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Sar53 Sat 09-Nov-19 16:37:49

Thank you Marydoll and EllanVannin for your replies. I don't have RA although I was tested for it a couple of years ago. I do have Osteoarthritis, although no treatment for it.
I've had high blood pressure for as long as I can remember, it appears to be genetic as both my parents suffered as does one of my brothers. I take Ramipril and Indapamide to control my blood pressure.
My doctor says it is stage 3. I'm to have another blood test in 3 months. I am also in the process of trying to come of my HRT medication as the doctor thinks that may help.
Hopefully by watching my salt intake I can keep things the way they are.

EllanVannin Sat 09-Nov-19 10:35:39

I was diagnosed with CKD in 2006, 3rd stage kidney failure. This meant that I had to reduce my salt intake to the absolute minimum. The cause was high BP.

I was checked very frequently from the beginning and now 13 years on after only annual checks a recent blood test earlier this year showed a reduction of creatinine in the blood. I'm obviously pleased about this as the longer it remains in the lower levels the less likely I go into the 4th stage which requires dialysis.

Having stage 3 CKD is not a death sentence as it can remain at this stage for years as mine has up to now and is no worse now than it was when first diagnosed. I've never taken BP tabs. for a number of years as there's now no need with what I already take. Candesartan has a lot to answer for !

Marydoll Sat 09-Nov-19 08:59:00

Sar, I'm sorry to hear your news.
Am I mistaken in thinking you have RA?

When I was in coronary care, the cardiologist took me off my RA drugs, saying they were responsible for my BP being at stroke level.Consequently, my heart has been damaged due to the extremely high BP.
If you have RA, could your RA meds be pushing up your BP? Mine all had to be changed.

My BP medication has now been changed and my kidney function has to be checked every two weeks, as some BP meds can damage your kidneys.
Just a few thoughts. If I have got this totally wrong, my apologies.

Sar53 Sat 09-Nov-19 08:32:46

I've always had high blood pressure, mostly controlled with medication. Recently it has been very high and I have been back and forwards to the doctors, had numerous blood tests and been given extra medication to bring it down.
I went to the doctors yesterday after yet another blood test to be told I have Chronic Kidney Disease. At the moment it is in the mild to moderate stage. A bit of a shock to say the least.
I have been reading up on it and apparently it could stay like this or escalate.
Does anyone else on Gransnet have CKD?