it’s a housework indoors day, with maybe a bit of tidying up in the garden, if it stays nice.

Have a good day everybody.

Nana3 Mon 26-Mar-18 07:38:13

Good morning everyone. Foggy in Lancashire this morning, it was yesterday but then the afternoon was lovely.
Good to have the trip to look forward to Mick.
Hope you all have a good day.

cornergran Mon 26-Mar-18 07:48:18

Morning All. Calm, bright start to our corner of Somerset. Off to visit a poorly friend in Wales so a long day ahead. Be good to hear where the mystery trip takes you mick, wishing you a positive outcome from your blood test kitty, a repaired car is always good situp, hope the bill is reasonable. Hope Monday is kind to everyone.

Marydoll Mon 26-Mar-18 07:53:21

Good morning all, sunny, but frosty here this morning, a lovely spring day, but not sure if the sunshine will last. Yesterday I put the washing out as it was so sunny, then down came the rain and everything was soaked.sad
DH and I off to a funeral this morning, then we will go for lunch and I will rummage around the M&S outlet, whilst DH browses in the book shop.

ninathenana Mon 26-Mar-18 07:58:17

Morning everyone.

It's a bit grey in Kent at the moment but we are forecast sunshine later. A day of pottering, I seem to have a lot of those.

HAZBEEN Mon 26-Mar-18 08:25:40

Good morning all. Its a fine bright day here in Surrey. I have already done 2 lots of washing and its out on the line, I'm catching up after my visit up North. I have a mountain of mail to go through (mostly junk!) but first a cup of tea!

Anniebach Mon 26-Mar-18 08:26:27

Good morning all

Greyduster Mon 26-Mar-18 08:29:50

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Another bright start in South Yorkshire but it feels colder this morning. Our sat nav took us on a mystery tour yesterday - hope yours is more exciting, Mick! Laundry this morning and school run and homework supervision (also known as pulling teeth) this afternoon! Have a good day, folks.

Marthajolly1 Mon 26-Mar-18 08:37:10

Good morning all.
Oh dear. Envy all you early birds enjoying this beautiful spring morning. It looks as though I've missed most of it.
A bad dream interrupted my sleep and now I've woken late and heavy headed. Plans for an early start have passed.

ginny Mon 26-Mar-18 08:37:46

Good morning from N. Bucks where it is a little cloudy but dry.
Not too much planned today, maybe an hour or so sprucing up the garden if weather permits.

harrigran Mon 26-Mar-18 08:42:02

Good morning from a sunny north east. Slept badly so feel a bit grotty.
GD is abroad with the school, looking forward to hearing all about it.

Pittcity Mon 26-Mar-18 08:49:41

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Having a new hot water tank fitted today so I have been emptying airing cupboard etc and have just sat down with tea and toast.
Off to Walking Netball shortly and then home to see the chaos.

kathsue Mon 26-Mar-18 09:02:30

Good morning all. The sun is just clearing the mist here in Devon. This is my first time on this thread.

It was so nice and warm yesterday I finally started clearing my garden. It's full of weeds and leaves and some plants which didn't survive the "Beast from the East". Hoping to do some more today.

Mapleleaf Mon 26-Mar-18 09:13:52

Good morning everyone.
Welcome, Kathsue.
It’s a lovely, bright and sunny morning today
and the birds are twittering.
Coffee morning later, then some jobs in the house.
Hope you enjoy your mystery tour later this week, Mick.

NannyJan53 Mon 26-Mar-18 10:22:22

Good Morning all, and welcome kathsue

Sunny and warm here in The Black Country.

Just back from the gym, put some washing on the line, and now a relax smile

Off for a walk this afternoon with a walking group, hope this sun lasts for then.

Have a good day everyone.