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Hysterectomy - what do you need to do after?

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Sheshyshowshum Sun 06-Jan-19 11:12:26

I am due to have surgery for a vaginal hysterectomy on the 16th of this month and wondered what supplies I should get for myself for afterwards (senakot / pads, etc.)? Any advice from ladies who have been through the same thing would be very much appreciated smile

stella1949 Sun 06-Jan-19 11:48:29

I had a vaginal hysterectomy when I was 35 . Best thing I ever did. Having it done vaginally was the way to go - you don't have an abdominal incision so there is no problem with recovery . I was back at work within 4 weeks and felt fine from the first day .

I'd buy some pads , but with a vaginal hysterectomy you won't bleed much , just a little from the incision at the top of your vagina.

You won't be overly restricted with your activities post -op, not like women who have the abdominal operation. Since you won't have an incision in your tummy, you'll be able to move around freely and will be able to do almost everything you want to do. Just be guided by how you feel.

Best wishes - you'll be glad you had this done.

GrandmaMoira Sun 06-Jan-19 11:53:04

I had a vaginal hysterectomy 3 years ago in my 60s. I also had prolapse repair at the same time.
I only needed pads for a week or so and did need something for constipation.
You should not lift anything heavier than a kettle to make a hot drink for the first 10 days or so. You should gradually build up what you do but not drive or do heavier housework such as vacuuming for 6 weeks.
Everyone is different in how they recover. I had virtually no pain but was weak and tired for a couple of months and not back to normal for several months.

Nanabilly Sun 06-Jan-19 13:50:44

Peppermint teabags..
They are a must after having the abdomen filled with gas so they can see what they are doing. You might burp and fart for England for an hour or so but it relieves any painful trapped wind quickly

yggdrasil Sun 06-Jan-19 14:27:08

And how does it affect your sex life?

Sheshyshowshum Sun 06-Jan-19 16:19:26

Ladies, thank you for taking the time to answer, you’ve made it seem a little less daunting than I had anticipated it to be. I shall get in a supply of senakot, pads and peppermint tea. I’m 60 and in good health, but some cells were found that have turned severe, so it’s a case of erring on the side of caution. I shall also restrain myself from picking up my grandson, which may well be the hardest part of this experience.

I have to say I’m enjoying the community on ‘Gransnet’ smile

Harris27 Sun 06-Jan-19 16:40:02

Mine was different so little more complicated. Hiever the problem I had was constipation dreadful so definitely get the senokot ready and give yourself time to recover don't over do things good luck.

mcem Sun 06-Jan-19 17:06:18

I had no problems at all but do as you're told - rest and no heavy work.
I felt so well after a couple of weeks that I'd a guilty conscience about those weeks away from work.
As for yggdrasils question. I'd divorced my ex a few months earlier and started a new relationship. That probably was the real reason behind the vast improvement but the op gave me such a sense of well-being that it definitely helped!!

Marydoll Sun 06-Jan-19 17:23:39

I had exactly the same experience as GrandmaMoira, no lifting , housework etc.
I took a bit longer to recover, due to all my other conditions and a reaction to the antibiotics you are given in theatre and was in hospital for a week.
I was off work for over fourth months, but it was the best decision I ever made. It gave me a new lease of life..

BBbevan Sun 06-Jan-19 19:19:09

I had a hysterectomy in the 80s. Scar from hip to hip. 10 days in hospital, followed by the offer of a week at a sea-side convalescent home. Which I declined. Rest and no sex or heavy work for six weeks. But I had no problems at all. I was back to my part time job at 6 weeks. With no worries of pregnancy sex moved into a more spontaneous league. And has stayed there ever since
It will be much easier for you*SSSS*, and the rewards are self evident. No periods for a start 😁

Framilode Sun 06-Jan-19 19:42:56

The worst thing I found was trying to go to the loo. I would take a stool softener or liquid paraffin. I found senokots not much good.

Sheshyshowshum Sun 06-Jan-19 21:34:26

BBbevan I’m practically through the menopause so my periods stopped about ten years ago and I could not have been more delighted, and as for the hysterectomy my doctor said “it’s as if you’re going to be needing your womb again”, which is very true grin

Sheshyshowshum Sun 06-Jan-19 22:30:36

I meant to write “it’s NOT as if you’re going to be needing your womb again” confused

CherylLouise Tue 01-Jun-21 09:41:08

Hi Ladies.. I’m 42 and having to have a hysterectomy surgical procedure. I was asked if I wanted to keep my cervix but I’m not sure what to do? Would having it remove affect you getting aroused when getting sexual?

Nortsat Tue 01-Jun-21 11:41:29

Sheshy, let me add to the great advice already offered. Get some really big, comfy knickers.
I had bought new ones to take into hospital but was advised by my Consultant’s Secretary to take really roomy, comfortable ones.

She was right and I was so glad I did.

Nortsat Tue 01-Jun-21 12:32:47

Forgot to add good luck 💐

dahlia Thu 03-Jun-21 17:26:52

CherylLouise, I had a "full" hysterectomy in my early 50's, and after years of dealing with heavy periods, there were no regrets for me. Our sex life continued to be good, after the initial 6-week break during convalescence, I didn't notice any changes at all. I hope you find all the Gransnet advice helpful, and good luck. I am now 73 and so grateful for the op.

Kestrel Fri 04-Jun-21 13:04:13

Big knickers - wear two pairs at a time for extra support in that area.

Grammaretto Fri 04-Jun-21 15:27:13

Mine was to treat a prolapse so I was extra careful afterwards. The surgeon warned me that any repair would ruin his beautiful stitching!
I had 2 female helpers who came and looked after us and wouldn't let me in the kitchen. I am forever grateful to these ladies, one had had the operation herself and the other's mother had. I seriously lifted nothing heavier than a kettle for 6 weeks.
I found the help on:
I was 58. No regrets whatsoever. Good luck with your operation.