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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 21-Apr-18 06:33:55

Good Morning Everyone,
its a nice bright blue sky here in Brackley this morning, up early usual routine .

Gagagran Sat 21-Apr-18 06:38:52

Morning Mick and everybody.

Another nice day has dawned here on the south coast though I notice there is thunder/lightening in the forecast for this evening.

DD is due home from her conference in Paris this afternoon so I am on standby for taxi duty from the railway station. Bit more gardening lined up too, otherwise not a lot on the agenda.

Hope the day is a good one for all GNs sunshine

kittylester Sat 21-Apr-18 06:48:51

Morning Mick, morning gaga, morning all!

It looks like a fine day in North Leicestershire but there is thunderstorms in our forecast too.

I'm doing a flower arranging course this afternoon - using a trug! Out for a meal with my brother and sil this evening which, of course, will be when the thunderstorm arrives.

NfkDumpling Sat 21-Apr-18 06:52:28

Morning All

I did rather too much gardening yesterday resulting in the need for a hot bath and early night - so I woke just after five this morning! Its been lovely sitting here in the early sun reading and listening to the birds. Just how an English summer should be. I wonder how long it will last?

I do have this large heap of ironing glowering in its baskets on the side and rather taking the shine off the day. Perhaps if I sort it now I can spend the rest of the day sitting looking at my immaculate (nearly) garden.

NanKate Sat 21-Apr-18 07:04:33

Morning Mick Kitty and All.

We are having such lovely warm weather here in the Purbecks, Dorset. It is idyllic here I can see Corfe Castle through the mist and sun. This is where The Famous Five and the Secret Seven had all their adventures.

We are off to a Sculpture Park today.

Baggs Sat 21-Apr-18 07:06:34

Morning, folks! It's a lovely morning here. I'm hoping my injured hand will allow me to use a strimmer today... perhaps if I wrap some extra padding around it.
I've normally left the house by this time. Saturdays are nice 🙂

MawBroon Sat 21-Apr-18 07:08:40

Good morning everybody!
And isn’t it a lovely one?
I am getting the train to London to go to DD’s production (designer) of Much Ado About Nothing at the Rose Theatre Kingston with my sister in law this afternoon. Meeting for lunch first, of course! I am looking forward to it as Mel Giedroyc (GBBO) is playing Beatrice.
This may be the last of the lovely weather for a few days so I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Agus Sat 21-Apr-18 07:10:29

Morning everyone 🌞

Perfect sunny day in Perthshire. I have fed the birds and now watching a blue tit busily attending its nesting box as I sit in the sun having my wake up espresso.

Plan for the day is power washing and some gardening then stop for lunch al fresco. Oh, I could get used to this 😁

Marydoll Sat 21-Apr-18 07:23:25

Morning all from a sunny Glasgow.
Supermarket shopping and ironing after our holiday.
Have a good Saturday everyone.

ffinnochio Sat 21-Apr-18 07:30:23

Good morning to all.

A bright, mild start to the day, accompanied by cooing pigeons and squawking gulls. Friends have tracked us down in our temp. home, so we’ll all be river walking and having lunch in the city today.

aggie Sat 21-Apr-18 07:31:39

Good morni g everyone from a sunny , but chilly , Co Armagh . We had a BBQ last night , lovely to be out of doors . Eldest GS was to go on a Dawn Chorus walk at 5:30 am , with our local bird expert ,wondering if he made it

Pittcity Sat 21-Apr-18 07:37:48

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Cooler today but still summery.
Walking into town for clothes shopping with DS who is 17 and still growing.

Mapleleaf Sat 21-Apr-18 08:13:40

Good morning,
A lovely morning again, though a bit more cloud cover. Not cold though, as the heating hasn’t kicked in again.
Hairdresser later this morning and then a bit of shopping. Hope to cut the grass this afternoon.
Have a nice Saturday. 😁

ginny Sat 21-Apr-18 08:14:40

Good morning. Another bright sunny start to the day here in N. Bucks.
Dog sitting, packing and baby sitting on the agenda today. Plus, lots of bits and bobs to clear up before our trip.
Enjoy the sunshine while you can.

Greyduster Sat 21-Apr-18 08:16:52

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Cloudy and cool this morning with the sun fighting to get through in South Yorkshire. Had a lovely walk in the largest of our city parks yesterday, and a picnic in the sunshine! Today? Housework, laundry, stuff like that! Have a happy day, folks.

ninathenana Sat 21-Apr-18 08:18:12

Morning everyone.

Lovely here in Kent too. I had to put the fan on in the room when we came to bed last night it was that warm. H has some planting to do and I will be doing some rock painting. That's after he has cooked our breakfast smile
Have a good day GN's

DoraMarr Sat 21-Apr-18 08:30:17

Good morning everyone from a bright and sunny Birmingham! I'm new here, and it's nice to have a virtual cafe, especially today, when I'm recovering from a stomach bug when I should be travelling to London to my granddaughter's first birthday party. Ah, well, if `I feel better later I may have a go at sorting out my balcony (it's not gardening, it's balconying.)

harrigran Sat 21-Apr-18 08:30:44

Good morning from the sunny north, thunderstorm forecast for this afternoon.
We have had three decent days in a row which allowed for coffee in the garden and a good blether with the neighbours, it has been such a long winter.

Anniebach Sat 21-Apr-18 08:38:18

Good morning all, think rain may come to Mid Wales today

Panache Sat 21-Apr-18 08:41:31

A Good morning to you one and all from West Wales.
The weekend starts with a lovely spot of sunshine,just the ticket and what we have been waiting for,for us this is day two.
The power washing is complete so its mowing next,whilst there is a real buzz........and much tractor activity, here in the countryside.
However the main attraction in the sunshine will be our coastal areas, where all manner of car..... complete with their paraphenalia such as boats,cycles etc ......will be heading to catch those beautiful rays whilst they shine.
The coast is sparkling offering a great warm Welsh welcome.
Wishing you all the joys of sunshine and a peaceful weekend,doing all those things that make you happiest.

NfkDumpling Sat 21-Apr-18 09:33:42

Well, it was a lovely morning in the north of Norfolk, but it's clouded over! And got chillier! Oh dear, was that summer?

Carol1ne63 Sat 21-Apr-18 09:47:23

Good morning everyone! Nice and sunny here today in Burrelton, Perthshire. Just about to walk the dog then having one the children and their family over for lunch.
Weather’s meant to break here tomorrow, but I’ll be doing a 12-hour shift in a care home tomorrow so I’ll be warm and dry.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!