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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 26-Apr-18 06:31:17

Good Morning Everyone,
Its bright and sunny this morning in brackley , am expecting this to change as the day draws out.
of on my usual jaunts today.

NanKate Thu 26-Apr-18 06:34:24

Good morning Mick and All to follow.

Beautiful day in prospect so will trundle into town for a coffee and a bit of shopping and maybe a stroll by the river.

brook2704 Thu 26-Apr-18 06:56:13

Good Morning all
Another good bright start in Inverness - hopefully get some more tidying up in the garden done
Enjoy Thursday everyone 😀

kittylester Thu 26-Apr-18 06:56:45

Morning Mick, morning Kate, morning all.

It's quite a bright start in North Leicestershire but we gave a showery day in prospect.

Sainsbury's this morning and then trying to sort out a Sainsbury's online order.

kittylester Thu 26-Apr-18 06:58:09

Morning Brook.

NfkDumpling Thu 26-Apr-18 07:20:17

Morning All

A lovely sunny cloudless sky in the north of Norfolk.

Nothing planned for today, so may go for a short walk somewhere.

ginny Thu 26-Apr-18 07:22:29

Good morning from Norway.
Looking at snow capped mountains but it is dry if a little chilly.
Off on an excursion in a while.

Pittcity Thu 26-Apr-18 07:24:59

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Out and about today armed with a list of errands.

MawBroon Thu 26-Apr-18 07:30:26

Good morning Mick and everybody from sunny N Bucks. Still a lot cooler though but I hope it stays fair as yesterday’s sheets got caught on the line when we had a bit of a thunderstorm and I just left them there- wetter than when they went out.
Ah well. Bit of a tidying day. Paw’s sisters and brother are coming for the night en route to Liverpool where niece has an exhibition at the Tate, so spare rooms need my attention.
Wishing you all a pleasant day!

ninathenana Thu 26-Apr-18 07:30:56

Good morning all.

Clear blue sky in Kent only 7c though and quiet breezy.
DH and DS will be errecting his new greenhouse today, I will be on coffee duty.
Have a good day everyone.

cornergran Thu 26-Apr-18 07:36:51

Morning All. Cloudy start in our corner of Somerset, sun promised later. It’s chilly, cold wind, our radiators are warm. Bit of sorting this morning then some medical stuff before Granny duties. Not a bad day ahead. Hope Thursday is kind to everyone.

annodomini Thu 26-Apr-18 07:53:08

Good morning - chilly in Cheshire but, at the moment, dry. I hope yesterday's cloudbursts and hailstorms have passed. I hope for benevolent weather in the north as am off to Dundee today, but feel I may need to go an pack another think jumper!

annodomini Thu 26-Apr-18 07:53:33

think? thick!

Marydoll Thu 26-Apr-18 07:57:25

Good morning everyone, raining here in Glasgow this morning, but a little bit of sun poking through.
Out for lunch and to a beer festival with family.
I won't be drinking much beer, just enjoying people watching.
Have a good day everyone

Greyduster Thu 26-Apr-18 08:13:00

Good morning Michael and all GNs. A bright start in South Yorkshire, after yesterday’s thundery showers, but it’s chilly again. My back is killing me. Good start to the day. School run this afternoon. Have a good day folks.

Gagagran Thu 26-Apr-18 08:13:36

Good Morning all!

Just finished putting my supermarket shopping away and am enjoying a piece of crusty baguette with butter and honey. A weekly treat!

It is bright, sunny and cool here on the south coast but we are forecast rain later. Hey ho - it is still April.

Hope the day is a good one for all GNs sunshine

Anniebach Thu 26-Apr-18 08:14:27

Good morning all, I doubt my volunteer eco gardeners will come today, all the rain yesterday. My lawn was going to become a wild flower meadow today ,

Marthajolly1 Thu 26-Apr-18 08:20:38

Good morning all. Much the same as yesterday by The Forth. Bright sky with lots of big fluffy clouds. It rained in the night and promises another showery day. But I can see the Ochils today which have been behind mist, fog or heat haze for the past couple of weeks. Hope to do some garden tidying between showers and complete the packing. Very early flight to Portugal tomorrow.

Panache Thu 26-Apr-18 08:34:32

Good Morning mick and all.
Another very presentable day here in West Wales,such a real joy and tonic already seeing the trees along the hedgerows wearing their fresh new greenery,it makes our little run into town such a treat,something new to see daily.
A day at home again with plenty of letters to reply too so that should keep me out of mischief!!
Trusting the weather and day pans out well for you all

Day6 Thu 26-Apr-18 08:39:57

Such a sunny breezy morning that I have done a load of washing and will put it out when I've finished my cuppa.

Then I have a few errands to run, my prescription meds to collect from the chemist and I may drive to a nearby town for a change of scenery as I have some M&S vouchers to use up before they reach expiry date.

Was looking at a few clothing sites yesterday night for summer clothes. Already lots of things I like aren't available in my size! It's only April! If I were a size 8, 10 or 12 I'd be ok. Why don't buyers appreciate that all the bigger sizes sell out fast?

Moan over. Time to hang out the washing. Have a good day everyone.

LynneB59 Thu 26-Apr-18 08:42:31

Good morning. It's sunny but windy here in Nottingham. I shall be doing some shopping later and then meeting a friend for cake and coffee this afternoon. Zumba this evening (4 evenings on the trot)

Agus Thu 26-Apr-18 09:01:57

Morning everyone from sunny but very windy Perthshire. This is day two of high winds which is beginning to remind me of living in Mistral country💨💨💨

Mapleleaf Thu 26-Apr-18 09:47:04

Good morning all,
Raining here at the moment and quite chilly and breezy. The sun makes an occasional appearance, so I think we are in for a showery sort of day.
Got the showers here yesterday, greyduster, but not the thunder. Funny what a few miles difference in location can make! Having said that, I think I heard a rumble of thunder through the night, but I could have been dreaming. 😁
Enjoy your day everyone.