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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 27-Mar-18 06:31:02

Good Morning Everyone,
Its twilight but its grey and wet here in Brackley at the present moment.

kittylester Tue 27-Mar-18 06:47:19

Morning Mick, morning all.

It is just getting light in North Leicestershire but we had quite heavy rain over night.

We have a man coming to put some trellis up at 9.30 and then some volunteering for me!

And, I've got toothache!!

Marydoll Tue 27-Mar-18 06:52:06

Good morning Mick and Kitty.
Heavy rain all night and I've woken with a bad headache.
Both DH and I are putting our cars in early for a service, which was bad planning!
Hope your tooth ache gets better Kitty.

Billybob4491 Tue 27-Mar-18 06:56:42

Was going to take the car in for cleaning today, that's now on hold, expecting the sun to come out later as its our wedding anniversary!

Nana3 Tue 27-Mar-18 07:00:18

Good morning. Grey and wet in Lancashire too Mick. Sorry about the toothache kitty. Shopping for dgs's birthday present today.
Have a good day everyone.

Gagagran Tue 27-Mar-18 07:05:21

Good Morning early birds and Happy Anniversary Billybob! Hope the toothache and headaches ease Kitty and Mary.

It was a glorious day yesterday here on the south coast but is gloomy and wet today. We have the blinds man (note the "s"!) coming to fit vertical blinds in the study today so I will be able to see my screen without having to pull the curtains. It's been on the "to-do" list for some time so another tick!

DH has made a start on the garage/man-cave too. Well, he's had a good look and decided where his bikes could go to allow me access! It's looking hopeful everyone! grin

Hope the day is a good one for all GNs sunshine

Pittcity Tue 27-Mar-18 07:58:11

Good morning from a rainy Colchester. Such a beautiful day yesterday and miserable today.
Our heating/hot water problem was fixed in half a day with no new tank needed...hooray!
A bit of shopping today.
Happy Anniversary Billibob

Marthajolly1 Tue 27-Mar-18 08:02:41

Good morning. Happy Anniversary Billy and commiserations to those with headaches and toothache. I had a rare sleep - all night long so feeling great this morning. Surprised to see it has rained! Off to crochet class this morning, lunch with 2 ex neighbours then OH and I will be buying a new toilet this afternoon - the bathroom is having a makeover. Have a good day all.

cornergran Tue 27-Mar-18 08:04:00

Morning All. Falling down in our corner of Somerset. That fine, soaking rain. Mr C is determined we will go ahead with our plans for a day out. Wellies? hmm. Ouch kitty, hope that tooth eases quickly. Happy anniversary billi. Hope Tuesday is kind to everyone.

Greyduster Tue 27-Mar-18 08:14:25

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. kitty hope you can get some relief from your toothache! My sympathies to all with similar aches and pains. Dull and damp in South Yorkshire so not sure what today will bring for us. Happy anniversary Billybob. Have a good day folks.

ninathenana Tue 27-Mar-18 08:20:42

Morning all.
Raining in Kent. I'm not sure H will be going to his gardening job today.
I will be food shopping and meeting a friend for coffee.
kitty ouch ! poor you, someone needs to look at that for you wink smile
Happy anniversary BillyBob

farview Tue 27-Mar-18 08:27:39

Morning All,wet,grey but warm enough here,stint in the hospice shop a.m then shopping,*kitty *try putting a clove between your teeth,it does help!! Enjoy your day everyone.

ginny Tue 27-Mar-18 08:30:57

Good morning . N. Bucks is dull and it is now raining. Glad we had a tidy up in the garden yesterday. Out to lunch with two long time friends.
DD3 coming later with DGS. Hope to go to the park !
Hope all the aches and pains soon disappear.

kittylester Tue 27-Mar-18 08:31:13

Thank you for the sympathy!

nina gringrin

Anniebach Tue 27-Mar-18 09:08:43

Good morning all

Mapleleaf Tue 27-Mar-18 10:12:07

Good morning, everyone.
It’s damp and grey here in South Yorkshire after rainfall through the night. Such a contrast to yesterday.
Hope the toothache eases, Kitty, and your headache, Mary They’re not at all pleasant.
Happy anniversary Billybob 💐