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Addie Sat 11-May-19 05:06:02

Why do people allow their dogs to bark all day, when they are in their living room watching television.

Addie Sat 11-May-19 05:08:25

Hi every one. I am new here so I feel like a child on their very first date a school. Even through it was a long time ago, I went to school.

BradfordLass72 Sat 11-May-19 05:58:33

Hi Addie and welcome,

A dog has a very limited number of ways it can show its distress, joy or need and its main one is barking.

I have no idea why the moronic owners ignore these signals; maybe the TV put them into a kind of stupor?

Regular calls to the Noise or Animal Control section of your local Council will alert them to your distress and the dog's.

sodapop Sat 11-May-19 08:57:48

Because they don't care about their dog Addie. Why do people have pets just to ignore them, BradfordLass is right.