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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 30-Apr-18 06:27:33

Good Morning Everyone,
Its grey ,dry but windy here in brackley this morning, but feels chilly enough for winter clothing.

Marydoll Mon 30-Apr-18 06:39:37

Good morning Mick and. all who follow. Sunny here in Glasgow, but I can see a touch of frost on the cars.
We have DGD today and a boiler service, so not going far. We will probably get into the garden.
Have a good day all.

NfkDumpling Mon 30-Apr-18 06:44:06

Morning All

Here in Norfolk its Orrible. Really Orrible.

I’m going to a preview of the new “Installations” at Blickling NT stately pile this morning, which will be interesting, and then this afternoon, I’m off to hospital for my pre-med. Four weeks to the op now. Getting nervous! I can walk fine. I don’t need a new knee. Who needs to climb stairs anyway. Or walk down slopes. Or...!

ninathenana Mon 30-Apr-18 06:52:08

Morning all.

It's blowing a gale in Kent, trees down warnings of debri on roads. Oh, and it's pouring and forecast all day.
I think I'll be postponing our cinema trip this afternoon.

kittylester Mon 30-Apr-18 07:04:21

Morning all!

It's grey and cold in North Leicestershire with rain in the forecast later.

Not much going on round here today but no doubt something will happen.

NannyJan53 Mon 30-Apr-18 07:38:27

Good Morning all

Dull, grey and very cold here in the Black Country this morning (4 deg in car on way to train station).

I have a walk with the Walking for Health group this afternoon, hopefully it will have warmed a little by then?

Have a good Monday everyone.

aggie Mon 30-Apr-18 07:41:44

Morning all , thick fog here in Co Armagh and decidedly chilly 😦 I'm back in bed. nik had the same feelings before my hip op but am so glad now , chin up xxx

ffinnochio Mon 30-Apr-18 07:50:47

Good morning to all!

Wet, gusty and cold. Spending the day with friends nattering around the Rayburn and eating soup. Can’t think of anything better.

NanKate Mon 30-Apr-18 07:52:31

Morning Mick Kitty and All.

Grey day with constant rain on the books for South Bucks today but the Bank Hols weekend looks to be set fine, which is good as we have the French Market moving into our park for 3 days. I can taste one of their lemon and sugar crepes now. 😋

6 WI friends coming round for Rummykub and tea and
cake this afternoon.

Greyduster Mon 30-Apr-18 08:04:40

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Cold and grey in South Yorkshire. We managed to do some gardening yesterday but if it doesn’t warm up soon, it will be a very sorry garden this year. School run this afternoon. Have a good day folks.

Mapleleaf Mon 30-Apr-18 08:18:55

Good morning everyone,
As greyduster says, it's cold and grey here in South Yorkshire. Didn't get into the garden at all this weekend, but did go to garden centre for more compost. Hoping it warms up a bit to get some planting done! 😁

Pittcity Mon 30-Apr-18 08:23:39

Good morning from a wet and windy Colchester. DH has taken the car to the garage and is walking back to test the weather and buy supplies so that I don't have to venture out.
Walking Netball is off so I am back in hibernation mood.

Largolass Mon 30-Apr-18 08:33:58

Good Morning it's another beautiful sunny one here in the East Neuk of Fife. Plenty to do in the garden to keep me occupied today.

Panache Mon 30-Apr-18 08:35:31

A very Good morning to you one and all.
Would you believe,looking outside presents a clear blue sky and sunshine,however having learnt a bitter lesson yesterday on our trip to the local Garden Centre I will not allow myself to be fooled by the sunshine!!!
I almost froze to death the moment I went outside,there is that biting northerly wind that seems to cut through the body like a knife.
Did manage a walk around the much warmer greenhouses and regained my composure yet again!!!
Disappointingly though apart from bark for the garden areas, which was needed, I came home clutching only two very healthy looking New guineas in different colours.
I guess it will need another month ............and MUCH warmer weather for there to be a real summer show in these places.
Anyway today will certainly be a day of rest .......indoors!!
Trusting the day and week is looking hopeful, wherever you live.

Anniebach Mon 30-Apr-18 08:40:29

Good morning all, hoping rain will stay away today, not that I'm going anywhere just want sunshine.

Sar53 Mon 30-Apr-18 08:45:03

Good morning everyone from a very wet and cold Essex by the sea. We succumbed to putting the heating back on yesterday and this morning. I need to go the shops for a few provisions then I will need hibernating for the rest of the day.
Ķeep dry and warm everyone.

TerriBull Mon 30-Apr-18 09:32:13

Good morning all. Horrible cold, grey, gusty day, where has all that wonderful sunshine gone sad central heating is back on and tomorrow it's May shock

Food shopping, ironing, gym and then back home with my book. It's indoor "Hygge" for me until the weather improves.