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BP readings.

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travelsafar Wed 01-May-19 08:54:47

I bought a home BP monitor a few months ago, actualy just after my dear brother died of a massive stroke sad I take my reading on the first of each month and then show my record to GP when and if i have an appointment. Today it is 122/55 with pulse of 69. Feel so happy that i am managing to keep it in that range + - a couple numbers when i take the evening reading. Does anyone else use these monitors mine is the same brand they use in the surgery, so am pretty sure it is accurate.

tanith Wed 01-May-19 09:01:38

I do regularly at the moment mines up and down and if it doesn’t settle soon I’ll make a GP app as I’m already on BP meds. My daughter recently had a stroke at just 50 and she didn’t suffer high BP and they so far have found no reason for it, thankfully she is recovering slowly but it will be a slow recovery.
It’s good to keep a check though and we’ll done on your numbers.

BlueSky Wed 01-May-19 09:28:56

Your bp seems low to me especially the second figure. I would probably faint! Do you feel light headed at all? Yes unfortunately strokes can happen at any age and physical condition. Somebody I know had one in his 40's not overweight normal bp non smoker etc etc. Thankfully he recovered quickly and fully.

KatyK Wed 01-May-19 09:29:25

I'm going to throw my monitor away as I get so stressed when I take it that my BP goes off the scale. My brother in law recently had a stroke and his BP has always been fine.

BlueSky Wed 01-May-19 09:33:19

I used to monitor my bp until I became obsessed and worried about the readings. After a 24 hr monitor recording which showed good readings, I left the monitor alone as it actually stressed me out.

EllanVannin Wed 01-May-19 09:52:43

I'm more than pleased with my BP now to what it used to be and that's without medication. I've had a monitor for years and of late the readings are very acceptable last one a couple of weeks ago was 117/75------that'll do me !

I'd been admitted to hospital in 2006 with a BP of 200/180-------the usual heparin injection administered and 10 assorted pills to take at once and after 24 hours I was okay. No stroke/heart attack luckily !

Badenkate Wed 01-May-19 10:01:00

I do think you can become obsessed with bp if you have a monitor. My husband takes mine with an arm cuff because at the gp's it goes sky high, and luckily they accept his readings.

KatyK Wed 01-May-19 10:18:04

Mine went up to 220/111 at one point. GP didn't bat an eyelid. She said I had severe white coat syndrome. I was under a lot of stress at the time. It came back down. Worrying about it does me more harm than anything.

kittylester Wed 01-May-19 10:24:18

I do home readings for a period before my annual review, too. I suffer really badly from white coat syndrome despite the fact( established on another thread) that most gps don't wear them anymore

Thingmajig Wed 01-May-19 10:27:44

Your blood pressure is perfectly fine so I would just continue to keep an eye on it. We have a monitor that goes on the wrist but my surgery nurse said the upper arm ones tended to be more accurate, so we now have one of them too. I was found to have high BP a few months ago when I had other illnesses going on and they started me on pills. It came back down on them and I checked it once a week. Then started to feel unwell and found the BP had plummeted (back to my normal in fact) so took myself off the pills and it's been good since.
Better get myself back to the doc soon and confess!!! grin

Jane10 Wed 01-May-19 10:53:00

I'm another who becomes very stressed by the whole process of taking my BP. Last time I was at GP he asked to do a week's recording taking BP in the morning and evening. Sometimes it seemed very high to me but at other times it was lower. He averaged all the readings out then said they wouldn't treat as the average was less that 150/90.
I'm due back next week so I expect the stress to begin again. Och!

paddyann Wed 01-May-19 12:06:52

195/93 at the surgery this morning ,came home an dtook it again and its 127/75 .I saw a GP I dont usually see and told him I had white coat syndrome but he still gave ma aform to fill in with readings .He did say if my readings were as good as I say then he might consider lwering the dose or taking me off the Ramipril.Ive been on BP meds since my first baby was born when I had pre eclapmsia and the BP stayed high long after her birth .Has anyone on here been taken off the pills an dhow did it work out?

Willow500 Wed 01-May-19 13:38:59

I was told by the doctor to buy a monitor (had one years ago but it was the manual bulb type) and use it daily when he said it was a bit high. I was taking BP every day with a range of top numbers around 109 - 127 which seemed to be ok. Saw another doctor a few weeks later who told me I only need to do it once a week. My pulse is fairly low as I'm on beta blockers.

Nonnie Wed 01-May-19 13:47:37

DH used to monitor his daily but stopped a couple of years ago when the GP suggested taking it four times a day for a week and then working out the average. Yes, it was a little higher than ideal but nothing to worry about. Mine is always low so I don't bother very often.

Jane10 Wed 01-May-19 20:02:12

paddyann I think the best thing for our BP would be not reading each other's posts!

paddyann Wed 01-May-19 21:03:20

feel free to avoid me Jane 10 I tend not to let anyone elses views political or otherwise affect me but if you're stressed by my opinions I wont expect to see your name on any thread I'm on .

annep1 Wed 01-May-19 22:43:30

Good point Jane10 😀.
Reading of 55 is low. But better low than high as long as there are no symptoms. I think its a good idea to keep an eye on bp as long as you don't get obsessed with it.

Jane10 Thu 02-May-19 07:53:16

paddyann it's already crystal clear that you're not open to alternative views! That must be very insulating for you. grin

annep1 Fri 03-May-19 17:30:52

Incidentally my daughter had hbp and as soon as she stopped drinking lots of coffee each day it went down.