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Good Morning WEdnesday

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12Michael Wed 18-Apr-18 06:31:52

Good Morning Everyone,
Its looking like a start of a warmer day this morning in brackley and hardly any wind.

kittylester Wed 18-Apr-18 06:46:40

Morning Mick, morning all.

It's a fine start in North Leicestershire and the forecast is for warm day.

Some gardening and the school run today.

Gagagran Wed 18-Apr-18 06:47:05

Good Morning Mick and everybody

It looks as if we are set for a nice day here on the south coast and it feels warmer already.

I am taxi-ing DD to the station this morning as she is off to Paris for a meeting of other cancer researchers. Then nipping into M&S to pick up an order and to see what tempting offers there may be in the food hall. DH is out with his bike club today and will eat out so I might find a little treat for my main meal. Choir tonight and the rehearsals for our 19 May concert continue.

Hope the day is a good one for all GNs sunshine.

farview Wed 18-Apr-18 06:50:47

Morning all,off to Dubai to see DD and 15mth old grandson,so excited!! Take care everyone enjoy your day!!sunshine

Marydoll Wed 18-Apr-18 06:53:08

Good morning all from sunny Berlin.
Oh the joy of sightseeing without brollies and waterproofs.
Another day of DH, not getting the directions correct, awaits.😁
Have a pleasant day everyone.

ninathenana Wed 18-Apr-18 06:58:01

Morning everyone

sunshinesunshinesmile that yellow ball in the sky really does lift my mood. Nothing planned for today.

Have a great trip farview

Pittcity Wed 18-Apr-18 06:59:07

Good morning from sunny Colchester. The heating is off.....for now!
Funeral went well yesterday and we were able to sit outside and reminisce while the children played. Thank you all for your kind thoughts.
Coffee meetup in town this morning. We may sit outside in the cafe garden.

brook2704 Wed 18-Apr-18 07:08:09

Hi everyone
Nice bright start in Inverness- let’s hope it stays sunny and warm all day 😀 as gardening planned otherwise it will be a trip into town
Have a great day everyone !

loopyloo Wed 18-Apr-18 07:11:37

Beautiful day in East London. Off to allotment. Will need my sunhat and cold drinks. Amazingly.

MawBroon Wed 18-Apr-18 07:13:11

Good morning everybody. Looks like the beginning of a glorious day.🌞🌞🌞🌞
Driving to London to look after little DGS as it is Press night of his mummy’s “Much Ado About Nothing” at the Rose Theatre, Kingston. (Fingers crossed the papers like it.) Looking forward to seeing it myself on Saturday, it has Mel Giedroyc (Bake Off) as Beatrice and DD says she is lovely If it is your neck of the woods you might enjoy it!
Wishing you all a pleasant day.

Agus Wed 18-Apr-18 07:14:44

Morning everyone.

No idea what our forecast for the day is in Glasgow. As it’s a bit overcast at the moment I’ll just wait and see how the day goes.

Hairdressers today, long overdue but I can sit and read my book as my trusty hairdresser gets on with it. Following that, the day is all mine to do as I please. Bliss

Greyduster Wed 18-Apr-18 08:13:26

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Well we have some blue sky and the sun is doing its best, but it’s breezy and feels none too warm at the moment. Forecast is for 21 later though. We are gardening today. DH has some new toys to try out! Have a happy day, folks.

NfkDumpling Wed 18-Apr-18 08:23:31

Morning All

A lovely summer's morning in Norfolk. We've skipped Spring!

Will attempt to gold paint the name onto our little boat's back end this morning (Best Beloved having taken all the varnish - and the name - off the back to bare wood and started again). I'm not at all sure about my sign writing abilities. We shall see! Then off to meet friends for coffee - or wine depending on how my painting goes.

fumanchu Wed 18-Apr-18 08:29:07

Yet another day of dull pewter grey sky and a dark house... so fed up of this. No motivation to do anything at all. Bleugh.

ffinnochio Wed 18-Apr-18 08:31:40

Good morning to all.
Bright and fresh. Heading off to the coast with sandwiches and thermos.

Panache Wed 18-Apr-18 08:37:53

A warm good morning my fellow gransnet folk.
Again the overnight heavy rain was not very promising and true enough this morning dawns grey and seems we are getting the tail end of the Irish weather which happens too.
So no hopes of that glorious sunshine that was expected and some of you least not yet.

Yet another trip to the surgery for bloods,it is a wonder I have any left and I am sure they are selling it!!!
Wishing you all a pleasant day.

Marthajolly1 Wed 18-Apr-18 08:39:52

A dull start today, but hopefully will stay dry. Havnt decided yet what to do today. OH wants to go into town to get euros for upcoming trip to Portugal. The door is now back on the bathroom, hopeful the plumber will finish fitting the sink tonight.

ginny Wed 18-Apr-18 08:42:38

Good morning . N. Bucks is dry and bright but still quite breezy.
Yoga this morning then craft club this afternoon. Then a short play date with DGS.
Enjoy your trip Farview . Maw hope the press night goes well for your DD.

Anniebach Wed 18-Apr-18 08:44:54

Good morning all x

Mapleleaf Wed 18-Apr-18 09:17:47

Good morning,

A lovely bright morning, though still a bit breezy. Haven’t been outdoors yet, but as the heating didn’t come on, I’m assuming it’s a bit less chilly than yesterday. Supposed to reach 21 degrees this afternoon.
Everything in the garden looks so much better with the sun shining on it. 😁

Hope you all have a lovely day.