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Flu jabs

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Teetime Thu 12-Sep-19 16:26:01

All done today at Lloyds Pharmacy - no queue, no appointment necessary and no waiting - excellent service- used to wait forever at the surgery.

Maggiemaybe Fri 13-Sep-19 22:57:11

Why is it too early? I had a text from my GP surgery a fortnight ago saying it was available and asking me to make an appointment. That's the usual procedure as far as I'm aware.

MotherHubbard Fri 13-Sep-19 23:38:48

According to NHS website best time to get flu jab is from around the beginning of October and as vaccine takes up to two weeks to become effective now isn’t too early. All our local pharmacies have been giving flu jabs for last two weeks. Last year there was a shortage of vaccine due to increased demand so my pharmacist said this year he had ordered enough to avoid running out. He was certainly being kept very busy ‘jabbing away’ whilst I was there.

polyester57 Sat 14-Sep-19 09:03:21

I, too, have never had one. My husband, a wimp, has one every year, requiring TLC when he has the jab and several times throughout the year when he feels a flu just but not quite coming on. In my opinion the pharmaceutical companies are laughing all the way to the bank. I don´t see anything wrong with a flu, that a couple of days in bed and a few lemons can´t cure. Gives you immunity for the rest of the year.

Notsooldat75 Sat 14-Sep-19 09:43:55

My beloved daughter died earlier this year, she had flu, which then became pneumonia, and then every conceivable complication piled in, two weeks later she was dead.
Ironically, the last conversation I had with her was when she cancelled a visit saying she thought she had flu, I asked her if she’d had a flu jab and she told me she hadn’t and she ‘didn’t like needles’, (despite several tattoos).
The following day she was in Intensive Care.

RosesAreRed21 Sat 14-Sep-19 09:47:03

I go to my chemist every year, in and out within 5 mins and no appt needed! Brilliant

Hetty58 Sat 14-Sep-19 10:14:45

I've only had flu twice in my life so never bother with the jab.

Purplepoppies Sat 14-Sep-19 10:16:49

Following a frozen shoulder after my flu jab two years ago I insisted I had it in my leg last year. The nurse didn't want to do it 🤷🏻‍♀️ so I had to speak to the Dr!! I will be having mine in my leg every time from now on. My gp surgery don't seem to have their appointments up yet, which is fine, I don't want it before my holiday and then a funeral on my return

arosebyanyothername Sat 14-Sep-19 10:19:47

Our surgery actually phoned us last week to make an appointment.

Greciangirl Sat 14-Sep-19 10:20:56

Mine is next week too at gp surgery.

Thought it a bit early as well. But best get it done while they still have supplies.

rizlett Sat 14-Sep-19 10:22:14

It's all a bit of a big pharma con & not really necessary for most people.

Only in my opinion of course - so continue to have drugs injected into your body if it's the right choice for you.

eilys Sat 14-Sep-19 10:25:35

Mine next Saturday 8am, I will be in and out in about 3/4 minutes, always have the same time, no problem

boho43 Sat 14-Sep-19 10:30:09

Had our done at the surgery this week . No after effects whatsoever.

Annaram1 Sat 14-Sep-19 10:46:24

Notsoold, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. What a sad story.

I think it might just persuade a few doubters to have a flu jab.

Davida1968 Sat 14-Sep-19 10:49:38

Mine is a week today at the GP's surgery. Last year it ran like a military operation - extremely well organised and very quick. No waiting about to speak of - we were in and out of the waiting room like yo-yos. Brilliant!

Farawaynanny Sat 14-Sep-19 10:57:22

So sorry to hear about your daughter Notsoold.
It worries me that so many people believe all the anti vaxers rubbish or believe that the flu jab can make you ill, it can’t!! The flu vaccine is not a live vaccine, the most it will give you is a sore arm but if you want to risk it, it’s your choice. If you develop symptoms after the vaccine it’s because you have already been developing something!
Flu can be a serious illness, can leave you with lifelong problems and can be fatal. If you’ve ever had flu (not just some viral infection) you will know that “a couple of days in bed”will not be enough to recover.

GabriellaG54 Sat 14-Sep-19 10:57:43

I don't bother with flu jabs or any jabs come to that.
None of them stop you getting flu or whatever they are meant to protect against.
If anyone wants mine just mention my name at Lloyds and say you're having my vaccine. 😁😂💉💉💉

Oldbat1 Sat 14-Sep-19 11:02:34

Just had mine this morning. All 65s and over are invited on Saturday mornings for the next few weeks to just go along to local surgery and queue. 4 nurses on duty and I waited just 5mins. Those who were able stood and those who needed chairs were seated. In main door, in to nurses corridor, into consult room had injection then out side door. Smooth as anything.

TrendyNannie6 Sat 14-Sep-19 11:14:34

I’m like you cabbie 21 I’ve never had the flu jab

tanith Sat 14-Sep-19 11:14:35

Just had mine, in and out in 5 minutes it was very busy too.

Daisymae Sat 14-Sep-19 11:21:43

Anyone who thinks that flu is just a bad cold is much mistaken. I had it in my 30s and could barely walk. I will be having mine in the next couple of weeks.

Tigertooth Sat 14-Sep-19 11:50:24

My gpnis walk- in and wait. Not bad for London though - about 40 mins

DaisyL Sat 14-Sep-19 11:59:30

I only had the flu jab once and felt ghastly for about a week - not saying it was flu but it wasn't nice. The lst time I had flu was when I was at school - I'm 75 now - so a long time ago. I'm not anti-vaccine at all - all my family have been vaccinated against the usual things. I may be proved wrong if I get mega flu this winter but at the moment I'm working on the 'if it ain't broke why try and fix it' theory!

Ashcombe Sat 14-Sep-19 12:06:37

How very sad to read about your daughter, Notsoold! So sorry. And how saddened you must feel by the insensitive comments posted by some on this thread.
I had the flu three years ago and was very unwell for 10 days. My GP considered admitting me to hospital at one point.
Overall, it benefits the whole community if we are vaccinated and prevents epidemics that result in hospitals being swamped with patients.
My surgery ran a walk in clinic this morning where the whole procedure was over in a few minutes. Staff were happy to give up their Saturday morning to ensure this could happen. Over 65s are being given a different vaccine this year.

flaxwoven Sat 14-Sep-19 12:43:30

Our surgery sent us a letter offering flu clinics on Saturdays during October. However you cannot get a GP appointment at all. All booked up for more than 2 months, not helped by dozens of new houses and flats built in the area.

SparklyGrandma Sat 14-Sep-19 12:48:31

I book mine at Boots and have done for 3 years, the surgery were last able to offer one in a January, so Boots was easier.