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Chewbacca Sun 27-Jan-19 14:07:11

Please can anyone tell me how much longer this will last? Started with, what I thought, was a simple cold 10 days ago. Gradually grew into a horrible hacking cough that leaves me light headed and dizzy; blocked sinuses; headache and aching limbs. I've never slept so much in all my life, apart from the coughing fits that disturb me and half of the neighbourhood.
Has anyone else had this and, if so, how long was it before you started to see any real improvement? I have to go back to work tomorrow and I'm dreading having a coughing fit there, due to a couple of embarrassing "episodes".

megan123 Sun 27-Jan-19 14:18:00

I have had this thing since just after Christmas, and am just getting to the end of it now. I am on my last course of antibiotics, I have had a previous course before; the last test came back as positive and the infection was antibiotic resistant.

Mine started with a tight feeling in my chest, and then pain going through to the left shoulder blade. The cough was dreadful, but that has almost gone now. I had all the other symptoms you mention. I too am doing a sterling job keeping Tena going!

I have never had anything like it before, had colds obviously, but nothing like this and I had the flu jab (obviously the wrong strain!).

Hope you soon feel better.

Gagagran Sun 27-Jan-19 14:47:44

I am on day 8 of it Chewbacca - surprised noone's heard me coughing. Feel light headed and achey too and could fall asleep on a clothes line. The coughing gives me a headache and I am thoroughly fed up of it! It does sound like the bug you have got. Poor us!

mumofmadboys Sun 27-Jan-19 14:50:51

I have had it for 4weeks and a day. Nearly better but still coughing++ Hope you get well soon. At least I am retired.

Anja Sun 27-Jan-19 15:01:11

I had this a couple of years ago and my next door neighbour has it now. It went eventually. What did help was a kind of steam/humidifier in the bedroom at night.

Grannybags Sun 27-Jan-19 15:08:25

Sounds like my symptoms. Apparently I sound like a seal when coughing....! Aching and cold. I'm on my 5th day now so sounds as if I have a long wait before I can start to feel any better

BBbevan Sun 27-Jan-19 15:23:48

Well mine started 19th December. Haven't coughed this week, so think I'm better

Chewbacca Sun 27-Jan-19 15:27:01

4 weeks mumof? shock 4 weeks? Hell's bells, I'm struggling to keep my head up after 10 days, let alone 4 weeks. Can't remember having felt as rotten as this for many a long year. Best wishes to all of you who are similarly afflicted.

midgey Sun 27-Jan-19 16:24:18

Get well soon flowers for all of you.

Izabella Sun 27-Jan-19 16:35:27

4 weeks here too. 'Taint nice.

Charleygirl5 Sun 27-Jan-19 16:44:15

It does appear to be a particularly lurgy going around which is one reason why I am doing more shopping online and not idling around the shops because I do not want to pick it up.

Scribbles Sun 27-Jan-19 18:23:47

I got my first symptoms on 2 January and have only started to feel really "better" since Friday. Still much more tired than usual after minimal effort but at least the cough, sinus pain and endless snotty, running nose have departed. Get well soon.

Fennel Sun 27-Jan-19 18:33:27

Yes the sinus pain is awful, and some of that horrible phlegm seems to drop down to my stomach and make me feel sick.
And my temperature keeps shooting up and down.
Went to the doctors on Wed. he said my chest was clear TG but I had a temp. of nearly 39.
2 weeks now.

KatyK Sun 27-Jan-19 19:11:03

I think mine is on the way out. I haven't had it as long as some of you folks but I too haven't felt this ill for many a year. I have/had a slight cough, a bad headache behind my eyes, constantly feeling nauseous, shivering for the first couple of days, aching and I feel like someone has injected me with sleeping sickness, I just can't keep awake. Wishing you all well.

EllanVannin Sun 27-Jan-19 19:13:13

2 weeks to go Fennel before you'll feel anything like human. I got mine on Boxing Day and it tail-ended last week.
This was with the jab--------again ! Makes me think twice about having it again.

Chewbacca Sun 27-Jan-19 21:20:12

Exactly as you describe Fennel; dealing with the cattarh is just vile, I hate that bit the most.
Finding it interesting that some of you have had the flu jab and yet still got The Lurgy. I didn't take up the offer for the flu jab because it had failed to protect against due in previous years.
Wish this dratted cough would go.....

Fennel Thu 31-Jan-19 20:43:48

Feeling a bit better now b"h, not so much fever.
But still the painful sinus infection. I'm going try the sinus irrigation phials, if I can get them.
Went out this evening in the car with husband to Tesco - first time for 2 weeks! They didn't have them and Boots was closed.
Don't speak too soon.

Chewbacca Thu 31-Jan-19 20:56:01

We're on a par Fennel! My first day back at work today, after 2 weeks of stumbling through working from home, as and when possible.
I called at the pharmacy again this morning and I've ordered the equivalent to the Neti Pot. Should be ready to pick up tomorrow. Who'd have thought that snorting saline solution up your nose would have been something to look forward to! grin

Fennel Fri 01-Feb-19 11:31:46

Good news Chewbacca!
Lets hope this dose makes us immune next time.

farview Fri 01-Feb-19 15:17:11

At the tail end of it..fingers crossed...started Christmas week...cough and fatigue lingering but definitely don't feel as poorly
Get well soon all of you 💐

Jessity Sun 03-Feb-19 19:35:23

Mine started NY Eve and still keeps coming back. Thought I had seen it off in last few days but up for hours last night coughing incessantly. Today no voice unsurprisingly. Am so fed up with being well below par and feeling like a permanent invalid.

Gonegirl Sun 03-Feb-19 19:48:22

I had this a week or so after Xmas. Over it now but I just can't get my strength back. Worrying now that it won't come back at all. DH keeps telling me it's after effects but it's getting me down.

Fennel Mon 04-Feb-19 09:55:21

Not being able to go out in the freezing weather doesn't help either.
Today is sunny and it has thawed the icy pavements so I'm venturing out.
A little at a time, a little further each day Gonegirl. Start with a short walk around the block, depending where you live of course.

megan123 Mon 04-Feb-19 10:03:34

Mine has gone now but I have no strength. I have been going out, just a short walk with the dog, but its very icy and treacherous which doesn't help. I went a bit further yesterday. Don't feel I could go anywhere near a supermarket at the moment though. I think its just about going a bit further and doing a few more things every day.
Hope everyone starts to feel better soon.

Gonegirl Mon 04-Feb-19 10:50:08

That's it, the iciness doesn't help. Scares me to death. We've got a fine rain at the moment so hopefully it will all go away. DD got a birthday coming up so I need to get to the shops. Going to start slow as Fennel suggests.

It helps to share the misery doesn't it! grin