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Luckygirl Sat 03-Aug-19 10:35:12

My OH uses a conveen catheter during the night and urine bottles during the day.

At night I put on the conveen and connect it to a night bag.

The live-in carer insists upon connecting it to a leg bag at night, which she lies by him on the bed, and thence to a night bag. The problem with that is that it is more plastic going to waste with these single-use items; and also that often an airlock/vacuum develops and the urine does not drain from the leg bag, which gets full up and backs up along the pipe, leaving his penis marinading in urine overnight.

She says that she does this to stop a heavy night bag pulling on the pipe and marking his skin overnight - he is very thin and there are problems with his skin. But if the night bag is put close to the bed and at the top end of the bed this is not a problem.

Just as a second question, should we have a stand for the night bag, or is it OK to just leave it in a bucket at the side of the bed as we are currently doing. I do that because we had one that leaked!!!

ninathenana Sat 03-Aug-19 10:52:01

With a conven cath it is better for hubby if a leg bag is placed in between as it will reduce the weight on the catheter and therefore also on the for skin.
Regarding the stand you should 100% use one and if leaks are an issue place the stand in an old washing up bowl. Stands can be obtained from the bag supplier or continence nurse for free. Using a stand will also encourage flow and reduce the risk of "marination". (Leg bag will also provide an extra Litre of storage to again prevent this)

*reply written by Ninas DD who has many years care experience. Please feel free to PM mum if i can help any further smile

Riverwalk Sat 03-Aug-19 11:10:19

First, stop worrying about single-use plastic - your husband's needs are priority.

The Carer is correct in what she's doing but is the leg bag secured to his leg with the correct velcro strap? I've never known a leg bag attached to the bigger bag to develop an air lock/vacumm, it's usually to do with the leg bag twisting or a matter of gravity.

Try to have the leg bag going down the leg, then attached to the overnight bag and leading away from the bed at his foot, rather than going over his leg.

You do need a stand, particularly if you follow my down the leg technique as the tubes won't be long enough, and this can then be stood in a washing up bowl in case of leak or spigot left open!

Luckygirl Sat 03-Aug-19 11:42:00

We have the washing up bowl in situ!!! - and the stains on the carpet for the day we forgot!!!

Carer lies the leg bag beside him - I suspect that this is because the velcro leg fasteners create red marks on his stick-thin legs.

midgey Sat 03-Aug-19 11:47:00

The power of gransnet! A simple query answered quickly and intelligently.

Luckygirl Sat 03-Aug-19 12:09:26


I think the gravity problem is caused by the fact that he is on a special mattress through which air is flowing - because this mattress is inflatable, where he is lying creates a dip and the tubing is initially going uphill!

Riverwalk Sat 03-Aug-19 12:23:31

Is the mattress on the right setting? There shouldn't be a dip, particularly as your husband is very light.

Luckygirl Sat 03-Aug-19 14:18:19

Well it is set for his weight, so I have to presume that it is OK - but I do see what you mean.

midgey Sat 03-Aug-19 15:06:45

Could you lay the bag on something flat, like a piece of cardboard? I know what you mean about dipping on a pressure mattress, my husband has distinct marks on his leg from the mattress.

Riverwalk Sat 03-Aug-19 16:05:37

Gawd, I can't understand why patients are on mattresses that are dipping and leaving distinct marks!

Lucky is your husband on a hybrid mattress such as this?


As the blurb says, it combines the comfort of a static mattress with the pressure relief of alternating cells. The air cells alternate so there should be no dips. Your husband would be classed as 'very high risk' so should be on one of these.

midgey I don't know your husband's risk status but whatever it is the mattress shouldn't be leaving marks.

Luckygirl Sat 03-Aug-19 20:55:17

OH does not have marks thankfully. I do not think it is a hybrid mattress - it is blue though! There is a similar pump unit and it squeaks and farts all night! It is set to his weight - c.42k g. It is difficult to get him on and off as when he is moved to sitting at the side of the bed he sinks in. The OT is coming next week so I will get her to take a look at it. He has not had broken skin recently - very very red, but the broken area has healed.