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Arthritis meds

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Nanna58 Thu 05-Dec-19 19:14:21

Can anyone help with Arthritis meds advice? I am on Sulfasalazine and really struggling with nausea and lack of appetite. Any views on if and when this might settle down?

jura2 Thu 05-Dec-19 19:20:02

Personally I am a huge fan of curcuma/turmeric. We both take 2 tablets a day, 1 of curcumin extract, and 1 of turmeric- both from Holland and Barrett. It is a great anti-inflammatory, and is also really useful to prevent or slow down memory loss and even Alzheimers- and possible help with some cancers- like prostate.

Nanna58 Thu 05-Dec-19 19:27:11

Thanks Jura. Should say my meds suppress my immune system and are apparently not to be taken with over the counter supplements. Used to take those but now can’t.

Nanna58 Thu 05-Dec-19 19:29:29

The Chinese curse says “ be careful what you wish for” as someone who has struggled to lose weight now it’s dropping off it isn’t nearly so desirable!

jura2 Thu 05-Dec-19 19:33:07

Worth talking to your doctor Nanna. A friend of mine in UK has severe arthritis and osteoporosis, and broke both femurs. She is in constant pain and takes a variety of medications. When she asked her Consultant - he said he would look into it- and phoned her back 2 days later to say, yes- go for it- but sadly can't prescribe. She says it is really helping her.

Nanna58 Thu 05-Dec-19 19:39:34

Will do- have appt in January. Thanks Jura2

Marydoll Fri 06-Dec-19 19:35:26

Nanna58, I have been on the max dose of Sulfazalazine for many years.
Initially, I suffered dreadful nausea and indegestion. sad It was so debillitating, I was absolutely miserable.
With the approval of my consultant, my GP prescribed anti nausea tablets to help cope with it.

Also, if you take Omneprazole at least one hour before your first dose, that may help. You cannot take them at the same time, as the Omneprazole inhibits the Sulfasalazine.

I persevered, because I can't tolerate most of the RA drugs , ended up in Coronary Care with a reaction to one RA drug and was running out of options.

Please speak to your GP or consultant, it will eventually settle down and in my case, persevering paid off.

I hope you feel better soon.

Nanna58 Sat 07-Dec-19 21:39:59

Thank you so much for replying Marydoll, ( as a Rab C Nesbitt fan I love your name!) I will speak to my consultant.

Newquay Sat 07-Dec-19 22:21:38

Your Rheumatologist/specialist nurse will advise you best.

Labaik Sat 07-Dec-19 23:17:50

Is it rheumatoid arthritis Nanna58?

gardenermum Sun 08-Dec-19 00:15:52

I’m on salazopyrine, over 20 years now. Did you build up the dosage gradually? I was advised to take it slowly, one tablet only for I think it was a week, then 2 etc. I felt the benefits build up over months, but at first was knocked out by it, though not nauseous. It really has suited me, for which I’m grateful. The only problems have been when the rheumatologist on a whim said to stop taking it, and I went back to square 1, and took 2 years to recover.

Nanna58 Sun 08-Dec-19 22:21:01

Am building up gradually, , same as you describe gardenermum. It does knock you for six at first! I have Psoriatic Arthritis Labaik. Have caught a cold/ cough, so after my blood test 2mo will tell my GP as the hospital leaflet advises. It’s a learning curve to be sure🤒😷🤧

Marydoll Sun 08-Dec-19 22:58:26

Gosh gardenermum ! I started on two, then four, then six, then eight, all within a month!

Nanna58 I have also just increased my penicillamine, if you think Sulfasalazine makes you nauseous, you ain't seen nothing yet.
I'm counting the minutes until the next anti nausea dose.
I hope you get some relief.

Nanna58 Mon 09-Dec-19 18:20:32

Well, another day another discovery! Spent 2 hours waiting for a blood test today. Had rung GP first thing to tell her of cold/ sore throat, she rang later to tell me to pick up form for ANOTHER blood test tomorrow so will be back there again! Will resemble a pincushion at this rate!

Marydoll Mon 09-Dec-19 20:43:24

Nanna58, the RA drugs do require so much monitoring.
I was being monitored every two weeks for the last year and thought I had managed to get it down to four weekly tests last week.
Back to two weekly ones, due to an increase of dosage.
It is a pain, but for the best.

The minute I say I have, mouth ulcers, skin problems, sore throat, all hell lets loose! grin
However, I'm very grateful that I am so well looked after by the NHS. I'm one of the fortunate ones, going by the news tonight.

Iam64 Mon 09-Dec-19 20:48:30

I couldn't tolerate sulfasalazine, my records say I'm intolerant of it. I felt awful when taking it.
I'm assuming you have inflammatory arthritis. It's an aggressive disease that my rheumatologist says needs to be treated aggressively. I'm now on one of the expensive disease modifiers, a biological treatment I inject. It's a life changer, I am no longer in permanent pain, exhausted and fed up.
Talk to your rheumatologist.

Nanna58 Thu 12-Dec-19 17:22:57

Iam64 your post is very encouraging , the last chapter of the copy I had of the letter my rheumatologist sent to my GP said ‘ although looking at the state of this lady’s joints I feel we will soon need to move on to biologics’. So it’s good to hear that they work so well. Glad you are feeling the benefits 👍

Nanna58 Thu 12-Dec-19 17:30:57

Good news today though, I had a second endoscopy today and the duodenal ulcer the Naproxen I was previously prescribed caused has healed up. yaaaay!

winterwhite Thu 12-Dec-19 17:49:16

Jura, going back to one of your posts on this thread of the 5th, I thought that curcumin and turmeric were near as dammit the same thing? What's the difference that you take one of each (rather than 2 of the same)? I take one a day without much. noticing which is which when I restock. Thanks

jura2 Thu 12-Dec-19 17:51:44

Yes, the same. But the one called Curcumin extract (from Holland & B) is not turmeric powder (like the other one we take daily), but a stronger liquid capsule extract. It is quite expensive, so we always wat for 2 for 1 price offer- and ask friends and family to look out for us too.

winterwhite Thu 12-Dec-19 17:54:44

Thanks very much. I think I may have had those curcumin capsules without really clocking they were liquid. Will investigate.

nanny2507 Thu 12-Dec-19 18:45:57

nana I have the same arthritis . Im on methotrexate and consentx. meth just upped to 22.5mg for one injection and from next week will be 25mg for 5 weeks. If it doesnt work i,m going on one that will be on an infusion (i cant spell the stuff starts with a U)

Marydoll Thu 12-Dec-19 19:04:28

Despite not being able to tolerate most of the RA drugs and the ones which I can tolerate, are unsuitable due to my heart condition, I have been told that because at the last check up, I only had five affected joints and I needed seven to give me bother before I complied with the criteria.
Is this true in other health board areas?

Iam64 Thu 12-Dec-19 19:23:10

Nanna58 I also have a diagnosis of psoriatic/inflammatory arthritis. I was diagnosed in my early 40's, when the consultant identified it started in my mid 20's after I had glandular fever, which allowed my genetic base to enable psoriasis, inflammatory arthritis, inflammatory eye disease and other auto immune conditions to become very active.

Marydoll - I suspect the seven joints baseline is an NHS criteria for diagnosis and prescription of the disease modifiers.
Hope you get effective treatment before too long.

Marydoll Thu 12-Dec-19 20:08:06

Well, I'm up to six, so here's hoping........ or maybe not! grin