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Prolapse and pessary

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Auntieflo Wed 09-Aug-17 13:38:17

Please could I have some of the famous GN help and advice?
I have a prolapse and this morning was fitted with a pessary ring. My lovely Dr did ask whether I wanted it, but went ahead as I thought it may help. I understand that it will need to be replaced in 5/6 months time. Are there any downsides to having one inserted? I did try to search for a thread on this subject, but either wasn't using the correct terms, or there isn't anything. Looking at the Health Forum, there are over 50 pages, and after looking at the most recent pages, there didn't seem to be a post. Thanks.

goldengirl Wed 09-Aug-17 13:49:16

I've never used a pessary so can't really answer your question but why not give the Bladder & Bowel Community helpline a ring. Just Google Bladder & Bowel Community and it's part of the banner headline.

I had a prolapse when I lost use of my muscles because of back spasms but the injuries specialist told me to do pelvic floor exercises and I also checked out a Youtube clip on line to ensure I was doing them correctly and whilst it's taken a long time I'm a lot better. It's a most unpleasant condition - I felt as if my innards were going to fall out!

mumofmadboys Wed 09-Aug-17 14:28:36

If the pessary is comfy and holds everything in place all well and good. Monitor for any blood loss which may show the pessary is irritating the area. Time will tell if it suits and the correct size has been fitted. Good luck with It!

Marrion Thu 30-Sep-21 15:10:11

Has anyone else had a long wait to have a ring pessary changed in Primary Care? Ideally this is done every 6 months, due to the Pandemic it is now between 10 and 12 months. Has any one else had this problem?

Sparklefizz Thu 30-Sep-21 16:09:34

These advanced pelvic exercises helped me and pulled up prolapses front and back.

Bea65 Fri 08-Oct-21 00:04:19

Hi, am suffering with bladder prolapse and tonight it's really bad ..the ache down below is unreal -think I was on my feet too long shopping and can't get to sleep ? have received letter from Bladder and Bowel service who are going to ring me next week. I've several questions about pessary rings and fittings as don't know personally anyone who has anxiety is quite high and also have dreadful lower back pain..lots of pain relief required..