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Help GS cope with sister going to university

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Graygirl Wed 03-Mar-21 11:48:48

GD going in September , 4 years between them very tight she has taught him a lot about how to organise study,how to do jobs at home he's doing good, taken over some of her jobs at home on top of his own he goes to supermarket with DD these day not his sister. DD has RA she holds a full time job, DSIL works shifts +overtime.
Any tips to help him cope without his having her to lean on

B9exchange Wed 03-Mar-21 12:05:48

Is he in touch with young carer's organisations for support? He needs his peer group, and I imagine that his caring duties might make that more difficult, hopefully as we are released he will be able to get out a bit more. Can DD be left on her own?

It is like almost like a bereavement for parents when children go off to university for the first time, and I imagine will be the same for your DD and DGS, but I am sure they will get through it, with you perhaps offering to sit in so DGS can go out?