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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 15-Apr-18 06:35:21

Good Morning Everyone,
Its nice no wind but its dry here at the moment in brackley , nice day.

kittylester Sun 15-Apr-18 06:47:43

Morning Mick, morning all!

It looks as though we are in for a nice day in North Leicestershire so we should get the remaining gardening done.

Thinking of ann60 and her DH today.

Baggs Sun 15-Apr-18 06:57:06

Morning, folks! Cloudy but dry so far on the boggy brae. There is a very loud songshoutthrush outside doing his thing. He has a very wide repertoire. Blackbirds, who are the real singing thrushes, can sometimes be heard in the pauses of ShoutyBird. I'm not complaining! It's lovely to hear, but he aint half loud 🙂

Gagagran Sun 15-Apr-18 07:19:55

Good Morning Mick, Kitty, Baggs and everyone.

It looks a bit dull here on the south coast but it was the same yesterday and then out came the sun and we had a lovely day.

My solar powered lights are working well Kitty so I hope yours do the same. They came on at 8.15pm last night and presumably went out at first light.

We have a blackbird soloist who has the most beautiful range of songs - my favourite bird by far. He greets us when we go outdoors so I whistle back at him and we have some sort of a conversation! wink

Hope the day is a good one for all GNs sunshine

Greyduster Sun 15-Apr-18 07:34:00

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Light grey but dry at the moment in South Yorkshire. Junior football this morning, then we are out to lunch later so no cooking today. Hooray! Have a happy Sunday, folks.

Marydoll Sun 15-Apr-18 07:41:56

Good morning all, dry, but grey here. I think I see a glimmer off sun in the clouds. The weather forecast however, is rain.sad.

Off to pack for my trip tomorrow. I'm doing my usual, procrastinating and agonising over what to take.

I hope there is better news of Annsixty's husband today.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

ninathenana Sun 15-Apr-18 07:59:05

Morning everyone.

Beautiful sunshine day at Lynmouth yesterday, we drove a few miles along the coast and there was thick fog.
Going home today, the weather looks promising.
I'm not up to date with ann60 news but I send my best wishes to her and her DH

MawBroon Sun 15-Apr-18 08:14:23

Good morning all from a slightly misty corner of N Bucks. There is the threat of a shower this afternoon but so far it is what a Spring morning should be. Yesterday was a foretaste of Spring/Summer wasn’t it?
Did more patio cleaning and there is still the side path and the front to do, so those will be my jobs for today.
Wishing you a pleasant Sunday, with special thoughts of Ann60 and her OH.

ginny Sun 15-Apr-18 08:15:15

Good morning. Clouds but dry at the moment in N. Bucks.
I’m at a craft group today leaving DH to clean out the garden water feature. A smelly job, hope the pump still works.
Hope the sun shines on you.

Pittcity Sun 15-Apr-18 08:17:35

Good morning from foggy Colchester. It's quite thick here, hope it burns off.
A restful Sunday here.

Tippy22 Sun 15-Apr-18 08:28:28

Good morning everyone. Another grey day here in East Sussex. Hopefully the forecasters have got it right and we'll have a taste of summer later in the week. Thinking of Ann60 . Enjoy your day everyone.

Anniebach Sun 15-Apr-18 08:31:35

Good morning all x

Agus Sun 15-Apr-18 08:35:51

Good morning all from what I can say at the moment anyway, sunny Glasgow🌞. Oh joy as I took my coffee into the garden to,listen to one very noisy greenfinch.

I’m off to make hay while the sun shines, in other words, pottering in the garden, my favourite pastime.

TerriBull Sun 15-Apr-18 08:36:50

Good morning from a slightly overcast edge of west London. Yesterday was glorious, such a welcome break from all the soggy days of late. On the subject of noisy birds we have a Horse Chestnut tree at the back of our garden just beginning to get it's green leaves, visited frequently by flocks of marauding Parakeets they far outdo the noisiest of Blackbirds.

Panache Sun 15-Apr-18 08:48:37

A good morning to you all.
A disappointingly wet and rather windy morning in West Wales,the sort where you would rather like to tuck under the duvet...........and stay there!
Although some sunshine appeared yesterday it was decided the grass remained too wet to mow so not to be completely thwarted my OH decided on a day of needful power washing!
Having planted so many trees we now have to contend with the green fall out,especially after a winter such as this last one ,so indeed we have one pine end and terrace area fit to be seen again,although yes,there is a lot more.
However today is a day of rest.....and we wish you all peace to enjoy yours.

Mapleleaf Sun 15-Apr-18 09:21:50

Good morning,
It's a lovely, sunny morning here at the moment, with some cloud. There is a possibility for a few showers this afternoon, but fingers crossed we miss them.
Enjoy your day. 😁

annsixty Sun 15-Apr-18 09:24:46

Good morning and thank you all.
My H had a stroke yesterday but prompt action and treatment at a a superb stroke centre means he is doing ok.
He had a treatment called Thrombolysis which if administered promptly breaks up the clot and reduces the effect of long term damage.
I am very grateful for the NHS.

ffinnochio Sun 15-Apr-18 09:32:53

Good morning all.

annesixty Wishing your H a strong recovery. flowers to you both.

A pale, flat ceiling of sky this morning in Norfolk. A friend commented there will be a naked sun this afternoon. Looking forward to it.

Panache Sun 15-Apr-18 13:05:52

Wishing your husband continued healing Annsixty,and yes I agree the NHS maybe constantly knocked,yet it is such a life saver and this again has been proved by your OH`s prompt care..... which in cases of these Strokes can make such a massive difference to the longer term damage.
May he fully recover and soon ...... (flowers) indeed for you both.