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Heart Attack or Heart Disease?

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fumanchu Sat 20-Jan-18 17:24:16

Anybody here had a HA or been diagnosed with heart disease- what were your symptoms please?

M0nica Sat 20-Jan-18 17:28:48

If you have any symptoms you are worried about go and see a doctor. The symptoms of either a heart attack or the many and various forms of heart disease are so varied any symptom could be symptom of these problems.

Luckygirl Sat 20-Jan-18 17:30:59

If there is any question of it being a heart attack, then off to the doc pdq!

fumanchu Sat 20-Jan-18 17:31:40

Got an appt Monday at 8am Monica, this isn't a full-on emergency or I wouldn't be sitting here yakking on a forum lol. Just wondering if my symptoms fit the general pattern or not smile

fumanchu Sat 20-Jan-18 17:33:22

Just sort of research really, after reading that HA in women is very different to men. Hubby has had 3 and he's fine, I wouldn't sit here having one and waste time online x

mumofmadboys Sat 20-Jan-18 17:33:33

Chest pain especially on exertion, shortness of breath, tiredness, are main ones but agree with Monica

Telly Sat 20-Jan-18 18:09:46

You should phone 111 and have a chat with them. They should be able to advise what you should do.

BlueBelle Sat 20-Jan-18 18:14:55

Can I just say Women apparently don’t usually get the full on pain that men get with a heart attack My friend had one and never knew until years later when she had tests for something else and they asked her when she had had the heart attack and she said she’d never had one but she had and didn’t even know

Auntieflo Sat 20-Jan-18 18:43:16

I had a heart attack in 2012 , on my way to my exercise class. I got off the bus and felt as though an elephant was standing in my chest, needed to take deep breaths. I had no pain whatsoever, and no other symptoms, so thought, as you do, that it would go away. I walked to the town hall, then thought, I'll go to the surgery. When the receptionists heard me, they just took over. The Dr was great and did some tests, then called the paramedics and soon I was in an ambulance on the way to hospital. Next day. I had an angiogram and a stent fitted and was home after four days.
Thank you NHS.

jeanie99 Sat 20-Jan-18 22:48:22

This is not the place to ask about health issues such as heart disease or HA, please go to see your GP or health care professional if you have any worries with regard to your heart.

MissAdventure Sat 20-Jan-18 23:00:33

Fumanchu has one booked for 8am on Monday.

BlueBelle Sun 21-Jan-18 05:34:19

So what’s the point in asking on here? poster doesn’t mention her symptoms so impossible question anyway She would be much better asking 111
Hopefully the gp appointment will give her all the, information she needs

Fennel Sun 21-Jan-18 09:17:33

Also do some reading about the anaromy of theheart, how it works and how it links to other systems.
There's plenty of stuff about it online.
Antiflo mine was similar to yours.

Fennel Sun 21-Jan-18 09:17:57

anatomy (not anaromy)

Teetime Sun 21-Jan-18 10:44:02

In the meantime good research based advise can be had at

whitewave Sun 21-Jan-18 11:08:05

999 if your are having a heart attack!! No mucking around.

DH had one a couple of years ago and we rang 999. When we got to hospital he was wheeled directly into theatre for a stent - result - no heart damage.

He is getting niggles now so he has been to dr to get things moving, but if it gets worse I won’t bugger about it will be hospital immediately .

Fennel Sun 21-Jan-18 11:31:33

I've got stents too.
Two of my arteries near the heart were blocked, which caused the heart attack. The stents re-open and support the blocked arteries.
My problem was probably due to smoking during my mis-spent youth.

fumanchu Tue 23-Jan-18 22:01:08

Went to the GP yesterday morning at 8 am and he sent me right down to the hospital, to a heart ward. We sat in there for 6 hours and I had tests done and nothing wrong with my heart. So I got sent home still in a lot of pain !

mollie Wed 24-Jan-18 08:02:31

Oh dear, that’s not exactly reassuring is it. On the one hand I’m glad to hear your heart is fine but why the pain? Did anyone have any suggestions or advice?

fumanchu Wed 24-Jan-18 20:50:51

I have a hiatus hernia, and a friend said that can mimic heart attack pain. I asked my gp if this could be the answer and he has given me double stength Ranitidine for a month to try. Pain easing off today thank god, as was close to unbearable. smile

BlueBelle Wed 24-Jan-18 21:00:34

Well your doctor did exactly the right thing as you presented with what could easily have been a heart attack so I think you should be happy you have a good doctor who took your pain seriously

fumanchu Wed 24-Jan-18 21:23:49

Yes I am ok with the gp, but not the hospital. At the end of 6 hours in bad pain, I was sent home still the exact same way as I went in! Ok so I knew it wasn't heart but nobody did any further tests to see what was causing it.

lexigran Thu 25-Jan-18 15:59:33

Same thing happened to me yesterday...sent straight to hospital for tests,ECG etc, 6 hours later sent home and advised to take painkillers! Need to go back to GP now to find out why I'm still in pain sad

BlueBelle Thu 25-Jan-18 16:38:12

If you are in the heart department and they do tests that show your heart is good all they can do is refer you back to the gp which sounds as if that’s what they did What were you expecting the heart dept to do ? They are only there to check the one problem you present with Now up to your gp to decide if you need tests in a different dept

Alexa Thu 25-Jan-18 17:12:50

BlueBelle, I'd expect the diagnostic department to attempt a differential diagnosis just in case there was an urgent matter to attend to, or transfer the patient to A and E. Severe and unremitting pain needs urgent attention no matter where in the body it occurs.