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Problem post cataract surgery.

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mrsmopp Fri 23-Mar-18 09:12:49

I'm due for an eye test after having cataracts done both sides. I'm having problems reading because after a few moments, the letters on the page appear to be jumbled up, and reading is impossible. Would new glasses correct this or is there something else wrong? Has anyone else experienced this?

yggdrasil Fri 23-Mar-18 09:25:15

What a coincidence! I went to the opticians yesterday just because of that. And she explained it is to do with the cell membrane of the removed lens getting fuzzy.
It's called RCPO. I have to go back to the eye hospital and they will do a minor laser treatment that solves it. She said he had had it herself and it is painless and quick.
So you go to the opticians and get it rechecked :-)

mcem Fri 23-Mar-18 10:32:21

Spot on! Had the same experience and returned to the optician when things became fuzzy!
My optician made an inexcusable mistake and said, 18 months after surgery, that I'd have to go back to varifocals. Since the hospital opthalmologist had told me I would not need glasses again, I had my eyes retested at Boots.
Their optician spotted the problem immediately and referred me back to hospital.

It's relatively common for some cloudiness to appear and it was dealt with immediately with just a quick, painless 5 minute procedure. Think of the test for peripheral vision where you face a screen and click the button when you see the green dot. The treatment is very similar and no more uncomfortable than that.

Since then I've had no problems.

I complained about the wrong diagnosis and received an apology and an assurance that this condition would be flagged up in training.

Good luck with it and be sure your optician knows what he/she is doing - even asking for another opinion if necessary.

M0nica Fri 23-Mar-18 14:07:26

I am surprised you were not told about this problem at the pre-op stage. It is so very common. DH and I were so when it happened we just got ourselves referred back to the hospital and the corrective procedure took about 10 minutes.

mrsmopp Fri 23-Mar-18 16:27:28

Since my original post on here, I had an eye test at Specsaver and was told I needed varifocal glasses (cost £440). I told them about the problem I was having with reading and they said the varifocals would correct this. This sounds similar to your experience mcem, so now I'm getting in touch with my consultant at the eye hospital. This sounds similar to your experience, mcem.

Eloethan Fri 23-Mar-18 19:11:21

My husband had problems after his first cataract procedure. His eye felt "gritty" and uncomfortable and his vision was not as good as before. He eventually went back to the hospital and they said it was commonly found in people with type 2 diabetes (which he has but only mildly and controls with diet, etc.). He was prescribed more antibiotic drops and it seemed to right itself.

He has had the other eye done now and (touch wood) that seems to be unproblematic. However, the first eye is very uncomfortable again and he will have to try and get another appointment. It is quite concerning.

Jalima1108 Fri 23-Mar-18 19:24:32

Mr J has had this.
Being his usual compliant self he has refused to go back.

mcem Fri 23-Mar-18 19:55:37

Yes Mrs Mopp very similar.
This happened at Vision Express and I later had an appointment with a senior manager who apologised. He hinted that it was lack of experience although I had pointed out to the young man that I had had cataract surgery and had been warned of this possibility.
It meant nothing to the young optician but the senior chap understood.
Because some time had elapsed since my surgery I couldn't contact the hospital dept directly and had to be referred again by an optician. Please let us know how it goes but I bet you don't need varifocals!

M0nica Fri 23-Mar-18 21:43:34

I suspect staff are under pressure to sell specs, the more expensive the better, so see a selling opportunity before they engage their minds

If young opticians don't know about this, and my surgeon says the extra laser treatment is required in a third of cases, then it doesn't say much for their training

mrsmopp Sat 24-Mar-18 12:19:20

Have written to the eye consultant to ask about this. Specs aver did not offer to refer me, I guess they are miffed at losing the sale.
Thanks for all your advice, its really helped x

Grandma70s Sat 24-Mar-18 12:40:10

Oh dear. I was just coming round to the idea of having a cataract op, but this has put me off.

mrsmopp Sat 24-Mar-18 13:33:58

Oh no, this is just a hiccup. There is a huge improvement in my eyesight and the operation was fine. Go for ir. I have no regrets at all.

wildswan16 Sat 24-Mar-18 14:12:54

grandma70 please don't let it put you off. Cataract surgery is a wonderful thing. As others have said, sometimes a small tweak is needed afterwards but this is very simple and not an invasive procedure.

I had mind done a wee while ago and have had no problems at all.

mcem Sat 24-Mar-18 20:35:07

Go for it grandma 70. The surgery is no more than a minor inconvenience but has superb results.
Just be aware that, if you do experience this minor hiccup we've been discussing, it is dealt with in minutes.
My only concern throughout the whole process was one inadequate optician. Be aware of that possibility and trust the hospital opthalmology dept.

M0nica Sun 25-Mar-18 21:25:20

Cataract surgery is about the easiest most pain free surgery you can have and the laser treatment, if needed is equally painless and lasts minutes.

To shut yourself off from having surgery that gives you your life and sight back, because of a possible minor remedial side effect is cutting your nose off to spite your face.

mrsmopp Sun 25-Mar-18 22:16:00

Eyesight is so precious. Hang on to it for as long as you can.
I wouldn't go back to my pre-op state, living in a fuzzy blurred world.

valeriej43 Mon 26-Mar-18 09:59:04

I had my cataracts done a few years ago, its so quick and comletely painless, it was awkward havig to wait for the second one because of difference in vision in each eye
After they were both done i had the same experience of letters jumbled up, and one line of words appeared above another, the same words doubled up, but it sorted itself out eventually
It is well worth having it done,its amazing being able to see so clearly even straight away

Buzzer20 Sat 04-Jan-20 20:56:29

Yes after first eye was done found could not read so easily as had double vision. Like you valeriej43. Hope that it gets better after second op. How long did it take to right itself please.

blondenana Tue 07-Jan-20 15:02:38

To be honest i can't remember how long it took to right itself, but not too long really
I had to have lazer treatment on one eye for some reason, sorry can't remember why that was either
Both eyes have deteriorated slightly again now sight wise
It is probably about 10 years since i had mine done
Having the second eye done was quite a relief ,after trying to see clearly with only one eye
Well worth having done though, they adjust in time

Dec46 Tue 07-Jan-20 15:59:54

I needed laser adjustment after the Op. It was so easy that I didn't even realise it had been done.I thought the Consultant was still just examining my eye.
Please don't hesitate to have Cataract Operation as it is like a miracle happening and nowhere near as frightening as expected.I can see with out spectacles since having the Operation for first time in my life.

tessagee Tue 07-Jan-20 18:01:55

Many thanks for this post and replies. For me it is perfectly timed. I had one cataract operated on 6 weeks ago, due to see surgeon for follow up in a fortnight. Meantime I met a friend this morning who had both her eyes done over a three month period and we both agree that, disappointingly, there isn't a great deal of difference to our vision with the new implanted lens. Don't know what to do really but I will discuss it when I see doctor. Meantime I'd love to know if anyone else has had a similar experience to me.