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Broken wrist

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HootyMcOwlface Fri 02-Feb-18 10:50:18

Have you ever broken your wrist? I've just had my cast took off, and it is so painful as is my thumb! They have given me a sheet of exercises to do, such as bending it over the edge of a chair arm, but my wrist doesn't bend at all at the moment. Was it like this for you and how did you get on?

Michali Sat 02-Oct-21 11:28:06

How are you doing now? I hope you are sleeping better and that the numbness has resolved . I brokemy wrist six weeks ago, smashing the ulna which is unreconstructable as they say in their report. Surgery was done on the distal radius but I still can’t bend my thumb at all. The pain I the ulna area has become worse and I have to keep it very still to avoid nasty spasms of pain. I had started doing exercises but today the pain in the ulna area is too much to move at all. I have not started physio yet. Meanwhile they found my platelets went extremely high and suspect I have a rare bolide cancer so the break may be a blessing in disguise! Though it is hard to believe that when it hurts so much!

25Avalon Sat 02-Oct-21 12:09:29

I saw the NHS physio after my cast came off and did all the exercises I was given. I was told to take paracetamol to ease the pain whilst I do the exercises but tbh I don’t think they made much difference. The wrist was very weak. I did the stretches even when out walking flexing my fingers up and down. I also bought some physiotherapy balls which come in different strengths. The hardest I couldn’t squeeze at all but the softest one I could just about and did it all the time even when watching the telly. I also used a wrist brace with an ice pack. Seeing the physio and doing as she said was key.

PinkCakes Sat 02-Oct-21 15:25:29

Hooty McOwl Face I broke my wrist a few years ago (2nd day of our holiday in Croatia!) and it was very painful whilst in plaster, and also for a few weeks afterwards. It got better, eventually, and I did the exercises as best as I could.

LauraNorder Sat 02-Oct-21 16:12:11

Thread opened in 2018, resurrected 2020 and now again.
Hope all wrists, arms and whatever other breaks have healed.